What would YOU do if spirits told you this amazing thing?

What Would YOU Do If A Demon Told You This Amazing Thing

We can talk about how what’s “real” and what’s “our own reality, projected out” is irrelevant compared to RESULTS, and this is true, but when you have a piece of information that kicks your ass, blows your mind, and fires up the bits in between, and you’re doing the work and carrying on, at the back of your mind you still wonder – well, I do anyway.

The demon King Paimon has told me that I’m him and I’m incarnated on earth to do a mission but I asked two members here to do spirit channelings for me and they said it’s wrong and one of them first said he is getting that I’m Ibliss which is unlike he knew the Islamic name for Paimon and then he said he’s getting that I’m Asmoday and the other one got some visions and spirits refused to tell both of them more about what I am…

One of them said I’m a fallen demon who’s incarnated to reclaim his throne…

I am carrying on with magick and not about to go full “I am son of Satan” on you all


What do I do to verify this?

Have you ever verified a piece of weird information about yourself in a way that left you satisfied with the answer, however weird or mundane it turned out to be?

Share methods, tips, tricks, experiences you had, anything expect please telling me ”truth is relative” because I already know that, I’m good, I just want to jump down the rabbit hole a bit more.

If anyone here can guide me with real stuff which will get me out of this confusion please let me know…I will truly appreciate your guidances


You don’t have to answer here, but does the mission:

  • seem credible to you

  • seem like something your personality would naturally gravitate to, such that it would be a “vocation” more than a chore, even indicating your were born to do it

  • seem unlikely to be “just” your mind telling you things it thinks you want to hear?

These are good pointers, although by no means exhaustive, to start finding out more.


What you describe is one of the biggest Blessings, Spirits give.
It’s usually a proof of trust, successful Pact, Posession.

Since the inital call came from Azazel directly,
i’d go on asking him for further guidiance.

As for the Suggestions, regarding Iblis and Asmoday,
I consider those closely related aswell.
Not in the sense of being the Same deity.
But rather that Azazel and Iblis worked as combined Forces in my life aswell.
I can’t say surely for the Moment how Asmoday Relates.

My Approach would be to conjure Asmoday and Iblis together,
after conjuring Azazel.
You can conjure them into a Triangle, each residing at on Corner.
If so, Conjure Azazel pointing to you, i’d say.

In eather case, ask them for a Personal Magicians Name / Familiar / Serviator.

You should write down whatever you get there.

Then, work with that Deity directly, for a while.

Normally, that gives the closest and most accurate Details.

According the question "did others have similar expierience…

  • yes. Seurch the Forum, Seurch the Internet.
    Or, even simpler: take a look at the Matrix Scene "What goes through your Head, when you’re told, you’re supposed to be the “Hero”, to unslave all mankind."
    It is a very good depiction of that Dilemma.
    Especially as the Question isn’t being answered in the Movie (at least in the german versions i know of).
    In fact, he’s just staggered with doubt.
    There is a complete theory around here,
    that the Oracle is actually using and manipulating Neo into the role,
    while in actuality trying to move a Piece of the Matrix, out into the real world.

Now we sorcerers do exactly that, on purpose.
We take something which isn’t existing in reality,
and “Manifest” it.
Make it happen.
Make it Occeur.
Even Create it.
Sometimes even Create, without any Resource being aviable beforehand.

That, on the most accurate Level, showes what magick does.
And looking at the Statement:
you’re a fallen Demon, ment to regain his throne here on earth:
It litterally means the empowerment,
to actually choose and Work on the behalf of a ruling ground.
The Throne also always represents a Layed back Situation.
Of Knowing, and Trusting, that it will be done correctly.

In simple words:
It means you go towards a higher rank in Social and Economical Status.




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This is no disrespect to you if I were in your position and given this knowledge - I would suggest it is a test.

How prescient this thread…

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