That Moment When 8: Strange days stranger nights

Well, we only had rabbit ears for most of my childhood, so whatever we could pick up on that. I was born in '77, so mostly shows/music from the 80’s and 90’s. Lots of 3’s Company, A-Team, V… Couldn’t get most shows, but we’d record movies on VHS and watch those on repeat. After rewinding, of course…

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Gen x here (I think) born Jan 18 1968.

So I got a fair dose of the 70s as well as the 80s. 1 of the unsound 80s treasures was night court (and the 1st 1 or 2 seasons of its spin off the Laroquette show. By season 3 the censors and we can’t offend folks had ruined the Laroquette show by taking out All the sexual inuendo joke and making it boring white bread tasteless pg 13).

We had rabbit ears til around 78 I think.

A 70s unsung treasure was Welcome back Kotter.


We’d watch All in the family, 3’s company, different strokes, the Brady bunch, emergency(not a comedy) Adam 12(not a comedy), benson, the Jeffersons, laverne and Shirley, happy days, mork and mindy. Bob Newhart,

Ironically my folks didn’t like family ties (I did) or theA team. They also didn’t dig mash.

Add and of course the Saturday morning cartoons

Add: I’m still a fan of Scooby Doo cartoons (the movies? They were ok but cartoons rocked especially now that as an adult I know how much work went into making em) :slight_smile: and ya can’t beat G1 or Sabre Rider and the Star sheriffs or Voltron or macross I think the other 1 was called.

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I think if they made movies outa some of those like macross and Sabre rider it’d be way better then it was back then cuz the tech is so much better now (heck you got cgi animation now that almost looks 3d even on the tv screen like the backdrops on Archer).

Add: as to my bday everyone don’t stress ya didn’t know my bday when it happened I was too busy working to mention it here so… it’s on me that no one really knew. Then after the fact we’ll it was water under the bridge and too late to bother (but I realized after I said it up above you’d a notice it hence this comment add).

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@sanaRo Thanks

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Tmw you read a post where the op asked something that blows your mind

And now to kick that sentiment to the curb I think of a song that’s the antithesis of the post sentiment

Song Advisory: contains some silly lyrics

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Finally did a petition to President Marbas to help my moms persistent cough. :slight_smile:

I feel good about it. :slight_smile:

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Tmw I cracked and bought more stocks and crypto.

tmw you’ve found a completely fine mini tablet that someone must have thrown away (dude, not getting out of the “SECURE BOOT VIOLATION” screen is not a reason to toss your device into the trash :sweat_smile: )


Not sure why I have ads featuring women’s legs and feet, and stockings/lingerie.

Im not that hard up to get off on this ad, but I dont get it … doesn’t it kill the mood by taking all the lingerie stuff off like stockings and garters?

And who and why is obsessed with women feet?


The targeted advertising on this site is really random compared to other websites. It constantly shows me ads featuring dating platforms for hooking up with asian women. I am sure that asian women are lovely and such but I can’t seem to find an intersection between my browsing habits and receiving these ads :sweat_smile:


Makes about as much sense as what happened this morning. Some lady goes ghetto and yelling and shouting, I thought two people were going to get into it over a parking space.
Turns out its a baby daddy, and as she is telling him off and saying she’s good, she hops into his car and they drive off.

We can thank the new trend called SEO (search engine optimization) for the ability to some up with a hit results “Asian Ass Porn” when searching simply “asian a”.

SEO basically takes some peoples pages or the most popular pages, including search pages.


Question – anyone here actively work with Shem angels and have clairaudience or clairvoyance intact?

Yep. Why?

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Cool. Would you be willing to help me? I want to plan a Petition to Vehuiah a week from today, and wanted someone to see if they can contact him after the fact to see if it was accepted. Plus any feedback from Vehuiah.
I will try to do the bulletproof immersion, with the exception off the ends, I may just recite as a mantra the name and psalm. Instead of the enn for immersion. Will construct seal and place under pillow.

Sure, I can check with him once you’re done.

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Awesome. Thank you @DarkestKnight

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Speaking of which, how do you generally immerse for angelic work, and instead of an enn, what do you typically use?

I don’t really immerse, no. I’ve been doing angelic magick for quite a while, so immersion isn’t necessary for me.

I don’t chant anything for angels beyond a simple conjuration. However, Damon Brand recommends singing their name.

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