What to do with a lock of hair?

So yesterday I did a simple candle spell with a sigil I made and a single piece of hair from a person dear to me. I did the spell to strenghten our relationship and at the end I burned the hair and sigil.

Today, without me suggesting anything, she gave me a lock of her hair. Now my thought was to keep doing the spell again every few weeks. But I want to ask experienced practicioners if there is possibly a better use for it. Do I maybe do a single spell with all of the hair? Or do I possibly just keep it somewhere?

Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you and blessings. :blush:


You don’t need to use a lot! I find the number of pieces of hair that corresponden with the working is best! Like if its love spell and am using Venus ill use 7 pieces of hair! Wrapping them around the candle 7 times if possible too helps!
I work a lot with the moon so I use 9 pieces.
Keep in mind that the quantity doesn’t matter unless you make it matter!
Also you can make a mojo love bag and put the hair in! Or even a voodoo doll and use the hair with the stuffing in the head!


Well hair is considered a witness sample/taglock/ personal item. The same thing goes for fingernails, blood, semen, saliva, etc; basically anything from another persons physical body.

You can use them in various ways. Two of the most common are Honey jars and Poppets.

You can make a love honey jar and put that lock of hair into it. That will work really well. I made a post about it, you can check it out if you like:

Also if you happen to make poppets which is basically similar to voodoo dolls, except for the fact that the term “voodoo doll” specifically pertains to the religion of Voodoo. A poppet is just sympathetic magick by which you connect someone to a doll baby aka poppet aka voodoo doll. They work best when you have some hair or something belonging to the “target” to put inside it. It makes the connection stronger.

So these are just a few options besides burning the hair. Good luck with your love work! :+1:


I was actually thinking of making a honey jar a few weeks ago but completely forgot about it. I think the hair would be perfect for it!

Thank you for the tip!

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Neither , use a demons help for more potent results

Very welcome!

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I once made a woven bracelet of someone’s hair. I wove in crystals, thread colors for my particular intention, etc. It may sound awful to some people. Wearing another person’s hair might not be socially acceptable. I did it, though. I wore it with the intent of dominating that individual. It’s just one suggestion among many, and may be distasteful to some. Also, strands of hair can be submerged in the occult oil of your choice, and shaken occasionally to reinforce your intention, whatever it may be.


That’s a cool result. I wouldn’t have burned hair of a friend, but to take a single hair and use it like a single bit of sacrificial currency seems different.

In this way, the whole lock of hair represents your magical influence over the subject, and the use of a single hair represents a decision about how that influence will be used. That’s wise fire magic🔥

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