What spirit/god/demon/entity in general would I contact about ridding myself of a sexual fetish?

I have scoured this website and the internet and have thus far been unsuccessful in finding an answer to this

You’d be better off making a thoughtform or servitor that can work within your mind or subconscious.


That’s a good Idea actually

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You could dig into your childhood and see what caused you to have that kind of fetish and heal because at lot weird fetishes stem from trying to cope from childhood trauma.


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You could find one that caters to sexual fulfillment and petition them to take it away or lessen it.


If it’s not a “bad” fetish, you may find it beneficial to explore and integrate it.

I know where mine came from but I haven’t fully integrated it yet.


I have a humiliation kink and femdom fetish, but I am not sure if they are “bad” or how to fully integrate them. I would probably fine if I could get some training on how to work through embarrassment so I can counteract Pavlovian conditioning that is preventing me from taking advantage of my extroverted thinking function.


Thank you

I have a foot fetish, I know it’s a lot more common than most would admit, and I know it isn’t actually bad and just suffers from having a stigma surrounding it, but it causes me a tremendous amount of stress and everything would just be simpler without it

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It’s just feet which isn’t anything super weird tbh but I want it gone nonetheless