What the actual fuck is wrong with this world, or is it just my old family?

So I created a facebook account yesterday which is the first time I have been on facebook in over 5 years and all I am approached by are a bunch of religious drug addicts from my past that are trying to preach “god and change” into my life while pissing on my actual magical practice…

I owe every improvement in my life to the gatekeepers I work heavily with including going completely sober of EVERYTHING (for the first time since I was 15), trying to piece together my relationship with my wife, and in general becoming a better and more mature person. And yet all I am greeted with is hypocritical drug addicts telling me to turn back to “god”. I mean what the actual fuck? Is it that religion is only happy when all their followers are miserable together?

I want to end this on a high note though, I would like to thank any of my supportive brothers and sisters of the craft on here cause every time I think I am gonna end it all you guys seem to have something seriously relateable on here that eases my hatred of society just a little bit and makes me think there might be a spark of hope for this world… So honestly from my soul to yours, thank you cause some of you out there have saved my life more then Christianity ever could.


It’s unlikely you can help them, and ideally they shouldn’t know about your beliefs to ridicule them in the first place.
No more pearls before swine, block and forget them.

I don’t mean to be harsh, it’s not that they don’t matter as people, but you need to focus on you and move forwards, and I think it’s worth cutting out what does not serve you in this way.

Also next time don’t tell fb your real name or your location, or most of the details they ask for, which I guess is how they found you.


You sound like a good guy. Religious people are caged in a bit too much when it comes to God, salvation then lastly condemnation. They think all who have turned to the “black arts” lol have turned their back on God, but maybe the person felt like god turned his back on the person… food for thought :slight_smile:


The old me was a PK (Pastors kid) who was also home schooled and locked away from the world… Honestly I was a really angry adult when I hit 18 because I was robbed of my chance to have a childhood because of my fathers beliefs and then robbed of a safe environment because my father would take his anger out very violently (He even told me my true spiritual father was Satan so gee I wonder why I dabble in black magick lol). To this day I have anger and authority issues and being told that I am loved by people who have gone out of their way to ignore me and show hate to me and my family makes my anger go from 0 to 1,000 in a mili sec… All I want to be is a good father and have people around me that care for me or at least the strength of my magickal gifts… I am just tired of everyone I should have been supported by for my mental if not spiritual growth shunning me while claiming tolerance. Is their no place in the USA that a sorcerer can feel like he is around family without joining a violent gang or cartel?

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Imo, you should never tell the world your beliefs.
People are afraid.
I like how Geoff Gray-Cobb explained this in his book NAP:

“You will find that most people disbelieve in the Power of the Avatar or, alternatively they are scared out of their heads by it.
So if you begin telling your friends and neighbors what you are doing, at best you will earn yourself a whole raft of grins, sneers and comments implying that you’ve lost your marbles.
[…] Be secretive about your blossoming NAP and the benefits that are going to come your way. Later, you’ll be glad you kept quiet.”


You have to remember that one persons misery is another’s happinesses and vice versa. These people from their point of view are happy in their “medicated misery” and by leaving their form of “happiness” you have become the miserable one.

I really wouldn’t take it personally, this kind of thing is just a typical human reaction. You have done the RIGHT thing for your mind, body and spirit by getting clean and sober. By being clean and sober you will advance in your life whilst those you used to roll with will be stuck in their misery.
When you leave a group or clique that is negatively orientated they will often try to drag you back in because deep down they are insecure within themselves.

As regards to what you tell to others regarding your practices today, I agree with the others.

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So now I have an even bigger question, it is ok to live the life of a witch on youtube but you should be scared to live it in the real world? What is the point of being apart of this worlds “change” if after 2,000+ years of being hunted and burned we still are not able to be who we truly are?

On youtube you are anonymous. And even there you can get hate comments telling you to “seek Jesus/God”.

The point is, you can be a witch but don’t tell others or rub it in their face. Usually people don’t ask you if you’re a witch so it’s easy to stay under the radar.
People are aggressive towards “witches” due to religious dogma, thinking that if you contact spirits other than god and saints you are possessed. Some of them will try to “help you” in their own way.

You can be who you want to be and even connect with people that have a similar point of view as you online but irl it’s hard to find someone in your close proximity interested in the occult.

Sad fact but I suppose it is what it is… Yeah I am ready for this world’s coming overhaul.