What types of sigil can I use to curse or cause chaos to my enemies?

Good day my fellow dark family! I am new here but I have been interested in the great art of magic for a couple years. So I am trying to figure out a few magic techniques I can use for the following issues:

  • My ex, he forced me to have two abortions, lied, cheated and abused me for several years. about a year and a few months ago I end up getting the strength to leaving the toxic situation and completely changed my life around. Since then he has begged to come back into my life, I blocked him and thought that would be the end of it. But now he’s spreading false rumors about me and he has multiple women he’s been having relations with contacting me asking me about him and its aggravating to me he’s doing the same shit he did to me to all these women. He NEEDS to be destroyed.

-So I moved into a brand new place about a month ago and I love it until my next door neighbors complain about my incense and burning of herbs. The property management company emailed me and said I cannot burn incense, herbs or candles in my place. This is a hinderance to my spiritual practice. I know who complained because I asked spirit to show me and sure enough did. I looked them in the eye while walking down the hall and the male put his face down and refused to have eye contact with me and the lady also avoided eye contact and walked as fast as she could away from me. If they end up being the reason I have to move out of my new apartment, I would like to raise hell before I depart.


Try the planetary pentacles of Solomon. This is talisman magic. The pentacles of Mars and Saturn are the planet’s pentacle to best assist you.

4th Seal of Saturn (Brings death and destruction to your enemy)


6th Seal of Saturn (Send demons and evil spirits to torment your enemy)

7th Seal of Saturn (To trigger fear, instability, fury and chaos to your enemy) *

3rd Seal of Mars (A war pentacle, can be use in defense against others that plot against you or have ill intent against you


4th Seal of Mars (A seal to grant victory in any battle be it physical or figurative. Grants the power to conquer your enemy in times of war)


7th Seal of Mars (To bring chaos and confusion to ones enemies) *

The book i use to learn to work this type of magick talisman.

But Google can also help you as well.


Thank you so very much for taking the time to provide this information and also adding the book in there so I am able to gain more knowledge. Have an awesome Friday!


No problem my pleasure. You can get the book on Amazon kindle and it’s pretty cheap. Your really gonna enjoy that book. There are 44 planetary seals for love, money/wealth, protection, defeating enemies and etc…


I’m grabbing it today! <3

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So young yet so much torment you’ve experienced.
Don’t get occupied with just revenge and focus your energy on opening your chakras and astral senses and rise above ( and get rid of everybody who are not backing you up).
All best :pray:


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Thank you for that! So true <3

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How do I use these pentacles?

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Forneus can ensure you have a good name despite his slander. Agares can overthrow and destroy all his dignities (such as his reputation) and Raum can destroy his dignity as well. Andras can wreak havoc on his life or kill him and Flauros can destroy him. In the goetia there are plenty more demons that can be called upon to spite him, strategically break him or take away his ability to oppose you. You can use any of their sigils to curse him


Build a relationship with Andromalius. He punishes the wicked deeds of others and use him for protection also. PM me for details if needed. Your ex is a malignant Narc by the sounds of it. No contact is the best option and send Andromalius after him and his enablers.

This other person who reported you, I would deal with them too. If the burning of candles is prohibited, is it in your rental agreement? if not, it can’t be legally binding I am sure.


Thank you Sasha! <3

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No worries. If you need a starting place to learn and advise on how to hex these people and banish them,let me know

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@chronoman442 how do you use these pentacles?

Maybe try evoking a spirit of death as asking them to show no mercy. Depends on your current/prefered path. Thanatos for greek. Pluto for Roman. Hel for norse(i believe, not quite sure if she is death or just the underworld, probably would be helpful either way), anubis for egyptian and baron samedi for the voodoo system.

Raising hell for those people i would probably suggest Satan, quite notorious for being devilish(i am trying to be funny here, not working well) but in all seriousness he’s pretty good at tormenting people and probably wouldn’t find it very morally challenging :slight_smile:

This one lady owes me money. I lost my father in February asked her to do a parchment embroidery for my fathers picture which I would sew onto my cap . A week before graduation nothing. Graduation came and went and the lady never refunded me my $100. She claims on the paper receipt she wrote that $50 for the design is non refundable. This is all lies. I reached out to the better business bureau since August and they have not been helpful. I think I want to teach her a lesson.

Solomonic pentacles are seven metals, made into talismans.
Each of the planets corresponds to a different metal (Mercury-?, Venus-Copper, Sol-Gold, Luna-Silver, Mars-Iron, Jupiter-Tin, Saturn-Lead).
You would use a tool to engrave the talismans, and say an invocation over it, then charge it to make it active, then use the talisman to achieve your aims.
An Alternative ending after the charging to make it active, is to meditate on a corresponding color of the planet on the desired target.

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I’d really recommend for destruction and vengeance Duchess Vepar she can guide him to great calamity.

Marquis Leraje he can cause terrible injuries or death.
President Glaysa labolas can harm him greatly and perhaps cause him to die.

Earl Raum can steal his pride and dignity and esteem in the eyes of others.

Plenty of options…

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