What Warrior Art Do You Personally Practice? [To Kurtis Joseph]


On the defense (; ?
You coming at me with such “hostility” do you need to prove me wrong so badly (:slight_smile:

Looking on tactics in war you can see the strategiec from historical work as Sun Tzus “Art of war” being used and studied in combat acadamys around the globe so the old ways aint dead yet.

I dont say guns aint effective, sure if i can have a glock or a rifle i would not say no, distance from enemy is allways desirable. But for the majority of the worlds population guns aint easy to obtain so saying that something i cant get hold of is the best way of defense is for me the same as saying well sorry you cant defend yourself at all.

Ground game is importent sure in the sence as " get that fuck out of there" if you face 5 guys and deside to hug one on the ground the rest will kick you to death but hey you managed to take one with you. The ground is the last place you wanna be in a fight and if you find yourself there get up asap.

i have had the pleasur of sparring with both BJJ and judokens and i have trained judo myself. Black belts in judo didnt have anything i couldnt counter or defend against and for some strange reason they was trying to throw me when i delivered blows to them. i know those guys and they were National champions in the national team but i used things that they dont need to worry about in controlled matches so according to them i cheated.
BJJ some i win some i dont, if on the ground sure they have and edge if i cant go for their smaller joints or eyes quick enough, but there is a reason i try to avoid getting on the ground with them.

Most eye opening experience with BJJ thou was when i was jumped in line to a bar from the leader of the local club at the time. The guy liked to start fights and for some reason i was a nice target that night. punches was thrown and he got me in a necklock but the idiot let me go once i taped and aft6er that i got 3 nice hits and he was on the ground.
Sports mentality at its best, conditioned to let go once your oppenent submits. Works in training and competition but bad in real life.

Sure millions around the world can probobly defeat me but hey i can defeat billions with my training.
Now what are the chances that i will get in a fight and need to defend myself. Chances are slim say 10% now what are the chances that the guy/guys attacking me are better trained or some wanna be hooligans?

Martial arts, traditional or moderna, armed or unarmed is only giving you a 50/50 chance tops, if someone slam a chair in the back of your head then you are out despite what training you have.

The right tool for the job can you get a fucking Iron man suit then you will have a good defense, can you get a gun and carry it without problem then fine do it, can you train with and edged weapon and carry it do so. Can you train a martial arts then pick one that you like, if you dont like it then you wont continue with it so it wont do you much good.
Martial training is something that needs to be maintained with continued training or you will loose the edge you can have.

For me guns and knifes is out of the question, i train escrima and knife fighting so i can use it but carrying of said weapon gives a great penalty if arrested and defending with such a weapon makes it hard to defend in court, a “harmless” indestructible umbrella on the other hand is fine.

Kurtis! Thumbs up for bitting the testicles of opponent.(:smile:


I will read this all the way through when I have time. Mixed Martial Arts equals… a collaboration of martial arts from different sources. Bruce did it first… and EVERYONE was pissed. Traditional stuff only capitalizes on one or two ranges. JKD (which is MMA) trains kicking, punching, trapping or as modern MMA guys call it clinch, and grappling.
In regard to weapons it is not about learning the weapon. It is about getting used to the stick coming at 120 mph. It is about training to deflect and control the unpredictability of the blades so that without the weapons coming the Thai boxer (or anyone else for that matter) is slow and unrefined in comparison. Full contact stick fighting will bring out godlike empty hand attributes.
The weapons being out awesome footwork and evasive movement not available to north/south paw limitations of sport. In this way you learn to hit from where you are. Look… I’m not an occultist just talking martial arts. I am a martial arts instructor who realized the spiritual occult backbone of ancient warrior traditions. I mean… I owned my own school. I am literally a professor on the subject with a doctorates that keeps expanding. I began martial art at age 7. I began the occult at 15.
I dig what your saying. On paper every system is the best. Foodstamps and gov assistance look good on paper as well. At the end of the month though… everyone is still waiting on the first of the month.
I look at martial art in the same way I do the occult. The tradition is not relevant in application. It simply brings the working praxis to life in a sentimental way to maintain conceptual integrity so it can be passed on. Like magickal systems there are common threads between all traditions like the lead punch. Lmao! People argue over this… “the jab from boxing would trump the jab from Thai boxing”. C’mon now. Same thing. Martial Arts is the study of military strategy and the art of its application. Meatheads punching eachother is not the crux of it all.


@Azi_Dahaka what the fuck kind of gym? JKD bro. Kino Mutai. It’s the art of mauling grapplers… so you can get back to your feet and not get kicked to death by your opponents buddies. It is done so that their submissions sink the bite and they have to create space. Then you capitalize on that space to thumb the eyes, punch the groin, headbutt, etc.


If we ever fight and that’s how I need to get back home to my daughter bro… consider your entire package bit off. We bite the eye lids off preferably and worry about HIV later when it comes down to going home. This is the difference between REAL martial art and sport. Sport is a male principle. Strokes the ego. Wins you a shiny belt so you can fantasize about all the woman in the audience who squirted during your victory. (That didn’t happen though. They are there because they don’t want their chubby husbands looking at card girls)
Combat is about going home at all costs. It is killer instinct. It is the violent destructive feminine impulse that says fuck technique, and picks up the shard from that 40 oz to insert it behind the Adams apple.
I don’t fight. I cheat. Tough men don’t win street fights (though they fare well in the ring) smart men do. I will slap a grown man like a birch before I punch him… because I’m reality 1 out of 3 punches a fighter throws in the ring will bust his hand unprotected. Instead of a jab I will extend my fingers and simply insert them into the eyes. In the clinch I will yank the opponents face into the top of my head and slam my knee into his groin while hitting him with a plethera of elbows and yanking him all over the place. Clinch outside of sport is a great platform for hyperextended elbow joints and sweet looking compound fractures.


@Azi_Dahaka yes search for the Kino Mutai sumbrada flow and you can observe the type of training and the conceptual technique.


This is the logistics of it all. Paul is my Sigung, and trained SEAL team 6. Crazy guy.


You practice bujinkan?


Many examples of Kino Mutai in these highlights.


@dagar yes I am also a student of Bujinkan/Budo Taijutsu. I study everything I can get a hold of. :wink:




Gods above and below, i have rarely heard such a beautiful and accurate explanation.

And allow me to be the first feminine force to chime in that you are right. When the real fight for survival kicks in, there are absolutely no rules. Everyone says that humankind is the least physically frightening of all the animals, but its when civilized bahavior goes out the window that we really see how fragile the human form really is.

It was best summed up by a good friend of mine, who was a competitive ultra-long range marksman and martial artist: “You shoot someone, ok, fine, he’s hurting but he’ll be fine. You cut someone and they scream like a little bitch and the fight goes right out of them.” An example of uncivilized behavior trumping preparedness


That’s interesting that you think that’s all Ninjutsu is. May I ask what was the name of the Ninjutsu school you trained in and how long?

If you’d like more genuine insight to what’s possible and how effective authentic Ninjutsu is you may want to take a look at Dr. Glenn Morris’s Ninjutsu books, starting with Path Notes of an American Ninja Master.

No he doesn’t talk about parachute training or anything like that, but he does talk about it’s power to heal yourself as well as others, IMO very life enriching philosophies to help you and your loved ones, the power of chi and kundalini, the power to sense others around you and attack/defend while blindfolded, the effectiveness(yes bone breaking throws, atemi points, death touch strikes that destroy your opponents energy system etc,.) of these techniques and their simplicity in actual combat after studying many other disciplines himself in real world situations, his incorporation of this and even his suggestions to carry handguns/practice with him.

All this not to mention the magickal side of the art having to do with the Tengu, producing illusions with your chi, using your chi as a weapon, even controlling others actions as the Grandmaster likes to do!

When asked the best technique to defend oneself from an attacking dog, Hatsumi (the Grandmaster) motioned a pumping shotgun lol)

As a ninja you do anything and everything at your disposal to not only win if you get in a fight, but avoid and even see it coming before it happens, this way there is no fight and you can get back to your family and no one has to be shot, nor broken bones, nor dislocated parts, nor destroyed chi centers, nor law suits, nor any other unnecessary drama.

Perhaps you can incorporate both your military and some of this training as well to enhance both, like Glenn did.

You give all these worst case scenarios to Kurtis trying to demean his choices because of his “egg shell carrying” and how impractical it is lol

So let’s do the same thing then: If you’re being jumped by multiple opponents in a back alley BJJ will not help you because the other attackers will not just sit there and let you choke their buddy out/tap him out :slight_smile:

How often in a regular, non war filled scenario are going to walk around in full combat gear? Will you go to your cousin’s party like that? How bout a BBQ? Obviously you wouldn’t and a ninja in a war would use all the same tactics he could as you( body armor, situational awareness, whatever tech he could get his hands on to not only even the score but make it as unfair against you as possible. Their code is not the samurai’s!

Even better, he might decide to read the causes as they’re happening and not even fight in the war in the first place by not being there like in another country maybe. You see where I’m getting at? The Ninja is on the long game, he is not just reacting to what’s in front of him in the spur of the moment(he can and will the best way he knows how) but he see’s it coming from a mile away and just chooses not to be there and avoid it in the first place.

So, there’s no need for the best gun, body armor, surviellance gear etc, but he has it if he needs it or something better. If it’s taken away, or he can’t get access to it, he has his honed skills and other means to survive and adapt to the situation.

How about the one where you’re telling him to pick a sword in the dark over having his gun. Well guess what? The well trained ninja wouldn’t need to be scared of the dark because he could sense his attackers in the dark, effectively hide from them, but he would use other means than the sword probably because he doesn’t want to go to jail over their

stupidity. In Glenn’s case though, he’d probably use all this skill WITH his pistol lol. Mind you he doesn’t need goggles or night scopes, doesn’t have to go out of his way to get them, doesn’t have to have body armor on him. They are the ones blind not him!

In my opinion after being involved with martial arts including JKD, aiki-juijitsu, traditional karate, wrestling and such, I find Ninjutsu to be one of the most holistic martial arts in of itself and is like a mixed martial art because of all the different things it teaches, complete with weapons, medicine, stealth, meditation, awareness, distance and close fighting, throws, holds, small joint and big joint techniques, bone breaking techniques, energy techniques, healing techniques, archery, climbing, using your environment, empty hand techniques and weapon techniques that according to Glenn have destroyed FMA techniques, ground fighting, tracking and a shit load of other stuff that isn’t gone over until high level in the system. (5th degree or more)

All of the techniques (at least in the Bujinkan) are from what worked on the battlefield time tested again and again. It is all about adaptation and perseverance, being able to live and well despite insurmountable odds against you. Highly empowering in my eyes.

It’s not for everybody, but it is a viable system that’s been proven over and over again because only the surviving ninja could pass it on when they got home to their families!

There’s a reason that Steven Hayes was a personal bodyguard to the Dali Lama! They don’t just give that position to anybody :sunglasses:

I wish you the best and I’m sorry that a bad experience has put you off an authentic path that could possibly help you immensely in your own ascent, as well as cause you to demean or downplay another’s chosen one \m/


She has some great videos! Seems very authentic to me and badass as well!


This. So much this. And I’m a “BJJ guy” myself. I’m way into Eddie Bravo’s rubber guard system because it takes away 95% of what you’re vunerable to as a GI BJJ player away once it’s outside of the school.

I love jitz, but it’s a sport with powerful implications for fighting, not a fighting system made into a sport. Without my Thai standup game it would be way too incomplete.

Not to mention it takes years to get good at vs 6 months to be ring ready with your first card. Going against someone proficient and there’s potentially 8 more years of learning curve to catch up on where they can swim circles around you. Sport BJJ is damn cool but nobody is going to let you pull guard in a bar fight without punching you a few times. People often miss this.

I’d love to find a good JKD instructor if there were any around me but for now I’m dreaming of a few months in Thailand where I can take a camp with the locals and perfect my striking base there. Not to mention girls, curry, and some badass island partying. Salt Lake sucks it.

So long as it’s not imaginary opponent pajama fu I’d say any full contact training is better than what most people have.

…Low key jealous you got a good instructor. Most the JKD and Krav Maga instructors here are 30-something yearold women who took a weekend seminar once and got “certified” without the decades of being a student first