What to do if one experiences shadow people?

I’ve never experienced or seen them myself, but the allegedly true accounts I’ve heard of seeing them while not sleep deprived or under any sort of influence and not having a psychiatric/mental/medical disorder sound pretty terrifying, actually. I’ve heard some say to be brave and be like “begone, shade!” while others say the opposite, that trying to show bravery and defiance to them is more like a challenge to them, and piss them off enough to haunt you for a long term, and to give them your fear so they will leave you alone.

What would you do or what should I do if I were to have such an encounter or to prevent something like that?


The only shadow I’ve encountered is my own but I think it’s up to you. Maybe if you’re been harassed by one you can tell it to leave. If you know how to banish then banish it

Shadow people are elemental spirits to dark energy and ones we see more often than other elemental spirits.

They’re not shades, but like any entity you can get to know them or banish them/request they leave your place.


When I saw one, the first instinct I had was to call Michael. He didn’t exactly push them away, but was there beside me to give me courage. I kept staring at it till I made peace with it’s presence. It was terrifying af because it looked like it was about to grab me, but the more I made peace with it and my own shadow, the lesser it affected me.


Edit: I haven’t seen one since, but they are pretty scary.


If and when it happens to me, I tell them in no uncertain terms to fuck off and never come back, and then do a banishing rite, usually overseen by Metatron.

This has never been the case for me, and either way, I wouldn’t allow it. A spirit, a shadow person is pissed off with you? You are the ultimate authority, tell it to fuck off and set wards to prevent it coming back and interfering with you.

On the flip side; if you feel it’s a benign presence and not a malicious one, you may want to ask yourself what its presence means to you. Sometimes working with your own shadows can be beneficial, they often represent the personal failings we’re running from and not facing down properly.

But if it’s causing you fear or trouble then step into your own authority and tell it to fuck off.


Thanks, @Onion. I saw this post as I was almost asleep and didn’t want to trudge back downstairs and get the mind going when I needed to be up early.

I’ll give you some advice from my experiences. It’s important to realize that the who, what, and why of Shadow People will vary based on those people’s experiences with them and their own personal knowledge. Velenos and I would not agree in this area, but both of us have effectively dealt with them in different ways, with different means, and (I’m assuming with this one) for different purposes.

That said, banishing and/or petitioning a Deity (or similar) are the easiest means. If you only come across on here or there, this may be the route you should think about.

If you’re coming across them more frequently than that or you’re attracting the stronger ones, it may be time for shadow work, which is what Onion’s approach is better geared towards. I took this approach when I found one in my bedroom. Frankly, I didn’t really believe in them until then and had figured they were just people’s inability to discern some other entity or one masking as a shadow for the sake of Fear. Joke was on me.

In my Shadownomicon work through, I had various means of dealing with them, but the point of the book is integration of those aspects they would feed on. It was through interacting with the archetypes in the Shadownomicon that I was also interacting with my own, despite years of counseling and genuine hard work in this area.

I also cultivated the relationship with the hive I was interacting with and have used them for other means. This is possible when you’re not a food source for them anymore, but I would suggest not going down this route if you’re a newer magician (I don’t know if you are or aren’t). To get the most out of that book and any possible relationship, you need your clairs opened enough for consistent communication at the least and the ability to claim sovereignty over your space, as @Veil’s entry speaks of.

You can read about my experiences as I worked through the book here. I left up all of my mistakes, frustrations, incorrect methods I tried, etc… Lots of struggles with that, as any shadow work should contain them. Half of it is Abaddon and Co. inserting lessons into it when they felt the time was appropriate, but I captured them as reported it with it, since it was related.

Hope this helps.


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I used to see them when I was really young. Maybe not shadow people per say but creeping, disembodied shadows. They would usually appear when there was a lot of strife in the house and just hang around in the corners. I remeber seeing them very clearly during a thunderstorm one day. I was terrified of thunder at the time and there were many in the house that I could see. I never forgot it. What I dis at the time was close my eyes and pray. Then I decided to just ignore them. I haven’t seen them since.

You can also judge a shadow person’s intention by their eyes, they are pretty transparent beings. Red eyes are usually them being “malevolent” blue/or white they’re usually curious/benevolent. I have “worked” with various different shadow people from those composed of Nyx’s energy to those composed of Kauk’s and the Loa’s I always allowed them to roam the energetic layer of my home but since I moved I haven’t really seen them here in a long while.


I’d like to know too as I’ve been seeing shadowy figures four about four years now.

Last Frontier Medium ( youtube ) says that even Jesus Christ does not mess with Shadow People and the He does not know much about their realm. Like they are beyond Him. And He supposedly has the Keys to Death and Hell. So, are the Shadow People beyond Hell ? ( She claims to have talked to Jesus about them. )

No, theyre just not related to demons, they’re elementals. Nothing to do with jesus(ascended master, egregore, minor god, whatever one people speak of) or the infernal.


Everybody is always going on and on saying “y’all need Jesus”, but seems it’s difficult to find him to begin with.


So far people keep bouncing back from ascended master to son of source/god :man_shrugging:t5: the topic of jesus in and of itself is a bit eeh for me.


Some say he is an Ascended Master, some say he is the Son of God and the Source, others say he was just a man, some say he was an avatar, the list goes on and on… it seems no matter how much people read the Bible with the “Holy Spirit Vision”, or evoke him, channel him, pray to him, the confusion just goes on.

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Honestly I think it’s due to preconceived notions of him that leads to hints of bias, I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone had their singular egregore of him lol. But I suppose if it works for them to view him in some way and whatever it is they’re actually calling on be it their own manifestation, the actual jesus, or an egregore is getting them what they want lol. Though I can’t lie I don’t think I’d pursue something like that.


According to the bumper sticker I once saw, he’s been hiding behind the couch this whole time.


Lol you know, I had this discussion with a Benedictine monk about this a long time ago. Keep in mind that I am paraphrasing as it has been well over a decade since the discussion, his view point was that Jesus was an example of how one could save themselves, as opposed to being some cosmic superhero that comes in whenever someone is in distress, as his ultimate role was a teacher.


As far as OP’s question, it looks like you have quite a bit of good advice. Personally, I would start with a banishment and an uncrossing to remove anything that might be attracting them. If it returns after that, I would explore divination to figure out why it is coming back, which would help to figure out a solution. I have limited experience with shadow people so I cannot really comment beyond that, especially in relation to work such as the Shadownomicon