What spirit can I get help from if I want someone to contact me?

what spirit could help me with this the most?

There are a lot of threads on exact topic you have posted. Try search function “call me spell” you will find a couple of answers to your question.


Have you seen our Tutorial collections yet? We have one on Love and Relationships, and I performed a spell from the Grimorium Verum that did this very well for me. I’ve only done it one though.

More collections and forum member tutorials here:

And as @Pop_Daniel mentioned, if you try to search at top right I’m sure there are many others.

@anonymousno1 Getting offensive about simple and reasonable suggestions will make other forum members refrain from answering your questions in the future. PopDaniel was completely right to lead you to the search function, because several questions have been asked a lot and can be researched on this forum. Flagged.

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