What to do once in A Trance

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I summoned Archangel Michael and Lilith Last month and I don’t which one of them was it but I felt in urge to learn how to get into a trance or to master a trance I bought a book the shows me how to get into one pretty much got it down

now my question is what do you do when your in a trance all I feel is nothingness just me staring at the endless void which is darkness sometime images would play like a montage video and my dreams for some reason have become incredibly vivid after learning this

My question is what do you do once you enter a trance


In simple and two words?
Let Go

Here is a post for myself that may be helpful in answering your question:


Thank you I’ll check it out

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Why are you in trance? Usually people get to this state with a purpose or intention. Once in trance, you seek to fulfill it. For example, I’m going to summon King Paimon and I would like to be a trance to communicate. When I’m in trance, my goal/intention is communicating with King Paimon so that’s what I do.

You might want to utilize protection when you go trance-work. Just a friendly reminder that not everything that finds you is your friend.


I do use protection and I don’t know at first it felt like it was to communicate with lilith and Michael and my girls but I yet to know how use trance work to talk them

You ask them to appear before you. In trance your senses and clairsenses are heightened, and if you enter the astral or create your own astral temple, you can communicate much more clearly like a real conversation.

You ask or say what you need or want to, and repeat it almost like a mantra, reaching out with your mind for the entity or entities to answer you. The repeating is more for your sake than theirs, to attune yourself to the trance state. It gets easier and quicker with practice.


Okay kool I’ll try that, but how do you create an astral Temple

Which book?

How to master hypnosis in a weekend by Rick smith

I have that book, how long did you used the exerices to get a effect? And how deep is the trance state that you experience?

It took me 2 to 3 days to get the desire affect and a whole of a week of modifying to get to the point where i enter a trance deep enough the to feel tire but not too tire to lose consciousness

@Sylus Try and have an image intention of what you want in your mind. For example once your in trance start to picture a portal opening or a door opening. Thats like an image intention of you opening the door for you to visit Lilith or Michael. You could even personalise it E.g. Black door with Silver serpents on the door for Lilith. Gold door & Red jewels in Michael’s.

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