DOM Orias ritual and helping a gf feel trust and love emotions

Hi there!
I just did the petition ritual from DOM last night for Marquis Orias and asked for his help with my ex girlfriend. We were together for a good part of 2 years, but she has never been in touch with her emotions. She has always portrayed herself and is proud to call herself “emotionally unavailable” and just wants random flings now. She has like literally flipped a switch and turned off all her emotions for me, yet she tells me that she still loves me on a daily basis. Can i ask archangel Haniel for help, to get her in touch with her emotions? and would he be willing to work on this knowing that Marquis Orias is working on one aspect of the relationship.



This seems to merit it’s own topic so I moved it out here.

Speaking from experience, this doesn’t sound like a simple issue. It may not be so much that she’s “out of touch”, but put up block based on past emotional trauma, such as a big betrayal, including being raised by unaffectionate parents or being abused in childhood, which is when we learn how to relate to other people.

She knows how she feels, but if, (if, because I don’t know of course), what she feels is a deep and automatic distrust and expectation of betrayal, then it’s hard for her to unlearn that. It’s a conditioned response.

I would advise this one needs therapy, for which magick is a poor replacement, as without the support and understanding, dragging up past trauma could cause more problems than not.


Thank you so much for creating a different thread Mulberry.

You have rightly guessed, her emotional issues have been with her since her childhood. Her parents are pretty nice usually, but she has always had trouble meeting their expectations and that has always troubled her. She has been to therapy, but refuses to go anymore and just feels that she’d rather have unattached flings and block her emotions instead. Dating me was her first relationship but she’s tired of the attachments now and she ants to break off all her promises. Ive always put her up on a pedestal and ignored the red flags. She keeps me attached by telling me that she loves me but doesn’t wanna be with me.
So i petitioned Marquis Orias for help in getting her back. I also read that you shouldn’t ask Haniel for help if the person is battling with their emotions constantly as the angel can be overwhelming. Could you recommend me someone to whom i can turn for help regarding this?
Thanks once again :’)

I would double check whether that was because the therapist wasn’t cutting it, as a therapist has to gel with your personality and when you have trust issues like this, letting a therapist know this stuff is very hard, in the sense of being repulsive the same way letting a love in is repulsive. It’s the same problem, but the right therapist who doesn’t push too much too fast, trust could be built so these deep understandings can be made. :slight_smile:

It sounds like a case of, this will take a long time to heal, she’s young, and has a long way to go, and you’re not up for waiting an unknown amount of time, which may never come.

She gave it a go with a will, but having tried the energy of for size she’s uncomfortable and it’s not working for her.

You’re looking for a major personality change, and she might be young so her personality hasn’t finished forming yet, but then this time is critical that you don’t reinforce her reasoning or try to ignore her boundaries, that could just make her angry and push her away.

I would question if she feels love or just feels pressured to say that so you don’t react negatively?
I would also ask why she wants you attached though… This is confusing and conflicting and not really very fair to you. Does she not want to hurt your feelings, is she just not willing to give up the sex yet, are you sharing rent for a place… ?

This might also be part of her learning curve, if this is how she is, she has preconceived ideas that society tells us, “this is how to be in a relationship”, and she’s trying to shoehorn herself into this idea she doesn’t fit. Or maybe she just has reservations about the future ad doesn’t want to face that conversation.

And you only did this last night right? So now it’s good to “not lust for results” and let that magick work and see what happens. :slight_smile: I think magick can to an extent go where it’s needed and fix things you didn’t know were wrong to achieve a result. But if it’s the old “it’s not her, it’s you” and she just hasn’t been completely honest about that, then the intent of the working could be facing the wrong direction.

To be raw about it in terms of what worked for me, I think magickally speaking, the root might be twofold, first she had her heart badly broken at some point, and then, she didn’t heal it, it scarred over and she built an enormous “fuckoff” block around that hurt so tough nothing can get through. This is getting into energy working and healing…

So you need 2 things: to remove the block, and heal the scars. For this I would recommend healers like Marbas, Raphael, or Ebuhuel. :slight_smile:

I would also add Leraje for mental strength, Lucifuge for wisdom, because facing all the unblocked fallout is not going to be easy, and a raw heart will be very, sore, shall we say. She will need patience and positive reinforcement to relearn healthy connecting and not just rebuild the block.


First of all id genuinely like to thank you. The amount of effort you’re taking to hear me out and the advice you’re offering is nothing short of amazing. Had heard about kind strangers on the internet, but you’re literally the first one I’ve come across and so thanks once again. I really appreciate it.
Her therapist tried their level best, but her parents are really narrow minded. They regard their daughter going to a therapist as an insult to their upbringing and as though something is gravely wrong with her and hence to keep their heads high with the rest of their family, they stopped her sessions. She is like indeed about it too and doesn’t wanna go back to therapy.
As for the part about her telling me that she loves me, she’s selfish enough to not say it just because i might get hurt. We met yesterday and had sex, after that she casually mentioned to e that she was thinking of hooking up with her friend. Ten minutes later she goes on to tell me that she really loves e and if she wanted a relationship it’d only be with me, but as for sex since it is unattached she doesn’t mind sleeping with someone else. That messed me up yesterday and this is getting stressful.

I had originally petitioned Marquis Amon, Goddess Astarte and Lord Dantalion for help with her, but i dont know if those were accepted because i simply burned my petitions while listening to their Enns. Whereas, day before yesterday, i followed the proper DOM ritual one to call on Marquis Orias. I didnt feel the energy of Orias but the part where you call on the ruling Shem Angel, Harachel in this instance, i felt his presence. Had also called on Naamah, to find me a temporary ONS partner to get my mind off things for a bit, but it is low key funny how my ex asked to meet me out of nowhere and we ended up having sex considering our issues right now.
Sorry about the rant everybody, i thought id let you all know of the progress. I shall update soon. Cheers.


I’m glad things shifted a little and hope that’s a sign of good things to come. :slight_smile: