What would happen if I begged asmodeus to be his sex slave?

Genuinely curious as to if it would work, and what you guys think it would be like to sexually serve asmodeus🤔 I have this link about being a sex slave and I dont know if I could think of anyone better to be in servitude to then the king of lust himself.

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Whatever floats your boat. Ask him and I don’t think he would turn it down.

I was Azazel’s submissive for almost a year. Most are into to it. So I imagine he would be cool with it. Just make sure you know what you getting into.

So you might want to watch this even though its sideways. (It was my first video ever) I give some good information on being in a relationship like that with a spirit.

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Sounds spicy… :hot_pepper:

Whatever it is that you decide…give it a serious thought. Asmodeus is the Lord of Lust but he can be extremely loving, caring and giving to his partners… If you decide on being a slave…don’t do it light heartedly. Commune with him beforehand… Work with him…understand his being and energy before venturing any further… Be sure…what being a sex slave to Asmoday entails. He has this extremely gentle side that can melt you and this other side that’s wrathful…


You know him better

I have no input but I will agree with what was said above…talk to him before making this decision because you shouldn’t just jump into things with out knowing…

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