What would you ask EA?

I purchased a 3 day 1 on 1 bootcamp

Do you pay for travel and housing?

Yes. Lol its expensive.


You think it’ll be worth it

I have used his methods for about 3 months and it brought me to an entire new level. I have made people money, myself more money, created believers that have 0 experience in any of this, bettered other lives, acquired a new amazing girl, before her I was getting laid like crazy, I also asked for a new place w 3 beds at what I can afford and it is happening so quickly, within 30 days.

All from my personal studying, and a lot of credit to EA’s books, youtubes, and divination/ evocation course.

If I can get all the in 3 months plus the money to meet him (Belial told me I should go meet him and got me the cash) I expect geometric growth with 3 full days in the desert with im teaching me what he knows in person. He has had many gurus, so I am sure he knows how to treat the student well.


I’ll believe it when I see it.

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Rcs, id love to hear about your experience getting girls with magic. I made a thread in the love and lust section here where you can post about it. Ive just been very interested in hearing about peoples experiences in this area (partly as inspiration to fuel my own work), and it sounds like you’ve got a lot to share :slight_smile:

To be honest with you, I was once a PUA back in college and early-mid 20’s helping men learn how to talk to women. Definitely a ton of great guys out there that can easily have more women in their lives, they are just programmed to be afraid and get to nervous to approach. It’s hard to overcome that natural feeling, but with practice in the field you learn to overcome it.

What I did with the Magick was created a talisman that would draw better quality looking women. I went from getting majority 7’s to getting more 9’s. I purchased a venus talisman and charged it every morning with incantations. I had a list made and I always did them as soon as I woke up, and right before bed while I was in between awake and asleep so the subconscious could work on this while holding the talisman and charging it, carrying it in my pocket. Make sure its gold or silver though so it charges really well.

My incantations were…
I am a very attractive man.
I give off a very sexual vibe.
Women always want me.
Other men respect me.
I am a leader of men.
I am very good in bed.

A little part of my teachings with my students were to ask yourself, what would you do and how would you feel if you walked into a room and you knew every girl in their wanted you bad? What if you KNEW you for a fact that you could fuck any girl in this room right now if you wanted them. How would that make you FEEL?

Then apply that feeling to the vibrational charge you put into the talisman as you repeat those incantations. You get your subconscious to embed those thoughts into your head, it will take it in and your posture will change, your tone when you speak will change, and you will automatically begin taking on the traits of a man who gets laid. Girls see that. So, apply it with magick and you will definitely get some great results…

LOL and 1 more thing… guys number 1 problem just like beginners with magick is guess… get out of your own head. Stop thinking about what you are saying, and do more listening. Show actual interesting in learning about them rather then thinking about how you look or what your need to say next… they see all of that through body language bro. Girls are excellent with that! Screening is in their genetics.

Ok ranting… GL.


@Verdo. Today was day one. Magickal isnt even the word. Beautiful and we were in the mountains in no mans land. It was great.

I told him that i would dedicate some of my own time to the ppl of the forum. To answer your question about why some types of magick require your own channeling of the energy. (His words) your (my) answer nailed it pretty well. So just read again above what I wrote to you.


@Lady_Eva in response to your list, he said that is a good list, but all internal, one thing he said needs to be on the list is the external requirement of any magician, and that is a “good life”… many magicians do not have a good life which doesnt help their magick and their magick doesnt help their lives.


ah nice! Thanks for remembering us. Hope you enjoy the experience :slight_smile: ill be relying on your final review to help me decide upon whether or not i go myself someday, hah


Its going to be difficult to sell ppl on it because its geared towards ones own experience, needs, the tarot he does with you, and the level youre at. This whole bootcamp is based around me. But ill describe it the best that i can


yeah thats fine man. i just want to hear about your experience…even if its tailor-made


Well i can tell you in list form what we covered day 1.

  1. Met his dog

Tarot reading
Voodoo chicken bone scrying
Chakra reading

Those were done on me and a lesson on each inside of his temple.

  1. Drove into the mountains and hiked to 4 magickal spots that we both chose.
    Did a banishing ritual
    Cleansing ritual
    Energy work
    Worked with the element of air

  2. Drove to the canyons to an old indian labryth.
    Did a walking meditation and evoked the black serpant. There was no wind then wind was blowing like crazyyyy… was awesome

Based on his gathering of myself he wants to start the.day in his temple with bija mantras and "some serious evocation and spirit communication. Then off to the desert


damn, i envy you right now, haha. Sounds awesome


I love this! Way to take control of your Ascent, man! The bootcamp is one of my goals, but I’m in Canada so it will be quite expensive :slight_smile:


Its worth it


I fucking envy you :joy: