Whats the relationship between the goetic daemons and yahweh?

in the ars goetia, its related that astaroth and purson tell the story about the fall of lucifer and the creation of the world by yahweh
its a bit confuse because they were pagan gods before the jewish categorize them as demons


Only reason I can think of was the person who wrote it was religious…

The false light and “demiurge” are forces, just like the Goetic demons…


This is because the “myths” are comprised of the stories of other cultures that have been twisted, demonized in some cases and assimilated the acts of pagan gods under the banner of their own in order to convert the masses.


a christian probably
i think they are evoking the aspects they made of those spirits and they tell the convenient stuff for this
reading the bible you can’t even find the history of the lucifer’s fall, i think its more a lilith x prometheus mixed legend

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You would have to go further back than the Catholic/Christian faith to find answers. That is an area of study all its own that can bring up knowledge that can be taking into ritual for all kinds of goals if looks at with the correct perspectives.


Whenever one empire conquers another they bring their own religion to override that of the original aboriginal tribes that live there.

It is designed to divide and conquer, to demotivate. in order to pull the natives onto their side they would attempt to create equivalents so one original deity would be substituted with the new conquerors’ version of that deity or angel or saint.

This is why you see many Catholic spirits being used in Haitian belief systems and others.


here in brazil we have some interesting stuff about african spirits and european saints
the saints are a “mask” or “aspect” of them
even in the neo-pentecostal churches, ppl receive the “holy spirit” and act just like people possessed by those spirits


There you are - you have pretty much answered it yourself.

Perhaps you need to begin to meditate?


perhaps hahaha :heart:

In fact there is no Lucifer in the Bible, so no demon called Lucifer, this was a later addition, here we see how this occurred: https://oulbooks.com/blogs/news/lucifer-demystified

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Not true. But it wasn’t in reference to a Being, rather it was the name of the morning star, and it was used in reference to a king of the time.

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That’s a good article about this issue: https://oulbooks.com/blogs/news/lucifer-demystified. Lucifer was a pagan god, and his name was added to the Bible by St Geronimo.

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also christ is mentioned as lucifer

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If you search the terms Lucifer name by forum member @ashtkerr you will find many excellent posts on the origin of the name, backed up with references. :+1:


@elainebeldoc In the original Bible, Hebrew OT, there is no Lucifer, it is indeed a later, Catholic addition. In the Hebrew OT there are references to “the adversary” and from Qabalah came most of known demons. Later with Catholicism influence over magic appeared Lucifer into grimoires. It seems most of “modern demons” are gods and goddesses from ancient cultures that Church transformed into demons, so people get trapped into this “Catholic Conversion”.


yes, i know it

Both Jew and Christian (Catholic and Protestant) have a similar view of good and evil but each one has its own demons. In some cases the concept behind can be the same but the approach is different. IMO Qabalah (Tree of Life and also Tree of Death) gives a more clear vision of such forces than the Church.

I can just hear the Jewish, Catholic and Christian screaming at the top of their lungs “NOT SIMILAR AT ALL! SIMILARITIES ARE A LIE!!!”

Heh. It’s not “white”, it’s Ivory, Eggshell and Beige & Cream. lol.

Similar, not equal! That motto “do what thou wilt”… in fact things ended very mixed along history that is almost impossible to discern its origins.

These entities have all existed for a long time, long before the earth was formed, long before the physical realm even existed, and I must tell you, the Infernal Gods REALLY hate Yhvh, and being that I’ve met Yhvh before, I can tell you that he’s not to be trusted. Even though Yhvh DID form the physical realm (as he is the Demiurge), he’s honestly like the steroided-out douchbag nephew of the Infernal Gods, as he was the one who started the war against them.