What's your experience like with shadow people?

How has the shadow people treated you or how have you treated them? Open ended question. Looking forward to learning about your experiences.


so like in past few days i have seen like two shadow people who seemed near physical and black orb in my house but i couldn’t really was able to understand what they were doing but like i have manifested and done pretty impossible seeming stuff espcially influencing and manupulate certain humans in their presence i have no idea of what they really do but thats my experience with them, i am not saying that they have done this and helped me but they have not harmed or tried to do bad things to me though.


and for how i treated them i used banshing under condition to banish all energies and entities and that have negative intentions against me, so i really dont know if they are in my house now or not. but like it so weird for me experience in these things cuz i just started out but i am seeing real physical level results all the belief and faith always pays out. But i strongly belive something is helping me lot.


well do you have any experience with them cuz i wanna learn more too.

You may want to read this:


One visited me during my sleep paralysis for every episode and would touch me from behind (age 15).

There was one unforgettable episode that I had. I was sleeping in my own room and woke up in my mom’s room instead. There was no one in the room but me and it was nice and sunny outside. My mom has a nice bedroom (there were two beds) where there were double windows and that’s where we get the most sun in the house. One bed was closer to the window and I was in the bed that was further from the window but closer to the closet. I had my eyes opened and looked around and couldn’t even remember anything as much. I recalled that I was sleeping in my own room, but maybe for some reason I decided to sleep in my mom’s room? I sensed something in this room was a bit different than I imagined. Not remembering the reason, I shut my eyes again to fall back asleep until I heard some books or stuff being moved around, or someone just jumping from the bed (that was closer to the window) and having to step over my bed to get to the door and leave the room. I opened my eyes again, confused as hell. Who could it have been? I assumed it was probably my sister. She always steps on my bed and shit (flashback from times when I were a kid and my sister and I used to sleep in the same room). I saw nothing. I closed my eyes again and then felt a whole body land right in front of me which made my bed bounce. At this point, I knew it is not my sister. This is not real. I was afraid of opening my eyes to look at whatever was staring right in front of me. I knew it was staring. I felt it’s warm breath brush against my face and thankfully it didn’t smell either. My curiosity really urged me to open my eyes. So I disregarded everything that I felt, because I NEEDED to know what this was - and so I opened my eyes, expecting something to look deformed.

I saw one pair of human-like eyes stare into mine, and everything else was dark. There was no body, but there were eyes. I did not see anything of my room but this dark figure’s face taking up the whole atmosphere of my view. So this was the entity that would visit me and touch me inappropriately for all of these years. I close my eyes again and I finally woke up in my own room. First thing I did was take notes of this.

One time I video called a partner of mine at night and my partner was about to close the door before going to bed but then let out a sound of disgust as if one had saw a centipede. I asked what happened and as my partner returned, my partner said that there was someone looking through the door. I recall laughing a bit and saying somewhere along the lines “was it not your mom checking up on you?” My partner said it was certain that it was nobody at all. I would have assumed that one was just seeing things until my partner told me that it was a human eye, like any other human, but no body. Everything was just dark.

Several days after, my partner had friends sleep over one night. Note, it was an apartment so there are no stairs and my partner’s father was the landlord of this apartment so they lived in the basement of the apartment, but it was very clean and renovated. They were rich. One of them saw a shadow figure walking across the hallway from the kitchen and peeking through the bedroom door as I recall my partner telling me. My partner confirmed that this could have been the same figure from the other night.

I would confirm that this has been the same figure that’s been visiting me for days and nights.

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yeah when it appered first time i thought it was my mother and brother the second but no one was in the house then. i saw it from the side and back pssing through hallway was not lucky enough to stare into its eyes

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They are mysterious, normally you can see them easier when a certain energy level is reached through rituals, magic, spirituality. They seem somehow bound to the earth and somehow dense not so light like other spirits fae, sylphs and so on. They have an agenda too and are working excellent together with people involved in satanism, luciferian or ahrimanian currents. Some shadows are earth spirits capable of intelligent Interaction, energy work, alchemy, vampire magick and similar. Is very interesting to work with them as because they are interested oft in working with witches together and unleash Chaos :heart: and they favour personal ascent. Some are difficult to understand cause they follow their own rules, have less adaptability to the contemporary times and social concepts. Azazel has power over some of the intelligent shadows.


I find them a bit creepy. I had visits from them for several years but they were more hidden. I thought it was just moving shadows. I did sometimes have stuff stroking my arms but I can’t say for sure if that was of the shadow people or something else.

I have seen them a bit less this past year, when I got really into learning magick. Or maybe I’m just less afraid of the dark.

But about a year ago was the biggest one I ever seen standing by my bed while I was sleeping. It had to be about 8 feet tall and large. It was wearing a hat too like an African Kente type of cap. I almost had a heart attack with how big it was and it didn’t move just stood there staring at me.


I love shadow people, the different ones some born from Kauket’s energy feel more calm than the wild ones born from Nyx’s energy, or just weird like the ones that reside with the Loa. Shadow people are dark energy elementals. The ‘weaker’ ones tend to have no real features while the more ‘potent’ ones tend to be capable of giving themselves features.

I’ve went on errands with some of Nyx’s, spoken to some of kauket’s and followed by the Loa ones lol.

Shadow people are often transparent in their motives due to their eyes, red eyed ones are really malicious when they want to be, just as when their eyes are blue (or white) they are either curious or benevolent.