What's Left of the Right in Religion (Philosophy and labels)

An amazing amount of people here identify as Left-Hand path practitioners. So what does this mean?

The left hand was, and still is sometimes, considered an “unclean” part of the body. In Islamic countries, the left hand is not the hand you greet someone with or eat with, because that is the hand used to take care of toilet business. Lefties in Asia and the Middle East have to learn how to be right-handed because the left handedness is considered “odd”. In Ancient Rome, the left hand was sometimes used in idioms for masturbation, at the time a very shameful and “dirty” practice. So it’s a very negative stigma even today.

Traditionally, the right hand was seen as virtuous and clean. So the right hand was identified as good, opposed to the left. Essentially, as Christianity was seen as the “good religion”, the “other” religious became synonymous with evil, especially pagan or polytheistic belief systems. The became the paths of the left hand, even though many adhered to right hand beliefs and practices.

So why are the right hand paths becoming less popular? Modern societies can keep both hands clean all the time because we understand germs and soap now, and we can do more things with better outcomes… like no outbreaks. I think it’s the same with belief systems. Now that people have taken the time to sit down and understand why the systems attract people that traditional Christ failed, there is a revolution of freedom of religion. Understanding something will change our behaviors and curiosity to the point where it becomes gray. Why bother with what is “right” or “left” when both can be cleaned or dirtied according to what you do?

It’s tiring for a leftie to be in a world where their biologically dominate hand is “evil”. They have to learn the rules about hands. Now put them in a situation where they can clean the hand that has been condemned. It becomes what it really is; power over what can be done. They become comfortable… they can use what is natural. How evil it was to force the use of the right hand! Freedom has come!

This creates a large blur between the right and left. The modern world allows us to use both indiscriminately. We can have religious practices unique to us without discriminating what is “evil”.

Have you ever used the Star of David in ritual? It is not just a Jewish symbol; it’s also the symbol of the elements; the triangle that points up is male, and the downward pointing female. The elements can be shown alone as triangles, two with bars and two without. The star is the combination of all earthly elements to become the fifth. It’s a witchy symbol as well as a Jewish one. So is it evil or good? Both. It can be used to harm. But it’s not harmful by itself. Besides, who cares why it should be good?

The left-hand path gives us freedom to use what we have and know to change our life, even if it’s just the attitude it gives us. This includes the wisdom and gifts of the right-hand path. As long as it works, why should it matter? We’re free and that is what matters most.

So the next time you label yourself as LHP, Occultist, Mage, Witch, Satanist, Pagan, whatever you go by to describe yourself, it might be a good idea to ask; why that word? Why am I that? And does the other side have to do with it? Sometimes it is doubt that brings us closer to ourselves, and it should be treasured.


I don’t really believe in RHP / LHP when it comes to true spirituality and you can only call religious people misguided.

I did some pretty intensive psychic development teacher who people would consider RHP and she’s pretty amazing in what she does. She knows that Yahweh isn’t source. She knows that religion is a means of persecution, and she knows that it’s made up.

Working with me, since she has a solid connection to the akashic records, she found that there is nothing wrong with what I do. I even conjured some skinwalkers for her, which are basically, Native American demons.

Further, when it comes to human nature. I honestly see no difference. You’re either a decent human being or a pile of shit.


Agreeing with your statement, I think those that try to fit themselves in one box are pretty close-minded. Spiritually I’m more LHP but I do a lot of RHP things. Because I don’t really care what’s dark or light. It’s all just part of the world in the end.

Not really sure why you mentioned human nature. But it’s relevant. Usually I find more assholes and morons on the “good side”. But anyone can act that way and those are very annoying people to deal with. Because who has time with them? The universe is really amoral about a lot of things, especially social and religious constraints. It’s only other people who really care, and why should you need to conform to them if it doesn’t cost your life?

Also I’m not sure why you seem to imply all religious people are automatically misguided. You can be religious and understand about what is illusion and what is fact. You just side with religion on some things because it’s something you agree to. The only thing religion shouldn’t do is warp fact, which is sadly easily done.

Well, that is what they do… This priest conveys both of our points pretty well. I just posted it elsewhere but it’s still relevant to here too.

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This is why i call myself merely “mage” :slight_smile: the word means “wise one,” and I aspire to wisdom above all. What methods I use are inconsequential compared to using the methods toward wise ends. Funny thing about wisdom, in its purest form, it has no regard whatever for right, wrong, good, or bad. Wisdom is balance, no matter what


I guess i do call myself “sorceress” occasionally, for the D&D connotation about method and mechanics :slight_smile:


The real question is why aren’t they called the right and left Foot paths? I don’t know about any of you, but i normally don’t walk any path with my hands…:thinking:


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Personally I only use that to define my desired intended outcome, long-term, and not to explicitly define the types of actions I will take nor the kinds of beings I’ll work with.

Religious people can work with demons, using the traditonal Solomonic method and they certainly cause harm and death, and black magicians can be kind and generous, and even choose to worship a god or other being in an act of subjective synthesis, so the issue of the intended destiny is the only major difference, and the only one that IMO cannot bridged.

I won’t ramble on because I already posted a bunch of stuff about it here:


I’ve always correlated the LHP/RHP dichotomy with the two pillars on the tree of life. With the LHP aligned with the black pillar of severity and the RHP with the white pillar of mercy. I guess I never really thought twice about why I make that connection. Qabala was my introduction into the occult world so early on I tried to understand everything qabalistically and the left/right thing just seemed to fit with the tree of life model so I assumed that’s where it came from.

Another interesting parallel is with the political left/right. Both dichotomies share very similar characteristics, with the left being more progressive and liberal, and the right being more conservative, and traditional.

Also if you view the divine as a duality consisting of both benign and malign, positive and negative, light and dark then the LHP would be aligned with the left hand of god and the RHP the right. I personally believe that the true god or highest god (abraxas) transcends duality by perfectly balancing positive with negative so that they cancel each other out forming the eternal zero, hence my name on this forum.


Left hand can also mean to the left, and likewise right hand means to the right. I can say, “The picture is on the left hand of the chart” or “If you’ll look on the right hand side you’ll see a tree.” That’s all it means.

RHP: Dakshinachara
The subject must harmonise their subjective world with the laws of the objective universe, be that a deity or nature. Humans must seek knowledge of the law and then subject themselves to it in order for the individual to be obliterated and become one with the divine or natural order. The path is populated by people who have got with the programme and are therefore good company men and women. Their deities are static in nature.

LHP: Vamachara
The pleasure and pain of independent existence are to be embraced as the most reasonable signs of the highest, most noble destiny possible for humans to attain – self divinity. By accepting human consciousness as it is – dynamic, ever moving and changing – existence is embraced.

While most people seek knowledge, power, freedom, independence and distinction, those of us who walk the lhp extend this to the non-natural or non-physical realms. By going against the flow individuals more fully articulate and individuate themselves, because obtaining and maintaining independence and freedom is the first step in personal immortality.

I recommend Lords of the Left Hand Path by Stephen E. Flowers Ph.D.


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