What should someone who wants to go on this magic path focus on first?

Hey, what should I look into developing in the first few years? What are the core practices(like energy work,power,protection) im kinda lost in tbe vastness of information that you find on internet of chaos magick that are neccesary to master or magic in general? Can you guys give me some tips, reccomandation interms of books, good forums or chanels that talk about magic. And a side question, I have been trying to contact a deity but no succes, are ther books about magicians that worked with them, or sites that talks specifically about experiences and rituals that are reliable? Feels like i’m doing something wrong, and here there’s not much about experiemces whit hellenistic deities.
It will mean a lot. Thank you!

All magick relies on your ability to communicate with the spirits. Therefore meditation is the first key. It helps open your hearing, ability to feel energy different than your own and to help open your vision. Other than that, you should make a practice of knowing the LBRP or the Banishing rituals of the Left Hand Path. You can search the forum for banishing mantras as well already posted.

Uh no it doesn’t direct magick replies on your ability to sense and manipulate your own energy, indirect magick where majority of your practice is asking spirits to do things for you does.


Since he is new to this that is why I replied to him as such. It’s not a debate. Everyone works differently. So post whatever you feel is helpful.

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i mean from a 3rd party perspective… you both are right. but he explained it more in vaguely into the main two criteria that everything falls under. and you just went ahead and gave him the highest key for the highest kind of practice which is summoning and using the help of spirits.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, and no need for too much sensitivity.

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No it’s not a debate really, telling a new person that they should work towards communicating with entities isn’t the best advice. They’re better off working with their clairs. Everyone may be different but the foundation remains the same, you shouldn’t really jump right into touching external forces and you said all magick relies on communication with entities with is literally not true at all.


true as well. Because u don’t need to hear the spirit to petition them. some will be willing to help and some may not.

but afterall tbh @Velenos, @SalomeDream is right in terms that most workings will require communication eventually but not necessarily.

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He mentioned trying to contact a deity so…Again, I was sharing my experience from that, but you do have to be in tune with your own self to access your own powers as well. You can’t just say Abracadabra and expect to get what you want, which a lot of newbies think.

The main building blocks of almost all magick are the same: Meditation (one pointed for concentration, and mind clearing for focus) Trancework (aka altered states of consciousness), sensing and manipulation of energy both internally and externally, visualisation (I say visualisation, but really it’s all the senses), banishing and circle casting.


This whole forum is built from E.A.'s books which are all about working with entities to teach you how to Become A Living God. You can develop your own abilities on your own and should, but that isn’t what most people are here for.


I didn’t just say “abracadabra” to get anything and had no expectations really, I followed few intructions that I found here and other places and even combined them. The only thing was how can I now that im reaching to that deity, and if so how would I know that she wants to work with me? I personally think that I either can’t sense her, or I have to devote more or something but than again I never did this so… How much time should I put in before I sense anything?( i have seen entities that presented themselves in diffrent forms and felt them as a human feels), so a deity would be more logical that they have the power to make themselves known.

I’m not familiar witb trancework and circle casting but i’ll look into it, solid list thanks.

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Buy Become A Living God by @E.A and Black Magic Manifesto by @Timothy.

I would recommend a good yoga manual, but I don’t know one at at the top of my head. I may recommend a video tutorial instead.

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