Whats the difference in how different “love” demons work?

The Lesser Key of Solomon. Same current as the Goetia

My working method is Damon Brand’s 72 Angels of Magick

I use a ton of Gallery of Magick systems and they’re deeply split tested as nitipicky as digital marketers test their websites. It’s a great fit if you can get the emotional transmutation down and learn how to detach once it’s done

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I just use their name. Date of birth and all that stuff is just for personal comfort. If you know, the spirits know. I’ve done spells with nothing but visualization for a moment while driving and it manifested.

Your confidence and assurance matters more than anything you could ever dress the spells up with. Don’t get lost in particulars. Bolster it enough to feel like you’re doing special and just “know” it’ll work and it will


Can I PM you? Is that ok?

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Their method of doing it more than anything.

Sure thing

I can tell you follow game. Badass.

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Hey Norski can you pm me I have a question regarding this working and I’m unable to send PM as of right now…

Wow @Norski !!! So much wealth of information here! You should write a book specializing on this topic. You also have a natural flair of articulating your thoughts well in writing so a book will be a great thing to consider!!! :slight_smile:
One of my favorite posts so far in the 18 hours I have joined this group!!!


I quite like that idea. I can imagine the ridiculous conversation going on with the publication team about an autobiographical seduction magick book from me of all people ending up in the BALG collection.

“Wait… what? You want to publish this trainwreck?!”
“Well look at user feedback, there’s demand and the forum is sort of our data pool to test where there’s demand.”
“There’s a story about a dinosaur getting arrested on halloween for doing parkour on top of a bar…”
“That’s the one where 3 of the gatekeepers unveil a masterstroke result from a request that was made without any formal ritual pagentry, there’s layers and it teaches fundamental lessons on sorcery. Plus, the dinosaur costume is to give context for the rest of the night getting even weirder. It’s really fun!”
“And Jazz Bear Girl?”
“We’ve got you a skype interview with her at 2pm!”
“…I’m done”

If not, Amazon could be fun haha. I’m doing a dive with Beleth lately and Lilith reached out to me. Horizons are ever broadening. I appreciate your words :metal:


@Norski - The possibilities are just endless!!! This will be your legacy!! :slight_smile:

Yes !!! There is crazy demand!!! I will tell you right away it will sell so fast. You dont need a publisher, just a good marketing and sell it from your own website directly and ofcourse amazon!!!

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And oh btw I checked your profile and smiled when I saw you love to read! I read 82 books last year alone!! What do you read on? And I am also referred as Ms.Google by my friends!!! Hah!!! Cant wait to get private messaging access so i can message you!

Basically hahaha, in the same way you’d flip off a good friend

I agree, I’d get a copy to show some love and of course put to good use! :blush::pray:

Following the answers in this topic I called Orias yesterday with a quest regarding my will to dominate in a relationship. I explained him my wish and asked him to give me a clear sign if he wants to help me accomplish it. He gave me that clear sign saying “No”. I promised never to bother him again…

@Norski How did this go? Trying to do an invocation tonight lol

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I know this is an old thread. I can’t talk about present tasks Gaap may remain charged with but I had evoked him years ago around 2015. I was working at a big company where there was this girl that I liked that played me out. She was showing lots of interest and when I stepped in she pulled back and she also humiliated me among all the co-workers and everybody would gossip about me. She then went on and started flirting with another guy that I wasn’t friends with but felt great sympathy towards him. I still liked her though and was going crazy about it. I sat down one night recited an Enochian call and evoked him without a circle with raw emotion and asked him to keep her away from that guy. I never got together with her in the end but I remember seeing them in the hallway sort of arguing with each other.

It seems Beleth should be on this list to?
Also, have you noticed how sexist the grimoires are … I guess it reflects the time they were written.
Do you think it matters now whether a man or a woman contacts any of the demons?

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