I evoked Mammon, here's more information on him

My curiosity on him lead me to evoke him. First I made sure I had protection with me like just in case as you would bringing a guest into your home. I asked him questions if anyone is curious. As I’m typing he’s influence still comes to me. I didn’t use his sigil.


He appeared in multiple forms. First was a ball of light, then the light I found to come from an ancient book covered in dust. Emerging from the book was a humanoid figure. Just as the humanoid torso came out the entire image retracted and I found it was attached to the tail of a very large black scorpion that launched at me, only to scare me not really to do harm. Like how the angler fish dangles a light in front of its head to catch prey the glowing book was the trap. My protection didn’t allow mammon to get too close however, but its a worthy note that I don’t think he had intent to harm only to scare. Maybe to test the magus. Then the scorpion began to Stand upright and flex his many arm and size. I asked him to appear as a goblin he said ‘no, that is not my true form, this is’, then he appeared as a man in a white coat covered in golden patterns around the sleeves, torso, and bottom of the coat. His wings were first black then white with more gold around the edges. His face was a handsome man with a strong square jaw, short bearded and short hair all brunette. Each time he talked he spewed melting gold. Also more gold dripped from his hands and wings. All the gold covered him was blistering hot.

Personality: He’s very strict, cares little for human empathy, and excuses. He doesn’t give a fuck about the law, although following it is the best method. As I’m writing this I’m channeling than he can do dark twisted dealing for the magician and will hide them from law. He protects the magician, granted the magician is an asset to him, that is the relationship you must have. As I’m writing this I’m getting the impression the best offering for him is physical currency in his name, burning it specifically in his name. It’s an investment 100 times he’ll return. He must know you’re willing to do whatever it takes including breaking what you think is moral. His influence continues as I write this: he’ll cut bad and good relationships if they do not help financially. Even if the individual has good intentions, he won’t do harm to them or cut you off completely but he’s going to get you to focus on financial success.

questions: why are you the embodiment of greed?
Greed is beautiful, look at the luxury given with greed. (he shows me images of high end luxury things) His influence continues as I write: it wasn’t money I fancied but its beauty in heavens floors its walls, when I fell the material world needed a means to produce that beauty which was money.

what do you do for the evocator and what does the evocator do for you ?
the magus must be willing to break morality it is only then where you think logically if an action is best or worse. Human empathy stops many from achieving such desires. I’m willing to steal and backstab humans for the magus benefit though many cannot take such wickedness. And it may not always be wise to work with me because the victims will seek justice. And I may not protect the magus from getting caught, but for a magician I seek a relationship long term I will.

Why hasn’t many magicians worked with you?
Many cannot take the wickedness or the intensity. I am not willing to work for someone seeking financial comfort, you may see me do little here or there, but honestly I love the attainment of money more than them. So I help for the pleasure of obtaining more money, not really for the magician. However, those who seek to be a monopoly in their field I can rise them to a king. If you aren’t ready to release your entire life to become (shows me images of Jeff Bezos Steve Jobs bill gates) them, don’t call me. I am tucked away in my own abyss.

How’d do you compare to other demons of wealth?
they’re quite friendly, I am not. they’re strict and just , I am strict and wicked. GREED COMSUMES ME!

so yea this is what I’ve interpreted. Magick is subjective so this is what I’ve gotten. let me know your experience if it matches or contradicts. this will probably explain why most call upon Claunecek or bune for money spells. Also I do think he is his own separate entity. NOT in the goetia , NOT amaymom or some one else. I can be wrong about that.


Very interesting. I wonder why nobody replied :thinking:

id love too see if my gnosis is accurate. I summoned Azazel prior to assist in the ritual. so I don’t have much doubt that this was mammon

Cool. I usually call up Azazel during my rituals just to make sure the arena is well guarded

My friend canalized Mammon And Mammon is ALL the greecy, perversion And apathy in a demon. But he is educate, And Help the magician If he give great And big offerings


Tithes of blood and oil, the demon of greed works in numbers. Disregard him unless you share his passion. You would be fit to fall into a dirty world full of people who care of nothing more than this.

If this is your strong suit, go for it. I hope that anyone else declines.




Okay that’s it.


Have fun passive agressively shitting on someone’s else’s attempt at helping you.

Well you have a point. Those who surround you inevitably influence you as well.

So, if you are empathic, enjoy helping others and have a strong moral compass, you might dislike this spirit’s view.

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Thank you. Really sick of people shiting all over me without anyone stepping in


“Those who serve money tend to become slaves to money, which tends to run counter to the aims of spirit. Money can corrupt those who serve it as surely as any demon can, and I think it is fair to say that a lot of the problems facing our world today are caused by people who are obsessed with money.”
-Jason Miller
(Jason Miller actually mentions Mammon in his book, Financial Sorcery)

It’s not wrong to want money but the story changes when you are the slave of money.


As you guys might be aware, I’m a big advocate for Abraham Hicks and Abraham teaches that there is a difference between putting yourself in someone else’s shoes (empathy) and understanding where someone is at (compassion). To this end, I’m working on ridding myself of empathy, whilst remaining compassionate. It’s working out for me. I’m finding myself emotionally and vibrationally “going there” less and less, particularly when listening to, or reading about someone else’s plight. Yet, I still understand where they’re at.

I also started working with Mammon. :wink: It’s slow, but he told me I’ll eventually see what he sees.

money is the key to many things.
money can bring love but can kill you, the love for money is not the problem, the obsession for money is not the problem, it bring ascension with power


This was hilarious

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Becoming a slave to money doesn’t sound very good :confounded:

people obsess over what they don’t have and need. money is required to survive if one have no means to food and shelter. sure , one can barter but not many place do that since those in power running the world make people rely on money as commodity to get goods.

Those born with spoons won’t understand the poor low class struggle.

money helps give freedom. people become slave after getting lots of money because they running same program as when they desperate for money or got none. need to update program for situation on regular basis as time changes with phases of life.

most time people don’t update until life change event such as cancer or death bed. than they see money was all for naught. Such is steve jobs’s case.

The mega rich don’t need all that hoarding money. It’s a power trip. they can pay their workers much more but they don’t. Look at walmart company. they still paying retail workers minimum wage or so. You know they can afford to pay much more. So them mega rich isnt’ out to help society. If they did, they would of spread the wealth. facebook, twitter, google. All the same. they aren’t out to help the world. If they did want to help, they wouldn’t of made themselves a monopoly through corrupt means nor buy out competitors which is healthy for innovation.