What's up with today?

I’ve been getting randomly angry for no reason whatsoever many times today and felt crappy, and from what I’ve seen on various social media sites many people were having the same crappy day… Are we having some sort of another retrograde or something?


I’ve been feeling the same, too. But perhaps it’s more related to current events and social media- I found leaving my phone off for a few hours, having a glass of water, and relaxing outside helped me cool off.


I like that idea, but yes today was an off day for me too, clumsy, irritable, and rude co-worker didn’t help either

Plenty lol
Probably what you sense its the Uranus retrograde which stirs rebellion, alongside with the upcoming energies of Mars that goes RX on Sept 9.

I had a really nice day, Uranus is one of the planets who was RXing when I was born LOL


For me just focusing on work and putting up a shield to defend against negativity worked, but it was weird how so many people had a bad day at the same time.

Oh that was the word I was looking for - I was very irritable too… I hope you managed to blow the steam off :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just checked and that might be it… Saturn wasn’t this bad :sweat_smile: I’m kinda scared of what’ll come with Mars
For these cases for random irritability is banishing and shielding a good idea?

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mmm can’t help on that, I never tried it, I usually just embrace it, there’s always a lesson behind it.

Hm… I mean it sounds like the best way. Or I’ll just do an alignment rite with the current retrograde planet :thinking:

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New moon, as well…


I’ve been wondering as there’s stupidity everywhere today

I’ve noticed something up too

I’ve been fine


I love the time around the new moon. i think theres something more today, but the closing of the cycle sometimes surfaces things. I spent a lot of time commencing deep purification today. It really is time for a fresh moon :grin:


I could not agree with you more about the new moon cycle, it is very much needed. Although, today had a positive effect on my personal life, as a new boundary was set with my best friend. She was respectful to what I was saying and it was a huge learning lesson.

I would be interested in knowing more about your perfection ritual, if you don’t mind sharing. :blush:


yes, i had a crappy day, to my surprise my friend too had a shit day, what´s going on

Well i tend various shrines to the hellenic gods, so its a mixture of magic and spirit. I primarily honor Hekate during this time, since i celebrate her Deipnon. At any rate, i take the time to sweep off my altars and shrines putting whatever debris or detritus in the previous cycle found its way there, then i tend to them by asperging with water from certain sacred plant leaves i put hold under the fountain on Artemis and Apollon’s shrine that ive infused with salt and herbal stuff and spatter the water, then fumigate with different resins throughout the house. I polish the shrines all with infused oils ive made so that they are gleaming and fragrant. I put all the sweepings, spell leftovers, generic worths month of altar clutter in a little basket. that i set before one of my shrines to Hekate. I meditate deeply on my accounts from the previous cycle, such as what i was able to
close out, spells cast (usually cant remember specifics unless i wrote down but generics), like process and maybe vague purpose. I consider issues that may have presented during the cycle that id like to work toward closing out in the next. its just a great time to get rid of and open to new, cosmically. Then, before i prepare my offerings for the crossroads, when everything’s surfaced and swirling in me, i breathe them out onto the designated food i prepare for the restless blessed dead, to be given to them at the crossroads. its interesting to track what spellwork i end up doing in regards to what i want to close out in my life and how it manifests. Anyway take a grand bath before the crossroads, and i let go. :grin: This is my most ritualized period of the month, up until the moon is a tiny new crescent, but its the most “spiritually purifying” as a sensation ive experienced for myself energetically speaking.

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it’s cuz the world is filled with hate messages right now. Unconsciously it builds up in people and it just spills out somehow. No one can take that much negativity with the pandemic/protest/economic disaster/unknown future/unknown times of how to survive etc…
All the negativity from many directions just builds up. For some, depending on their luck/circumstance they become rich. Unfortunately for most. it’s hell right now. I don’t think it has to do with the moon. It’s not just today. It’s been not fun for millions of people rotating bad luck. Its cuz of the bad energy vibe of the world right now. The type of energy created is the type of events that will get attracted to people. If might not even be you. It can be all the negative people around you. Their negative vibe just transfer to you by chance causing bad luck. We can call it human feng shui.

Thank you for sharing.

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Thank You for your insight. While your points are valid, additude has everything to do with how you see your life in any given situation.

The less we lighten the burden for others around us, the more positive vibes are built. Focus on what you can control and you’ll be amazing at the insight you gain.

While there is a lot of uncertainty right now, there is a lot of good.


Agreed and whether todays energy is directly related to the moon or not, its a great time to clear ones sphere, the end and beginning of a cycle cosmically can be a great energy to sync with to clear ones sphere of even stuff happening globally.