What was your very first method of summoning a demon?

  • What was your first method of summoning the spirit? There are enough ways to summon the necessary spirit, which have already been discussed on the forum, but do you remember using which of the ways you first contacted him? How it was. Share your experience.
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First attempted evocation was when I read “Bagabi lacha Bachabe…” etc. from Kurt Seligmann’s History of magic; in that point of the book there was a tale about a man summoning Satan.
Years later I called Pazuzu with a sort of astral evocation. I lied down on bed, placed a white quartz on my chakras, closed my eyes, said a general invocation to communicate with spirits, I visualized Pazuzu, called him and visualized a violet light/energy entering his image. He then animated and we had a “mental conversation”.


I use Satania’s enns on Youtube a lot. Somehow they are just right for me. Not all of them, I browse through their channel sometimes, one or the other will just stand out, I play it for a while, and I try to tune into the vibration. If I get an image, I can work with that. It looks like most of what I get - so far, Belial, Leviathan, Lilith, Belphegor, Adramelek, Samael… quite a collection by now - calls up a reaction from a part of myself that i know nothing about. So it fairly quickly becomes a kind of a relationship. Then i don’t need the enns or the music anymore. I then make drawings, i use art a lot, write out details in a notebook that’s only for Demons. Learned a lot and all in this past summer. Grateful. Thanks for reading!


I don’t summon “demons” I talk to people. They’re all actual people to me not Christianity’s mythical monsters.

I used E.A. Koetting’s method following the Book of Azazel to talk to the angel Azazel, which is a ceremonial evocation.


My very first method was a bastard in between new age demonolatry (use of Enn, picking colour schemes and incense ingredients according to the majority of popular book and blog finds, choosing the daytime according to the same sources) and just winging it = assuming that the spirit was around and listening while I rambled about my ideas and goals and whatnot as if I was holding a one person ted talk. I also had a Pendulum that could give me hints in terms of “yes” and “no” in regards of communication because I didn’t know how to use other divination systems back then.

After that I started to discard ritual items for calling on spirits as crutches more and more and simply used them to set the mood and to “switch rooms” (imagine holding a meeting or something, you would always go for a fitting setting). I used the talking method until my senses where ready to perceive and exchange other forms of communication.

By now I still entertain altars for their respective owners, but its more of a “this is us now” thing and I like to decorate each of them according to the vibe or the connection that we have going on :smiley: