What size dimensions are the sigils you use?

I did try the search tool for this but didn’t see anything related. I’m not sure size matters with sigals. I’m just curious what size sigals do you draw/trace when gazing at them. Thanks :blush:

EA Koetting recommends a 4 inch X 4 inch square for seals in his early work, and that is the size I generally use, though I have also used smaller and the occasional larger sized squares as well.

A good rule of thumb to go by is whatever size is easiest for you to hold while you gaze.


Personally, I never thought to ask this and I made them about 1.5 inches or 3cm in diameter, Simple because that’s an easy size to burn without making much smoke, while still being easily visible.


Depend on whether I’m going to carry and conceal them on my person or what type of spot I’m going to keep the in.

For burning, smaller usually.

For something I’m going to keep and do work on an altar with, maybe the size of a tea saucer…

Other than that it truly depends.


Thank you! Very helpful. I had them printed much bigger. It makes complete sense to have them the size you use!

If it’s something you keep - do you find it gets wear and tear? Especially if you have to use drops of blood. Do you then just replace it? Do you ever keep them for a much longer period of time so you can have it. Or do you eventually burn it and do another a few months later?

Makes complete sense. This could have been what I’ve been doing wrong. The ones I’ve used have been almost the size of a small plate! Definitely making them smaller. Thanks!

Some I had kept in a notebook (this was heavy paper though) for a few months with multiple applications of blood.

Material comes into play.

Blood isn’t really very WET (also there’s a bunch) and dries fairly quickly.

Unless it’s thin or flimsy paper it should hold up for awhile.

If not I burn it.

If I intuit the sigil has served it’s appropriate length of time, I burn it.

I like index cards for sigils as they sturdier than paper.

Anytime I uh se more regular paper that’s getting burned sooner rather than later.

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Yes!! I hadn’t even thought of it. I’m very new and no one told me to use thicker paper or what size. I was just told by a lady to print it and trace it. She never told me to even burn it. She was my “introduction” so I’m so glad I’m here and learning to be better equipped

Thank you!

You don’t have to burn it.

As you read in the article I previously linked to you, you should burn the seal only after you have received what you asked for. There are some systems that will say to burn the seal in order to send your request to the demon, but that is not actually necessary. It’s really all in your intent. For example, I don’t burn seals unless I want to close the door, so to speak, to the energies flowing from it.

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As it is said, “Great minds think alike.”

Yes, I do exactly the same thing. I have a hardcover Book of Shadows (BOS), especially for this purpose. It has absorbent drawing paper, so it can handle the markers, paint, ink, oils, and glue I use.

This is true. Blood is actually thicker than water.

I use paper bag paper (kraft paper) for some sigils and petitions to connect with my hoodoo roots. I also like index cards and card stock for more durable sigils. For permanent sigils and talismans, I laminate the paper. For sigils that are disposable, I use anything from notebook paper, copy paper or tracing paper.

For some sigils, use cloth. You can paint on cheap handkerchiefs, and sheets, and get them printed on clothing like t-shirts and sweatshirts.

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I haven’t burnt any. I did just make 2 smaller ones. Maybe that will help with the lines disappearing?! Although working with a candle / censer / pendulum - I played Asteroth’s enn gazed until lines jetted out. Asked pendulum if it was successful and it said yes. Though I am also new to pendulums. I know I am determined. And I will keep trying. I can certainly understand how the intent is very important.

I just got EA’s other course “tap into your omniscience” I’m sure that will be helpful to have too.

Can other things come through that seal when left open? Or only the energy you spoke to?

No. The seal is only connected to the energy of the particular spirit belonging to that seal.

It is your intention that focuses the energy of the spirit. Once you receive your request, that energy no longer has a direction, so the door should then be closed so that it doesn’t continue to flow in your life directionless and cause problems.

Please note that this is only an issue when your are using sigil magick, though. If you are using the seal to evoke the spirit to physical manifestation, then the seal will generally close automatically once the spirit departs. I have a whole metal box full of seals that I have used for evocation, for example.