What Was This Eye That I Saw?

So two days ago I prepared for my first cursing ritual. Gathered the ingredients and lit a black candle.

After a few minutes of doing some breathwork I felt ready to open my eyes and gaze at the flame - the only source of light in the room.

I called upon the darkness to rise from the depths of the underground and fill my vessel. I soaked it up bit by bit. First my feet, then my knees, all the way up until I every cell was filled and my whole body felt like it’s vibrating.

It only took a few minutes until my breathing pattern changed and a firery eye emersed from the flame. Never had that happen before… It looked like a dragon’s eye and it was pulsating rhythmically. With each pulse it grew a little bigger until it started to spawn different symbols and signs that looked like sigils accompanied by a whispering voice in the background which I couldn’t decipher. So beautiful but I wouldn’t be able to draw the sigils now!

Now I tried to figure out what it was, because I didn’t try to evoke a dragon. I called upon the spirits who are surrounding me and willing to support the task at hand. But I couldn’t find anything that explains it.

So my question is: Could anyone point me to some resources that talk about this? Or maybe someone here had a similar experience and could offer an interpretation? Maybe this experience bears no hidden meaning at all?

Any clous are welcome and much appreciated!


Seriously every time I see this kinds of threads I immediately think of Sauron :sweat_smile:

Well @RheaArcanum can you tell me that does it ultimately matter who or what came if its going to ultimately do the job?

Just enjoy the trainwreck you created, godspeed.


LOL! Now that you’ve mentioned it…

No, not really. But I would like to understand the dynamics I guess.

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No time for caution right now :smiley:
I am in same stuiation here :smile:

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Reminds me of Babatel.

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This is really interesting. Thank you very much. Sounds similar, but in my case there was no white around the eye and it was more horizontally shaped.

If can bring up the courage, I might try the exercise in the post and ask him/it (after doing some research)

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My first thought was Poimandres.

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I’ve seen a dragons eye during meditation before. Wasn’t cursing anyone but working on some shielding. It’s happened twice. I read somewhere that Lucifer will look like a dragons eye sometimes when he connects with you.

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Thank you! From what I’ve seen as I just did a quick search is that it seems to be similar to Babatel. I mean the aspect of vision and untold secrets…

Also interesting passage:

Source: Poimandres, the Great Dragon

Is this the entity you had in mind?

The very same, yes.

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Uh oooh… Really? I’m still feeling some fear when I hear/read about him :see_no_evil:. Will research his forms of appearance though.

Oh great, thanks a lot!

There is no need to fear Lucifer.

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Perhaps it was a Thrasz that you saw?

Have you ever considered using a feather fan?