What's your opinion on what people post here?

I thought about this for a while and well ever since I joined this forum really but I’d like to see what you guys think.

I feel like some of people who post certain things here are batshit crazy! do you feel the same or is it just me?

I also feel.like there are some liers and bullshitted on here that make stuff up or greatly exaggerate things. but i know that is to be expected on any online forum.

I have an open mind about everything in general especially when it comes to this type of stuff since ive had some bizarre experiences as well but i read some shit people say and I just roll my eyes and keep moving.

I’ve only been on here a few months but i would like to see what your views on this subject are?


Get ready for some trolling…lol


I don’t think your a Waco if your trying to talk to spirits and other entities ita just the things some of the people here say makes me think what the fuck is wrong with you or tell me yourjust joking right?



Like what? Do you have any examples?

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We’re all mad down here…

Some so much the hole to reality is a thousand miles above thier heads.

Keep swimming and you’re likely to be okay. Mmm, liquid magic energy. My favorite breakfast, my favorite toe bath.

TL;DR: Yes.

Probably but sometimes it’s hard to really tell given the nature of the topics in the forums.

You’ll do this a lot at some point regardless of whether it’s online or through literature. I have a few Judeo-Christian occult books for references (for Kabbalah mostly) and eye-rolling is quite common whilst reading through them. The gems are really juicy to find, though.

I think this community is by far the most fruitful, the most open-minded and often the least delusional overall. The few completely cray-cray folks don’t often stay long (I guess because we’re mostly serious and grounded?). Anyway, my favorite online by far.


I’m experiencing some deja vu… But yeah some people are propably bullshitting occasionally. Magic is however too varied for anyone to know everything that is possible and I have seen, experienced and even done some crazy shit in my time practicing, so even if I think someone is spouting bullshit I tend to not call them out on it. After all there’s a decent chance I’m wrong as I’m not anywhere close to omniscient


@Drachir is/was the most wacko here but he’s a brilliant magician

I hold certain respect and value on certain members I know are legit. I just know which one is legit or not? Not saying I’ve met any fakey here with the exception of the trolls/obvious bs posters, most people here are believable nut jobs. Don’t think fakey can survive for so long here.


Sometimes it’s just that something only sounds fantastical when described, especially when someone doesn’t quite understand what they witnessed. Obviously with greater understanding comes a greater ability to articulate the information, but in the meantime things tend to get stuck at this fantasy level.

Science is magic that works, they say.
I pondered that and I decided that science was magic at work.

But both would require an understanding in order to articulate things. How would you describe germs to someone of the 4th century who still believed in evil spirits that make you sick? You’d call them evil spirits. Etc.

So I tend to be patient when someone’s story is way out there. But I also don’t offer too much information. Bullshitters are also thieves. Give them some gold and they’re going to suddenly decide your story is theirs.


I’m going to go with, please don’t bother trying to answer that, whole thing of rules on insults etc. :thinking: :wink:

Some people’s magick or experiences may seem far-fetched - leave 'em be, Mute the topic so it won’t appear in Latest, and go read something you do like. :+1:

If you spot an obvious troll, hit the three dots … at the bottom of the post and then select the Flag icon, it will ask you to confirm so you can’t do it by mistake, that sends a silent notification to the Staff inbox that someone’s spotted a potential problem - won’t automatically ban people, and it’s never revealed to the person you flag, it just means their posts get looked at sooner, and if there’s something going on, a friendly chat can usually sort it out before it’s allowed to escalate. :smiley:


I have doubts only on people that show some specific type of anger and arrogance. These two usually go together. If you’re so cool why are you bragging then? We have some really powerful people here and if you notice…you won’t notice them easily!


People asking for sigils,enns,spirits’ abilities etc etc which are all super easy to find and don’t know how you can be that lazy (i only asked once for scanning from a certain member and i bet i asked in PM instead in a public place and on designated topic).

Topic with killing and revenge did reveal there are pitty souls who could stab you in your back without blinking twice.

I try to stay humble because there’s so much wisdom hidden from me and as I ascend I do feel small beneath the stars (not small as insignificant but uneducated in all there is).


So true! :slight_smile:


The biggest thing is this, does it work for them and not inhibit your own ascent? Then it doesn’t matter.

I agree, you learn who is lieing and who’s not pretty quick. I normally pass on the occasional “I know all the secrets of the world and none of you peons can understand” people but once in a while you got to hit that flag on them.

I’d say this forum is way way more truthful and grounded than any other place I’ve been. The interesting part is, yes it’s the most fantastical I’ve seen but shit works and I love reading about it. :wink:


yea I wasn’t going to lol


If you have some knowledge of the occult you can easily figure out bullshitter from those who does know his stuff. If still confused , then go check his other posts, that will help.

But the problem is some may know about certain branch of occult but not much about others, so no technique is full proof to figure it out.


I agree some people here go a bit too far like honey not everythingggg is a sign


Many of them left, couldn’t tolerate idiotic dabblers anymore!!! :grin:


Yea it is super easy to find, as its super easy to find wrong information. So, what’s best than to ask others with more experience…? Questions are part of a forum. And, well, this is a forum. And don’t forget that no one forced anyone to answer…
As for Baneful magic, its actually a part of the LHP, and as long as there’s no violation of the forum rules, then I don’t see the problem to talk about it or the reason to look down and judge those who speak about it. And, again, its your choice if you wanna do Baneful magic, no one’s forcing you.


Lol yes, that’s also something an Occultist needs to remember :wink:


Sometimes a person on here will seem batshit insane. However if you take the time to understand, there is a bit of genius sprinkled in with their insanity.