When is something more than a “coincidence”?

Weird shit is happening. I can feel it. I was on one of my frequented forums completely unrelated to magick and a photo of a girl with a demons sigil on her neck is posted.

I search “goetia sigils” to see which one it is because it’s hard to see the letters.

Sure enough the same sigil pops up on the first google search. None the less it’s like the third picture in the first row.

Ok so maybe this entity is revealing itself to me or calling me ? Hmmm

Thats two random coincidences. My rule is 3 then I look more into it.

What about you guys ? When do you guys know something’s not a coincidence but a spirit trying to communicate to you ?

Oh and no

It’s not a popular goetic spirit

At all

Timing and occasion.
Timing: the closer a manipulated variable to a responding variable’s reaction the more likely a correlation is present.
Occasion: how often has the sign happened. Does it agree with your overall headspace? For instance i start studying a deity who symbolizes with snakes, then the next day a snake sneaks in my house. They are probably connected. Now if the snake entered the home months after i stopped studying the snake diety, i may question the correlation. So i would ask for another sign.

my rule of thumb, Once is coincidence, twice is a correlation, and thrice is a pattern

I started my research into Lucifer and evoked him before. Now all I ever see across the forum is “Lucifer” and Caacrinolaas as well actually Lilith too now that I think of it, she’s been on my mind for a while now-especially to anything sexual

Everything is all ways connected every which way. Nature has the highest intention in mind in Accord with your highest potential growth patterning. Everything all ways means something to everything else.

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i was just getting ready to reply that there is no such thing as a coincidence. at least that was what i was taught.