What Warrior Art Do You Personally Practice? [To Kurtis Joseph]

Hey, Kurtis.

It’s clear from your response to my other post that you practice a very effective form of warrior art. If you don’t mind sharing, what warrior art do you personally practice?

I get the impression it’s some form of Ninjutsu or Budo Taijutsu, or maybe a form of Aikijujutsu. Definitely a true battlefield art.

I was always drawn to Togakure-Ryu Ninjutsu at a young age. I’ve always wanted to practice it. And the Kuji-In and Kuji-Kiri elements always fascinated me.

I gave up on it as a childhood fantasy, but I’m starting to feel the old call again. Why place such silly limits on my self?



I am a certified Instructor in Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Concepts and Filipino Martial Arts. Kuji-In actually comes from India which is why I began its study.

I am currently a student in Budo Ryu Ninjutsu which is a more modern interpretation of the Samurai and Warrior traditions. You will never find ME teaching those things as I am not licensed to do so.I just feel like the best teachers remain the greatest students above all else. As Bruce said (I paraphrase) when you think you know it all the coffin is closed.

Regardless you can look into Budo Ryu online training as it is very interactive, and it is far from a “black belt mill”. Its hard and physical conditioning is TOP priority. You can only purchase the curriculum of one rank at a time and that material must be mastered before you can purchase the next level. You can send them video’s through your learning process and they will critique you before you test to help you out.

I do mostly online stuff with Budo Ryu, but my plan is to get out there to train with the school at least a few times a year, as well as attend events reserved for Budo Ryu Kai students to support the school.

Many feel the organization has no historical validation. I have seen the scrolls their curriculum is based on though, and I myself have studied the Bansenshukai. People hate Anshu Jacobson because of the fact that she is different and does what she wants. Just watch the videos they provide if you want to see what it is like.



Bruce Lee was a genius he took the best from each martial art to form jeet I have studied martial arts from age of 8 martial arts are a good cornerstone to understand currents draw in power from the universe in my opinion martial arts training has helped me further my left-hand path better

I think your goal in spreading arts is highly commendable


Thanks for sharing, brother.


Thanks, Kurtis. I’m not familiar with her or this particular tradition. I’ll look into it.

It’s interesting how we’ve both been drawn to similar things over the years. I certainly feel like the Ahrimanic current you’re the physical anchor for is the warrior’s path. I look forward to many years of exploring your work.


JKD is very “political” unfortunately. I said fuck the politics and studied Bruce’s original China town JKD and Inosanto’s “Concepts”. The synergy created between both is unstoppable and explosive. My study in these is what actually led me to the LHP. O.A.A. actually rejected me in 2010 when I told them that martial art and magick were in many ways the same kind of alchemical process. LHP is very much like JKD philosophy in regard to “absorbing what is useful, rejecting what is useless, and adding what is specifically your own”. I felt that most ancient warrior traditions had powerful spiritual backbones to support them and that the LHP was a perfect spiritual support for the modern JKD movement.

So… behind closed doors JKD has been a platform in the physical world for many secrets the demon Aeshma holds regarding mastery of emotion, psychology of chaos, among other things.


What is O.A.A?

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Yes. :wink: EA had already left it behind him. Who am I to argue? Lol! Everyone can have their own opinion.


Thanks for pointing me to Budo Ryu Ninjutsu, Kurtis. Her videos are very interesting and I like the intensity her students train with.

I used to really admire the work of Stephen K. Hayes, but his To Shin Do teaching methods seem really watered down now. It almost looks like a form of confidence building rather than training in a set of warrior arts. I still like him as a human being, but I’m afraid his training methods could get someone killed.

I’m still impressed by Massaki Hatsumi’s physical grace and timing. They are just impeccable. Obviously, a lifetime of work went into developing those skills.

As it stands today, I would train in Budo Ryu Ninjutsu. Sounds like a fantastic long term goal.


Hey Kurtis, have you ever tried the more practical and proven martial arts such as BJJ, Wrestling and Muay Thai? Have you ever had any formal firearms training?

I too started out doing JKD and “Ninjitsu”. After six months of BJJ, everyone at my “Ninjitsu dojo” was helpless. After two years of BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing and Greco Roman Wrestling, I was destroying everyone at my JKD studio, including instructors. Hell, most of them didn’t even own their own gear (hand wraps, 16 oz gloves, shin pads, head gear, mouth piece, etc.) Reality really hit me when I realized I was the only one who could wrap my hands in less than two minutes. I could easily out-strike most of my opponents as they lacked consistent full-contact sparring experience. They few who I could not, I would initiate the Thai clinch, dominate them with knees and elbows, and go for the dump. Anyone who got angry about being thrown around over-committed and got the double leg. Due to their lack of grappling experience they were made short work of on the ground. It was literally like taking candy from a baby. I eventually stopped attending these schools and opted for more practical MMA and global specialized tactics training.

Respect for training FMA, as it is definitely the best for edged weapons and is used by operators around the globe in real life combat scenarios. However, as a mixed martial artist and private military contractor I am highly skeptical of the whole modern ninjitsu thing.

No offense, I just don’t see the practicality and it just doesn’t seem legit to me. Why train to run around with swords and eggs full of glass etc when you can train with firearms? When the hell are you ever gonna walk around with a katana or a ninjato? Why concealed carry a pocket full of illegal and highly traceable ninja stars when you can concealed carry a high-capacity semi automatic pistol legally? I mean, the whole concept of being a ninja is cool and all, but what are a group of ninjas gonna do against a team of fully kitted operators?

There were several enemy combatants who thought they were ninjas in Afghanistan. They ran around in the dark wearing all black with their faces covered and tried to attack us with knives, brass knuckles, pipes, bats, hatchets, and all sorts of improvised weapons. We picked them up on our NVD’s and thermals and they all got shot multiple times or blown to bits. Ninjas are cool and all, but a Tier One Operator would drop out of the sky at night on them like an angel of death and merc them. They would have superior range, the ability to see completely in the dark, and armor protecting vital organs. Unless you are Genji from Overwatch and can deflect bullets, you’re gonna have a bad time. Its the 21st century, why limit yourself to archaic shit that won’t serve you when shit hits the fan?

As someone who got their start in more “traditional” martial arts, I highly recommend you to train in MMA and firearms. If you are super stoked on the antiquity of martial arts and wanna get back to the whole Samurai code type shit, train Judo. Judo has been around for thousands of years in a legit, non watered-down format and has helped to seed legit grappling arts like BJJ and Sambo. Learn to throw motherfuckers on their heads and submit them on the ground. Much like operators today, real samurai rocked armor and transitioned into lethal, bone crushing, throws when motherfuckers got too close. The force of the enemies bodies hitting the ground was often enough to finish the fight. I promise you it is a million times more effective than carrying around eggs in your pocket.

I’m not bagging on you or what you train, I’m just saying MMA/combatives/firearms are far more effective in every scenario.

I am saying this because I think you are a badass, I respect the shit out of you, and I want you to be able to defend yourself intelligently against an armed opponent should the need arise. I know the Divs have your back and all, but look man, you’re kind of important as an individual and with regards to the ascent of us all. I do NOT want the world to miss out on the next Kurtis Joseph Grimoire because you tried to use “Ninjitsu” you learned from some white girl 600 years after almost every Ninja disappeared, on an assailant armed with a pistol and/or a knife.

No disrespect, just friendly advice from someone with real life combat experience on four continents.

Peek this video of a 135 lb 17 year old BJJ blue belt vs an adult 185 lb. “Ninjutsu” black belt. The ninja had a bad time and had to be saved by the ref. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LqMBGwVl5k

Here is another one of a Ninjutsu black belt vs 135 lb mixed martial artist Dominick Cruz. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYQiPRUu7b0

Love you Kurtis. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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Okay… let me keep this all very simple. JKD is not traditional. BJJ and Mui Thai are actually a part of the nucleus. In fact Kino Mutai (Filipinno art of uninterrupted pinching, biting, and eye gouging) is as well. Which brings me to my next point. BJJ is sport. Judo is sport and is actually quite modern. It was developed as a sport.

MMA is not reality based combat. Why? Well because you have a cage protecting you from your opponents buddies and there is a referee to make sure everyone “plays” by the rules.

Within JKD curricullum we have students stand in the center of 8-10 guys who are trying to slam them and punch them in the face to experience what we call the “fog of war”. This all done to exercise EMOTIONAL control. Though it sucks physically it is an emotional exercise. Lol! At any rate trust me I know the difference between REALITY and tradition AND sport.

Regarding tradition and modern Ninjutsu. I respect the tradition. Modern special forces, SEALS etc use many of the same tactics. What people do not understand about Ninjutsu is that it is not necessarily a combat art. It is gathering intel, espionage, centry removal, poisons and explosives, effective escape and survival techniques. All of these are practical skills applicable today. Firearms is also a big part of the totality of what is Ninjutsu. THAT is why I study Ninjutsu besides the sorcerous side of it. That is heavy. I actually thought I may do a grimoire on the magick of Tengu. Tengu are the forest demons whom the Ninja supposedly descended from.

I respect your views as you share the same view as many regarding this subject honestly. Everyone has a bias within the study of martial art. For me none of that matters. Here is what it is for me brother… Martial Art for me is the art of creating self through the expression of military tactics according to interest. It is about experiencing a process of self perfection. For me magick and martial art are one and the same. REALITY training is important so you can experience what works. That is important for self defense and self preservation. Beyond that though their is all kinds of cool shit to simply experience and expand consciousness through. :wink:


Kurtis, I love you.

You are a fellow anarchist, sorcerer, philosopher, and quite frankly I believe in you so much that I buy all of your shit, just to support you through whatever it is you may be going through. If you were somehow/someway in trouble that you couldn’t get yourself out of, and you called me, I would roll deep to wherever you are, ready to insert and extract.

You say that “Modern special forces, SEALS, etc use many of the same tactics.” However you don’t really know what that encompasses outside of a theoretical/historical/academic frame of reference.

There is a difference between utilizing the same concepts as the ninjas did half a millenium ago vs. graduating demo school, airborne school, undergoing counter terrorism training, hostage rescue training, insertion and extraction training, force protection training, advanced driver training, medical training, high threat executive awareness training, (etc.), and most importantly, ACTUALLY deploying behind enemy lines during combat operations and getting the job done against insurmountable odds.

On a less extreme scale there is also a difference between 8-10 people who aren’t fighters trying to “slam” you vs one D-1 wrestler with a nasty submission game trying to slam you. I am saying this because I love you and I genuinely want you to be able to defend yourself. That JKD/Ninjutsu shit is smoke and mirrors and will get you killed. The world can’t afford that right about now. We need more from you.

I have seen individual after individual who thinks that Ninjutsu (or some other archaic form of combat that is no longer viable) actually works and wash out of selection. I too harbored fantasies of being a ninja. It simply isn’t realistic.

Fuck the whole ninja vs operator or ninja vs MMA arguments.

Say two tweakers break into your home in order to rob you so that they can sell or trade your possessions for drug money or drugs themselves. They are desperate and armed. It is the middle of the night, all of the lights are off in your home. You are awakened from intense dreams by the breaking of glass. You don’t know where the opponent is, how many of them there are, or what they are armed with. Would you rather have A) A firearm with a weapon light and red dot + knowledge and training in CQB and room clearing tactics such as limited penetration, etc. or B) some ninja stars, a Chinatown “katana” sword and the knowledge from an old scroll?

As someone who has operated with many special military units from friendly countries across the globe (including Japan’s Tokushusakusengun) during counter-terrorism and hostage scenarios, I can tell you that when it comes to real life combat, the individual trained in combatives/MMA will prevail almost every time. Japanese special forces themselves do not train in Ninjutsu. They train in Combatives, MMA, and above all, GST (Global Specialized Tactics).

I love you, but you have to face the reality of your training.

How often are you on the mats? How often do you go live on the mats? How often do you spar full contact? How often do you spar vs someone outside of your JKD/Ninjutsu schools?

How often do you train with high-level grapplers and wrestlers with submission skills?

How often do you defend a takedown? How often do you defend submissions? How many escapes do you know?

How often do you train with rubber training knives?

How often do you shoot? How often do you shoot at night? Is your firearm/kit equipped for low-light/no light scenarios?

How often do you train insertion? How often do you train extraction?

How often do you train weapon transitions?

How often do you train drawing your edged weapon or firearm from a concealed carry position? How often do you train re-holstering/sheathing your firearm or edged weapon after having drawn from a concealed carry position and neutralizing a threat?

Do you time yourself during weapons training? If so, what are your times? What are your split times? What are your reaction times?

Say you are fighting in close quarters, and someone came around a corner with a firearm or edged weapon, ready to kill you. Your reaction time (beating them to the gun/knife) dictates whether you live or die. Are you confident that you could beat that opponent to the draw, neutralize them, and live to tell the tale?

If it came down to using an explosive or incendiary device, do you feel confident in using said device to eliminate a threat without harming innocents, yourself, or your team members? How many hours do you have logged training in the use of explosives and poisons and their effects? How many hours do you have logged training in amphibious or airborne scenarios?

Forget about the theory and academia of Ninjutsu/JKD. I am asking these questions to you as an individual with regards to your individual training and experience in the field.

I’m not worried about you expanding your consciousness, we all know that you are the man when it comes to that, and so much more.

What I am worried is that you have fallen prey to the same bullshido martial arts that have robbed years of progress from many an individual who simply hasn’t seen real combat and therefore doesn’t know any better.

Imagine if you saw an intellectual and spiritual powerhouse devoting all of their time to Abrahamic nonsense, when there is an entire realm of magick and alchemy at their fingertips. That is how I feel when I read about you betting your life on JKD and “Ninjutsu.”

I take the time out of my incredibly busy schedule to type this veritable essay because A) I genuinely care about you even though I don’t know you personally, and B) you are far more influential than you know.

I’m not saying discard everything and start over. I am merely saying think about it, and be honest with yourself. If you answered “rarely,” “never,” or “not at all” to even one of the questions I asked, you need to rethink your training.

I have seen even Tier 1 Operators get themselves killed due to overconfidence and misplaced faith. PLEASE don’t make the same mistake!

Curse me or thank me, it makes no difference to me. I want you to be the best you can be and have nothing but love for you and what you do for us all.


An unknown and active operator.


That is more a chaote thing than a LHP thing tbh…


There is more to traditional martial arts then the fighting, in Its core there is Self development.
Sports based martial arts like thai boxing, bjj, boxing, mma and so one are flawed in the sense that rules limits them and there is allways a safe zone.
Then traditional martial arts with no sparring and fighting training will be more exercise then Anything else.
Traditional martial arts is based on battlefield fighting and fighting for survival where anything goes.
Put me in a ring with a boxer on hes tesens and i will loose since i cant use “dirty” techniques.put the boxer in a street fight avsinat 2-3 oponennts ND hes Chambers is no more the. 50%.
Weapons training with swords and other weapons translates to items we can pick up as we go. Using sword moves with a stick, cane and so on is really effektive.

For modern martial arts with no philosophy and puré violenc at Its core i must say that Krav Maga is one of the most effective and its efficenci is being tested constantly in real life.

Everyone wild defens their choosen martial arts and i think everyone at a time has Said that their style is the best.
In the end it has nothing to do with style, its all in the person, if you cant push yourself to really use your training and be prepared to kill your opponent if needed then you are constraining yourself and your martial art might be ineffective.



Okay… Paul Vunak is a JKD Concepts instructor. Military has their own guys teach hand to hand combat right? Well… they pulled in a civilian drug addict (Paul Vunak) to teach SEAL team 6 in the 90’s. Bruce Lee the founder of JKD is the father of mixed martial arts. The Gracie’s will tell you that, Dana White will tell you that, Eddie Bravo would tell you that, Joe Rogan… I could go on and on. I am almost 40 years old. I look like I am 27 at best.

We went to BJJ schools and boxing gyms weekly to spar. Its a part of the JKD curriculum. That’s how you experience “other systems”. Sparring under pressure. Getting punched in the face. Here is what I noticed though… on the ground, as soon as you start biting at testicles all systems go out the window. We trained like that. We got kicked in the groin. On the ground we hit the groin and thumbed the eyes. We bit. Do that in a BJJ school and you tend to get in trouble because it shatters world views. We had dudes jump the guy who was successful on the “mat” to prove that point. Getting slammed on the street is barbaric yeah. The street also makes mat work hard because well… there’s no fuckin mats, lol!

Look I appreciate your concern bro. Here is the thing. I grew up in Cleveland and Youngstown. I got plenty of full contact experience in trust me. I can fight. In reality WANTING to fight will get you killed. If you can’t fight guns are great equalizers. My study now is bug out bags, pulling together a militia, and refined survival skills. My goal is not be a “ninja”. That sounds so retarded. LMAO! The historical tradition is even up for debate and is considered to be fake as fuck honestly. However in theory they are very well rounded soldiers in regard to skill set.


Exactly. That was Bruce’s point. A punch is a punch is a punch. How it’s thrown according to “style” is irrelevant. Athletic attributes like timing and line familiarization make any “style” useless. Explosiveness and response time… etc. Now let’s face it. Karate punches lack economy of motion so let’s not even go there. You can fight or you can’t. You have the will to hang in there while getting bludgeoned or you don’t. Your born a fighter. Styles or systems don’t make them.


Yes maybe so. It’s all semantics.

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AYYY I practice this too​:joy::joy:

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There is so much stupidity in what you just said man.

First of all, I jump out of planes at night carrying firearms and on average 60 pounds of gear for a living. I have seen combat in the most dangerous places in the world, from the mountains of Afghanistan to the slums of Juarez, Mexico. Let me be the first to tell you that your “traditional martial arts” based on “battlefield fighting” are no longer viable. No one is running around a war zone with a fucking sword or a staff anymore. Wars are fought with guns. As someone who has never actually fought in a war, please don’t lecture me about how your “traditional martial arts” are in any way relevant when it comes to warfare. I’m not saying my style is the best, I’m saying it is infinitely more viable than depending on archaic bullshit that will get you killed.

Tell you what, you deploy to Afghanistan in your thin little Gi. Don’t take any guns. A badass like you doesn’t need them. Why bring guns and armor and explosives and NVDs when you can pick up items as you go? I’m confident that a highly trained warrior such as yourself, armed with say any old stick you find on the ground, could bust some sweet ass sword moves that would be way more “effektive” than the 7.62x39 the enemy is sending down range at over 2300 feet per second. AFTER a super intimidating kata of course.

Oh wait, you’re completely full of shit.

Further more, any “martial artist” who doesn’t have a legit ground game is obsolete. You say BJJ and MMA are “flawed in the sense that rules limit them and there is always a safe zone.” The same classic argument that every fat troglodyte who has never actually fought or competed has used out of ignorance. The reality is that as soon as you take away a ref, BJJ and MMA become one of the most brutal and effective hands-on disciplines on the planet because your tap means nothing.

You say your traditional martial arts are based in reality, when they haven’t been for fucking decades. The reality is that there are more people training BJJ, MMA, Wrestling, Judo, and Sambo than ever before. Meaning, there are MILLIONS of people around the world who could not only out-strike you, but also render your entire lifetime of training obsolete with ONE TAKEDOWN.

The reality is that a good grappler would slam you on your head and beat the shit out of you indefinitely, until they decide to either strangle you to death or cause you permanent bodily harm. You would be screaming in agony, crying and bleeding, and they would just keep on punching and elbowing you or cranking on a submission regardless of how many times you tap.

If you have any doubt in your mind, go out and spar with a high level grappler. Reality is a bitch.

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I wouldn’t say Bruce Lee is the father of MMA at all seeing as he never fought in MMA, or even promoted MMA events. There were fighters who were wrestling and doing BJJ and Judo and Sambo and mixing it with strikes way before him. Bruce Lee only started grappling when he met Judo Gene LeBell and his 135 lb ass got Uchimata’d so hard he didn’t know where he was. Then he got beaten up and submitted (armbarred and rear naked choked), all of which he admits to. He realized that he had to learn effective grappling to stay relevant as a martial artist.

Kurtis, I know you think that simply fighting dirty trumps BJJ, but in reality if you are going to fight dirty so is the grappler, who will already be completely dominating you with positional control, heavy ground and pound, and constantly attacking submissions while you have no idea what to do and feel like you are literally drowning. You try gouging someone’s eyes out when they’ve mounted you and are dropping bombs. You’re gonna have your eyes gouged out instead. You’re gonna have a bad time. Think the Mountain vs Oberyn Martell from Game of Thrones.

Now before you read this next section know that I really do like you and I respect you and your work a lot and support it as much as possible. I am sorry for what I am about to do, but you brought this upon yourself and it is all in good fun.

“Here is what I noticed though… on the ground, as soon as you start biting at testicles all systems go out the window.” After that comment, I really don’t know what to tell you, but I do have some questions.

  1. What the fuck type of gym did you train at where they not only teach you, but encourage you to put another mans nuts in your mouth in sparring? Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it seems to me that you are a lover, not a fighter.

  2. Is there a secret society of gay ninjas, ruling from the shadows, parkouring into peoples homes and stuffing their mouths full of enemy testicles to this day?

  3. Is the nut-sack to the incisor the super secret technique that the Chinese Triads had Bruce Lee killed for sharing with westerners?

  4. Are there demonstrations on this nut-biting technique? (A cursory internet search only turned up the darkest of gay porn.)

Now that I got that out of my system…

If you had no idea how to defend yourself and it was your last resort, I understand, but its fucking sparring. Your life isn’t at risk, but your go-to move on the ground is to bite a training partner in the nuts and "thumb(ed) the eyes? Bit of a…dick move, wouldn’t you say?

If your instructor teaches you to put another mans nuts in your mouth instead of learn how to actually fight on the ground you need to grab a couple classmates and jump him until he gives you your money back instead of jumping the BJJ dude trying to help you out.

I love you Kurtis, thanks for the best laugh I’ve had in months and the best grimoire on the planet.

If you ever wanna see how your skill-set matches up with a real fighter, pick a BJJ or MMA school near you, send me their info and I will pay for your training monthly via auto-pay from my checking account because I genuinely care about your well-being. If you ever want legit advice on how to put together a quality bug-out bag, how to put together a militia, or advice on which edged weapons or firearms to purchase as a beginner, get at me.

That being said, I’m backing out of out of this thread.

P.S.: If we ever fight, please don’t try to put my nuts in your mouth. No amount of recitation of the Litany of the Black Sun could help me break that taboo.