What to do for sudden money

What to do for sudden money from somewhere… is that possible?

Try this to mark the time:


Money usually needs a pathway in order to come to you. Is quite hard to get rich while (i.e.) working at McDonalds… If you’ve a business, Magick can works wonders to help you. If you’re working for minimum wage… hm… It will still help, but it will take some time to manifest in a more significant way.
It took me months doing money magick to finally figure out something that works for me.


Can you guide me how to do with magic… full details

Be sure of what you ask for…

I mean… you could ask for a nice sum of money and suddenly your favorite uncle dies in an accident. You get his house. And bye bye uncle! So be very specific about what you want. Also, be patient and research. If I remember right, there is a full thread that with links to articles and tutorials in this same forum, so use the search function.

Also, think on the spheres around you. As Jomy said, there is the need of a pathway for stuff to happen. If you’re homeles, then the first step is getting a roof over your head, not becoming a millonaire. If needed, get a job first, then go for a business that’s yours, then for more and better clients, then for networking to expand, etc, etc, etc.


Am getting what you want to tell me…am into business my work is not so well going lots of financial issues…

Get some books on magic and read.
Not to be rude, but most of what you’re asking can be easily found within books. If you’re serious about following a magical path you should probably begin your own research instead of posting “How do I get rich quick” once a week on this forum.


Oh ok, then the question is really… what are u comfortable working with?

Not quick rich just problem solution… hope one day I will be… need to improve my work

Both of your titles suggest quick or sudden money. Either way, personal research and practice does wonders.

Get Magickal Cashbook by Damon Brand. Or Book of Agares by S. Connolly. Or Daemonic Prosperity Magick by S. Connolly.


if you really dont have much of an idea of what to do, just grab the book ‘The Greater Magickal Angels - Instant Access To 133 Angelic Powers’ by Damon Brand. Go through every angel’s characteristics, what they’re good at. See which of those Angels fit your needs (you can call more than 1 Angel at time) go through the whole process with Arzel and Raziel (dont skip it).
You can do the rituals in that book while also doing the rituals in ‘Wealth Magick’ by the same author.

Get Magickal Cashbook by Damon Brand

Yes you can get that book too.


Thanks for guide :pray:t2:

I was facing eviction and in the midst, I got into a car accident…the other insurance accepted liability and cut me a check of the estimated cost to get my car fixed. It was $500 short of the amount I needed.

Here’s my thing with incidents like that. Now you don’t have a car, but you gained money. It’s basically a win-lose situation and you’ve ended up basically at 0. You know need a new car, too. I just don’t understand how that’s good.


If you rely on that alone, then yes. If you strengthen intuition and get guidance from spirits, you could put extra money in the stock market and possibly become rich. If you live in a cheap place and can keep money left over, then no matter what your wage is, you possibly could get rich faster.


I still have my car. They did damage to my back door.
Sorry for the lack of details.
It’s an eye sore that my car is damaged, but I still have a place to live for me and my children.
I do understand what you are saying though. I had the same mentality. Why do I have to ask for something when it is a necessity? Even further…why are people getting shit when they are terrible people? (My childrens father is one of the people)


One thing I want to know, we all doing magic rituals but some people without this having power… how that possible? Is that inner energy what we have all or they have some kind of other energy…

If your running a business. magick won’t fix it. running a business require everyday solution of running a business. magick may bring in opportunity for customers or networking. You still have to know the basics of running a business as well as customer service and knowing how to get clients./marketing. Running a business isn’t easy. Library have a whole section of running a business books.

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Inheritance. Chance. Genius. Those things matter. More than magic, I guess.

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