What's Mammon's sigil and what can he do?

I know that Mammon is great when it comes to money but I’m trying to find on here what his sigil is and what he can do in terms of money like what his specialty is. I also know he’s at times known as the Prince of Gambling and can help in raising luck. Again though, trying to find more information on him but can’t find exactly what I’m looking for on here as I’m thinking of calling on him tonight along with Suhn’Tal’Ock to bring me some money that I’m owed. If anyone can help me out and find his sigil I’d greatly appreciate it. I also know he’s part of the Goetia but can’t find him on here in terms of that too. Thanks in advance!


Have you tried a search? There seem to be multiple seals for Mammon that people have been using.


I generally just do a google search. Name sigil and bam you get all kinds of pics

There’s a few different sigils here:

Scan through and see which one you feel a stronger connection to.

Another member posted their experience summoning Mammon and answers they interpreted to questions asked:

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover: