What's the realest thing you have experienced

Hi, I was wondering from this magick community. What are some of your most profound experiences. When working with entities, demons, Angel’s and etc. Also what specific situation made you realise this is not bs and you have acquired real power. Thxs


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#1 In the nation for my first season doing a track event. (This was done with lots of visualization and a constant “whats next” attitude instead of lusting on the end results"
Seen a sigil disappear.

Contacting entities and getting profound downloads and visions from multiple timelines, realities, or futures.

Practice and soon enough you will have an experience.


I didn’t have any entity get me to that point, spiritually when I did “soul manipulation” and many scanners picked it up on the person I did it to without frontload. Physically, when I manifested continuously, at first I thought coincidence, so I did it two more times and they all worked in my favor which solidified it for me. Even though I’ve been doing this for over almost two decades I’ve had moments of doubt.


Even when I am confused and lost, Lucifer finds a way to bring me exactly what I truly desire.

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What made me realize that its not bs was getting manhandled by something I couldn’t see one night. That was before I started with this stuff. But it set me on the path.


I was petted by a spirit. This made me realize that they might be real.

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I grew up with folk magic so I do not believe I had quite the level of skepticism deep down others did when they were younger (although the greater society really tried to change that). That being said, having a beetle crawl into my circle, stop in front of my Anubis statue, roll onto it’s back, and stay perfectly still while I evoked him (about an hour long ritual) until I ended the ritual where it flipped back over and crawled away was a pretty good sign for me.


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I wanted to help my friend. But I had no way to help him. So i prayed to King Paimon. And the sameni got dream of King Paimon handling me cash. And next day I took the steps got the cash unexpectedly from a friend I loaned. And I helped my needy friend. I literally got energy chills after this. Like king paimon said go on I help you with smile.

Be honest , be involved during ritual, show your dedication, you’ll get the same experience as well
Hope this helped your confidence

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