What type oil, mojo bag, talisman, or whatever keeps cops away?

Is there a talisman or amulet or something that will keep the police from being interested in me while I am driving.
I do my best to obey driving rules but I would like some additional protection to keep cops away from me when I am driving.
Preferable something I can fit in my lunch bucket, I drive for work.

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Hmn, Hermes is the protector of travelers, so maybe a little statuette of him, or a charm bag with a coun, a feather and a quartz enchanted for Hermes’ protection would do it. :thinking:


There is a thieves oil or something.

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Isn’t Hermes a trickster sometimes? Or am I wrong?

I do not want any tricks when it comes to cops.

and thanks

I asked Belial to protect me while I was traveling from Upstate NY to Maryland for a job interview. (6 to 7 hr drive) I made it down there with no issues, but on the way back, because I was so tired, I ended up speeding. I was doing 55 in a 25. I saw the sign up ahead for the speed limit change, but accelerated too soon. A cop stopped me right at the 55mph sign and looked in the vehicle, especially the passenger seat like he was afraid of something. He asked where was I coming from and going, and that he’s never seen anyone go so fast in this area. I told him where I was and asked if he wanted to see paperwork showing, and he said no, don’t speed anymore, this is just a warning, looked at the passenger seat once more and hurried off.

I’m a polite, non-threatening gal, all I had was my overnight bag on the passenger floor and my handbag in the passenger seat. He didn’t get a call, no one else was around, nothing else going on…it was just odd. It was pre-COVID back in 2018 so no reason for him to be alarmed other than possibly being shook by Belial’s protection.

I don’t know.

I recommend him though, because he kept me safe the entire trip.


Would “negativity protection” include protection from being stopped while driving by the police?

So would something like a “fiery wall of protection” type spell protect me from being stopped by the police as long as I was doing my part and obeying the rules as much as possible.

I was thinking like a 2 coffin nail cross, or maybe an iron railroad spike. wrapped in Red and dressed with Archangel Michael oil.
I am looking for protection while I am driving a vehicle.

I want something that will be active while I am not thinking about it. And maybe to learn some kind of chant or something to use in case I was doing some stupid and got myself pulled over to help lessen the anger/self righteousness of the cop.

I read the Jason Miller book and he chanted to Hecate in a traffic stop situation but I do not have a relationship with Hecate, so she would likely ignore me but maybe there is something/someone else.

Hi @mark.nnnn, your most recent topic was merged with this one, as it asked the same question.

There are" Law stay away "candles and such at many botanicas.

Yes, but would a cop be seen as a “negative” entity to keep away.

How is negativity determined?

Like is a mother-in-law a negative entity, will “fiery wall of protection” type spells keep her away entirely or will it just shut her up?

Or more to the point, would it keep a cop away, or simply just prevent him from writing a ticket or even pulling me over. OR would it work at all?

It could prevent her from coming to your home if she brings with her a lot of negative energy. For example, if she’s always super critical of you, and never has anything nice to say, then yes, it would keep her away, especially if you cast it around your home. If you cast it around yourself, it would likely make her avoid you directly but she could still be in the same environment.

You get to define what is meant by negativity when you perform the ritual. For example, to certain ethnic groups, any encounter with the police brings with it a lot of negativity and anxiety because of certain events, but for others, the police represent safety and security. Not everyone will share the same view about what is or isn’t negative, and the beauty of magick is that it doesn’t matter. If it’s negative to you, then it will work.

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So if I do something like a “fiery wall of protection” it would know I found interactions with cops intimidating/threatening/dangerous and do its best to keep them away.

I would not expect an oil or sachet or whatever to work if I decided to drive 100 mph in a school zone with a cop present. That is not magick, that is a miracle. But I would like the police to ignore me as long as I am not drawing attention to myself.

Thank you for answering. I know what to do now.