What's the name of this?

Hi all, I know that we can fin many things on Etsy or Amazon, but I can’t put a word to it
It’s the thing where we can make fire indoor or outdoor, and what you need to put inside to make fire continuously for 45 minutes or more ? What’s the time of a ritual invocation btw, I mean generally ?


I believe its oil he is using (lantern oil perhaps). Egyptians, Greeks, Romans used it.

you can even mix wax and resin together and that would burn for a long time 30 mins-ish…just be careful with that though because I almost set my hair and face on fire when I tried to put it out with water :joy:

I’ll do a little more digging to see if I can find anything else

Edit: Or you could try asking the guy in the YouTube channel?

bioethanol and lantern oil is all I can really find at the moment. Lantern oil is used for outdoor and indoors.

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He has too many subscriber to answers me I think, yeah like you said he has a big ass fire, maybe I will find something smaller for safety :+1:


Yes, also called lamp oil, kerosene or paraffin oil. You can buy it scented for tiki lamps as well. But you make lamps from super cheap seed oils, they just burn kinda smokey and smelly.

Looks like a clear liquid.

What he’s got there is a lot and will make the space very hot quickly, a smaller cup is fine, and if you can get a narrower cup you will burn through it slower.

Make sure it’s in a metal container like brass and on a flameproof surface like a ceramic tile. (Also, disable your smoke alarm, a large flame like this smokes a lot.)

You can also make natural lamps with wicks, the wick controls the flame and burns slower so you use less oil at once, the flame is stabilised and controlled, and lasts longer. And you can buy natural lamps or various kinds, the simplest just being a bowl of oil with a wick on side, next you can support the wick with something like a coil of wire… and the evolution of the lamp has begin.

Now me, I really like oil lamps like this if I’m not using candles. If I want to burn sigils and such, then I light them and place the burning stuff in a fire bowl to burn out that way. But I’m not making videos,no one can see my scruffy temple so I don’t need it to look that cool, I just need it to work. :slight_smile:


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Check out E.A.'s videos, he has the perfect fire cup. It’s tall and about 2.5 inches wide at the top. Anything thick and metal is good though. Junk shops and antique stores, thrift stores aka charity shops are your best bet, they don’t make this stuff much any more and you don’t want cheap, thin aluminium, it might melt…

Try a search on “brass trophy cup” on online thrift stores/apps like Mercari or 5 miles or letgo.

Ok thanks, maybe indoor I will make something small and safer like the image you put

Nice, I will check that :ok_hand:

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Oh, and if you do his, prep your ritual with a hand towel soaked in water on the side, (or a kitchen fire extinguisher) in case you need to put it out in a hurry… you never want to put water on an oil fire: the burning oil just floats and you spread it further.

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I had an “alcohol burner” like this long ago that came with my physics kit.


So instead of lamp oil or olive oil, you can use rubbing alcohol. If I recall, E.A. in a video said he used Everclear in his ritual “fire cup”.

Oh yeah. Come to think of it, hand sanitizer works quite well as well. Might not be cost effective to buy it to burn it, but in a pinch it does the job.

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You can always use a havankund and ghee oil for indoor lamps

Also, coconut oil can be used.
Improvised Coconut Oil Mini-Lamp