What type of incense do you prefer?

Thought I’d open the floor for some discussion on insense preferences- not necessarily what flavor for what purpose but the type in general. Sorta dull topic but I am curious- I personally like sticks but find if I let them burn in the bowl they go out and it breaks my concentration- really that’s what prompts me- when they burn out or are spent it breaks my concentration. If I use a traditional stick holder no matter how hard I try i wind up with ash on my altar- disrespectful- cones are great but don’t burn/last as long- the resins and powders I’ve tried over coals really do not last long at all and are burnt out in minutes. Like I said just opening the floor for some curious discussion.


Personally I reach for traditional stick ones over all else first. I find resin is too obnoxious for my liking and cones are just behind sticks for me.


Right- both burn up to fast. I think I came up with a better way to keep ash off of things.ive got some powders that offer some neat pyrotechnics and are marketed with a specific purpose but efficacy is questionable


I like sticks around the house for day to day burning, but I usually use resins during ritual. It never bothered me to have the smoke run low because by the time that happens it is the last thing on my mind and I prefer the purer essence of the resins. If I need more I can add more and still hold a state. Sticks are great for scent, but I know most incense manufacturers cut corners and often use sub-par ingredients, so it is not my go-to for rituals. I DO love dhoop-style incense for some workings, however. Nice long burn, but a little cleaner than sticks, and gives constant smoke for quite a while.


Lycopodium powder by any chance?


Have you tried experimenting with different sized chunks of resin, resin mixes or layering? That kind of tinkering can extend the life of your resin burn considerably.


Definitely frankincense i grew up in somalia so I use to get them from the forests and burn it it feel really relaxing. :blush:


Just chunks of resin over coals- another drawback to that it seems to harden over the coals after the resin is spent. As far as the pyrotechnics I have no idea- spark and look cool- various intents- kings, dukes etc. also what is dhoop?

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Depends which resins. Dragons blood, myrrh, sweet myrrh, et al are great but that does happen, especially if you don’t let the coal get white hot in the center first. White copal burns clean to the bottom even in large chunks. Here’s something that has worked well for me: In a blend where cedar or sandal or styrax woods are used I layer actual chips of the wood over the initial base of resin, then put some more resin over the wood. You get LOTS of nice smoke and a longer burn.

It’s a type of incense traditionally used in parts of Asia (India I think, but not sure). It looks like a little log but it is burned similarly to stick-type incense. Ever see an incense plate with a little spike in the middle or a small recess? Those are for dhoop sticks. I recommend them if you have not tried them. Genuine Sai Baba Nag Champa Dhoop is amazing.

Also, I started a thread on evocation incense blends a while back if any of you want to add to that, since we are on the subject: Evocation incense formula thread


My favorite incense is Three Kings Pontifical Incense I developed the taste while in the Catholic Church and nothing can quench it. :laughing:

All Three Kings incense are resin and they use frankincense as a base, but it’s so much better than any regular frankincense you’ll find anywhere else. It smells truly, absolutely divine.


So over wood chips- interesting. I find dragons blood a little harsh on the eyes in my small room

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Where can you even buy good resin in bigger quantities at a decent price- there’s some healing and Wicca places nearby but they just have dragons blood


Resin over a couple chips over more resin.

Yeah, I find it too strong to burn alone. I like it as a small additive with a powerful kick.A little goes a long way with that stuff.

Ebay is a good place to start for bulk. You can get a pound of common resins like copal or myrrh or frankincense for US $15-$25.

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Frankincense is nice. All incense makes my eyes water though :frowning:. To look at the bright side enduring that could be considered an offering :thinking:


For the Problem of creating more / Longer Lasting Smoke:

The System of Shisha (turkish) resides on Glycerin that isn’t burnt but just vaporizes.
All Electronical Cigarettes deprived from that mechanism.

And there is plenty of Video’s of that type of Fireless-Smoke, around the web.

Now to clearify that:

Glycerine is the Thing that binds fat / oil into actually being fat.
It’s removed very symply by cooking with Dry Ormus. (Natron / Salt mixture)

The Glycerine can also be found very simply in cosmetics or Leather / Rubber Care.

From there on, it’s just a matter of finding the right Balance between the Original main incense and the burning temperature.

a few Drops of glycerine can turn a full room into deep fog.


For incenses directly smoked to the lungth, as well as elevtric vaporization a mixture with Propylenglykol (PG) is usually made. (most of them use more Propylenglykol, since that is actually a normal Food product used in chewing gum, ice cream, and tooth paste as well.)
The other benefit of mixing it in, is it’s much more liquid and differes the taste (pure glycerine can make is very Soapy.)

It’s also the main reason why so many People went from normal burning to electrical vaporization, not just on Nicotin or Cannabis, but also verious fruit tastes - and in some other abby’s down the road also for ritual incenses.

A very personal favorite of mine is the cardamom - clove.

That base mixture combinds higher and lower frequencys very simply and it Comes with a few nice side effects, including a actual protection layor to the guts.

( “gut’s over fear” - is a Little more then just a song, seen from the right angle. :wink: )




The Christian equivalent of the cardamom - clove is franquincense - mhyrr.
A Little more intense but mostly becouse those are actual resin, while clove and cardamom in my use allways been the normal powders used for baking. (normally mixed eather with Tabaco or Glycerine.)




I use Dragon’s Blood, in sticks, cones, resins (prefer the raw form) and as oil. I use Frankincense as well, stick, cone and oil.

Dragon’s blood is my go to though.


Yes looks like they do have a good selection of resins by bulk on eBay guess. I’m more concerned with longevity of fumigation to entice spirits as opposed to just having smoke- although the cedar method I find very interesting who doesn’t love the smel of cedar


There is one more I use. This is a mixture and I have only used it in oil form.

Dragon’s Blood and Lavender. I find it verey useful for geting into a relaxed state for ritual or just after a particularly stressful day. The Dragons seem to love it too.:relaxed:

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I started blending my own a few years back. The basic one i use the most currently for meditation is a mix of powdered sandlewood and dragons blood. Just mixed in an old coffee grinder i have.

The other blends depend on the working but its usually a blend of herbs,spices, resins and maybe a bit of powdered or chipped wood. I use the denser hookaa coals if i use coals they last a bit longer but take longer to light evenly. But most of the time i dont need um. The blends burn good and slow on their own most of the time.