When evoking spirits, has any of the spirits offered you the option to kill you?

in the case if you want to reborn

Dude no disrespect intended BUT if a spirit offered that to me I’d tell them to fuck the fuck off and banish like crazy (unless I was terminal).

I suggest you verify the identity then tell it to scram unless you are terminal, then banish like crazy BECAUSE any spirit offering to off you ain’t gonna do anything beneficial to or for you so you shouldn’t waste time with it, you should find a better spirit.

You’ll be reborn anyway after death so why rush it? (unless you don’t believe in reincarnation in which case you’ll just be sitting around dead in the spirit realm).


So I have thought about doing this so I could go to Faerie, but thankfully I was told not to abandon this life, but instead that I should make the most of it.

If that ever happened I would start throwing salt (nevermind that I don’t have any nearby ever) and turn the lights on and open the windows and tell everything to gtfo of my house. Sounds like the type of spirit I don’t want around.

I think it’s slightly different if you’re the one asking to die, but I’m not sharing my beliefs on that here.

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