What's the best method to Curse someone?

I have two people who I want to curse who sexually abused me as a child. Yet One I only know the last name of & the other I don’t know the name of at all. It’s been a long time sense 1rst grade … so I’m fuzzy on names.

However I was wondering… apart from highering a private investigator if there are any ways to get the dirt on these people & find their names & locations through some form of akashic record?

The second is once names are located what’s the best way to go about cursing to cause insanity & wasting?

Could you arrange for a photo of both these people ? Recent ones ?

Such work can be dangerous, owing to ‘the boomerang effect’. It’s a trap for young players. You must have no empathy with or for your victim - no connection. If your enemy was in front of you and you could get away with it, but you don’t kill them, don’t engage in baneful Magick.

No connection with your target. No regret, sympathy, sadness - nothing!

Use all of your strength. When you finish you must be exhausted. You will have projected your gathered energies, your spite and hate-filled words throughout and to the ends of the multiverse! If you’re perspiring, that’s great!

If you need to repeat, do so; but at the end of ritual, after you’ve closed down everything; try slapping yourself hard across the face every time your mind drifts back to what you just did. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can train your mind to avoid ‘lust of result’.

Hope that helps.



One … a male would be possible if I could get his real name. The other I’m not too certain about.

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