When it comes to bad thoughts / irrational fears:

Lately I’ve noticed I have a fear of hurting family members and friends with my Magick by accident. (I noticed that when I read a curse or Entity which invloves Death), sometimes a friend or family member pops in my head and I immediately say I’m not manifesting that. I have no malice or intent to hurt or kill anyone (Including strangers) but I’m just afraid that if something bad ever happens, it may be my fault…

Thanks in advance :heart:

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The best solution for this is honestly just meditations to build up prolonged focus on single thoughts and intents.

This deals heavily with the mental aspects of magick and the power of faith involved and I do give exercises that are meant to improve your will and focus when done properly. You do not have to perform them all by any means but just the ones where you focus on a symbol or power for a prolonged length of time will help train your mind to dismiss those thoughts in your works and not be distracted in such a way. Other methods include using certain protocols and autosuggestion on yourself to program the ritual such as writing the intent visibly down on a piece of paper and adding the statement that no other intent than what is written down is to have power in this working and fully believing that. Then any stray thoughts while they might dilute and disrupt the flow of power to the ritual will not redirect past the stated intent that you have set in your mind and sealed by writing it down and blocking anything other than what you wrote from being a valid input.

Also since you do seem like you want to possibly move away from magick and more towards certain Hindu deities or Christian by earlier posts correct? Then learning how to utilize the power and symbols of faith in a magical sense might be of benefit to you and you can see it as just channeling the innate power of faith and your chosen god if you so choose to take it in that direction. Less energy and spell work and more the power of belief and the mind over reality.

Working with positive powers and forces can train you as well in practical ‘field’ experience if you want to put it like that where if the wrong thoughts of who the working goes to comes in the worst that happens is you bless them with prosperity instead of yourself or something until you learn to control your thoughts with such positive powers. There are many ways to work on it but those are some suggestions of where you might like to start. Franz Bardon’s work also has heavy emphasis on mental training and conditioning towards this end as well.

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These thoughts happen randomly even when I’m just sitting.

I love this idea❤️

If bless them when the negative thoughts come can it negate any effects?

Thank you I will look into it♥️

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More likely if the overall intent of the ritual is positive it will just nullify some of the power which would come from uninterrupted focus but shouldn’t completely flip it around especially not when you have expressed a statement of your intent when working with other beings as they will understand the whole point of it.

The distracting thoughts after some time of working on controlling your mind and building up will and focus will cease to come randomly. They might just stem from buried insecurities about magick and what you are doing so soul mirror type work would be beneficial to root those out and resolve them effectively replacing the insecurities with faith and belief in what you are doing and your control over what you are working with to avoid such mishaps.

Going just the route of power through the mind and faith you will intentionally be cultivating a mind set that will cancel and drown out the old mindset you are worried about so long as you do not obsess and let the issue rule over you. It will just take some time so best solution might be to not be too worried in your practices and carry on letting yourself develop along whatever lines you wish to take yourself and trust that as you progress and work on your own self refinement you will resolve these issues and many others. You will definitely work on them directly the goal is just not to hang onto them and feed any negative beliefs or thoughts by doing so.

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Yes it could be insecurities and perhaps I should begin meditation. It’s just that thoughts pop into my mind even during meditation.

I think I may have reached that phase…

Also by not feeding these thoughts, won’t it cause them to fade?

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The point of meditation is to learn how to quiet the mind and focus. It is not expected you be able to silence your thoughts and keep them from popping up at first until you have gained quite a bit of experience and practice to totally achieve the silence of the mind. Even then there will be thoughts but you become like the eye of a storm you focus directed to the calm silence in the middle of distracting thoughts and able to just let them pass without distraction or giving them any attention.

It is not the end of things it is always possible to come back from it and divert your attention away from such obsessions.

Exactly the goal. You actively cultivate thoughts and beliefs contrary to the negative ones which will start to gain power and consume those negative thoughts while at the same time you starve the negative thoughts of any sustenance. Bit of a double whammy, starts slow but once it gets rolling it can do a lot to help you change yourself how you wish to do so.

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Thank you a lot Nemesis! As of today I will start thinking positive thoughts until they consume the negative ones.

Thank you once more for your advice!!

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