What should I do?

Hey guys.
I have a “problem”.
Back 6-7 months ago, I did a love and lust spell on a close friend. I did it many times.
Back at that time I was madly in love with her so well you can guess how desperate I was.
I bombed her with spells for like a few months.
They worked to some extent. She started flirting with me and such, but she was still playing the bitch, refusing to come at my place, refusing my kisses ect.
The problem is, because of all of that I got really depressed, and that’s exactly when she started actively seducing me. She asked me out a couple of times but I was too damn depressed to do a damn thing. Didn’t move on her.
In the end she started hooking up with someone else (the lust spell was making her horny af) and this caused me a lot of pain.

After that I got totally crushed and cut all my tie to her. To this day I’m still trying to forget her.
Now there’s the thing…She started talking with me again, lately, but I don’t know what the hell she wants. She’s droping hints but I might be paranoid. A part of me want to try some lust/love on her because, why not ? I’m single. But a big part of me cries to move on and to do not waste my time again with her. And that I might get hurt badly again.

So, I’m in a deadlock. My love/sex life is nonexistent because I’m too reserved but I think I’d have a highest success rate by working on her rather than trying to attract someone new.

What do you guys think ? If you were me what would you do ?
Too bad I don’t have any divination skill.

Hello, I’m sorry to see that you’ve had such a rough time.

What did you do exactly, do you recall, which entities did you evoke, bindings anything like that?

If you aren’t in a fit state to deal with this at the moment then really you shouldn’t need to to deal with it and should take some time out to heal yourself first.

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Thanks, I appreciate the consideration.

I can’t communicate with spirits so I didn’t evoke any. What I was doing with meditation and candle magic.
Basically I was lighting a red or pink candle and meditating before it. Visualizing what I wanted to do with that girl. Couple-like stuff to hard sex scenes.
I was doing it for like 3 times a week.

I’m still wounded for sure but at the same time I feel like I may get a chance this time.
Tbh I feel like in order to get over her, I’d have to either 1) find someone else or 2) get with her.

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im a bit confused. you say you became depressed because she wasnt accepting your sexual advances…but then she actively started seducing you. would that have not cured your depression if her lack of reciprocation is what caused it?


Wow, you’re pretty powerful - but don’t you think that it’s taken it’s toll on you?

It’s clear that you are capable of manifesting what you want - I’m wondering if you could tweek it to tone it down a bit, keep her simmering without needing to go off and scratch the itch elsewhere whilst you heal?

Perhaps what you’ve been asking for is the “bitch” aspect rather than a real loving empathetic woman who can deal with a man who has depression - do you understand where I am coming from with this? From what you’ve written it seems to have been mainly sexual rather than building a deep lasting relationship.

I can tell that you do have some feelings for the woman but I’m wondering if you need to step back and wait until you’ve had time to get better and then refocus on a slightly different angle. I may be wrong - only you can know what is right for you.

In any case hope that someone will be able to give you better advice - but I seriously think you need some time to heal yourself before going further rounds with this woman.

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Depression doesn’t simply get cured by someone showing an interest in you - it can be the absolute last thing a person needs.

Sorry didn’t mean to sound sharp or rude - I was rejected by a man with depression and I wasn’t being a bitch, I was trying to be supportive but he decided that my practising wicca was the root of all his ills…


clinical depression, yeah. But temporary bad feelings brought on by an unwanted result is a bit different to me.

and no worries :slight_smile:

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Stacking magic is fine but for future reference lust for results is the ultimate “cock-block” for magic. You HAVE to be able to detach so that the magic you cast can do it’s work.

:point_up: THIS, This Right here seems to be the moment you let go of the desire attached to your magic and it ALL hot her at once.

As a result of the cascade of spells falling on her she was in for lack of a better term a looped lust circuit that NEEDED and outlet.
It isnt that it never worked. It is that it couldn’t DO the work while you held onto the desire.

It is very possible the energies you hit her with are still actively having an effect. Albeit an unwanted effect at this time.

Best options i could suggest for you is some candle and sigil magic to attract Love and Harmony. If you are looking for a meaningful relationship but again you need to be able to let go of the ritual.
Alternatively you can do some healing magic with venus for emotional healing.

Carving the sign of venus and meditating on it for a few minutes while focusing on the state you want to be in as if it is your present state is a simple method to do this.

Also you may wanna make a list of non important random things you can use to practice manifesting and letting go of the result. Over time it will become easier to drop the ritual from your mind during grounding.


No, because I was an idiot and I was too pessimistic. Look, after all these times she rejected me I didn’t believe she wanted anything more than friendship. I fell into a vortex of depression and self-deprecating because of the rejections. I was too caugh on that to notice the opportunities she set up. Also I was very angry and pissed off at her.


That’s how an outsider may see it, I guess. But I wanted something concrete because I was tired to death of the friendzone. So well, I wanted to kickstart the relationship with a sexual act at least. I did want a deep relationship with her since I was really in love but I wanted intimicity too, things that you can’t get by being “just friends”. So, it’s either she sees me as a sexual being or not.

I don’t have much feeling for her now. I mostly hate her in fact. At this moment if I ever do a working that’d be to only get FWB relationship, nothing inolving love.

In my opinion nobody never heals fully. If I wait to heal before taking any actions I will be dead by now. And when it comes to love matter the only way to heal wounds is to fill the void.

Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

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Ah fair enough. Well if i were you, id do some simple sigil magick…call for gremory and ask him to help speed things along. I’d do one simple ritual for this, then let the pieces fall where they may

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Makes sense.

Thanks for the advices :slight_smile:.
Tho I don’t want a deep relationship with her because I don’t have much feeling for her now. (Killed them all). It’s just it seems easier to get her since she’s back now.

Yes, I learned my lesson now. I make sure to do not lust for results like before.

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So you think I have a higher chance with her than trying to get someone new ?

If shes coming back to you unsolicited, id say yea


I need to CUT OUT and FRAME this for myself as well - Hell knows what I’m going to end up with if I keep thinking about results and then think “meh” - Kaboom… He’s already in my dreams nightly doing his thing.

@NewDeparture - I can see myself in you, only nowhere near as powerful (you are good!)

@Dinmiatus - The Venus candle idea - excellent thought - excellent.

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Aw thank you. I’m not sure I am that powerful though. It’s just that I can’t communicate with spirits so I just push myself to use my own power rather than doing nothing at all.
I have still a long way to go.

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Well that’s the weird thing - I’m a rational so I keep doubting and end up looking like I’m talking to a candle (to the casual observer) but when you do start getting something it’s in your mind’s senses (eyes, ears, nose, taste, touch etc) and it’s really easy to dismiss.

I suspect you probably can, it’s simply allowing yourself to get into a state where you start to pick up something even a tiny bit different - a quantum movement rather than a massive one.

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Wait what? Your love spells worked, you then rejected your own love spell so she dated someone else (well of course that would happen eventually), now she is single and going directly back to you because your magick is still working… What exactly is this post supposed to mean brother? GO FOR IT!

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You might be right. Maybe I’m just sabotaging myself again.

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Oh god I wish I could have the needed confidence to face her again and act.