What should I do to not go to work tomorrow

I want to do a ritual tonight and I don’t want to go to work tomorrow That bastard treats me badly even though I do my job so hard I want to get rid of her and go to a better job He gives very little money anyway, I can do it at home, I’m fine, I don’t have the money to buy ritual candles and other items How can I protect myself when it will be my first ritual and let my fears go away please help me

Are you trying to find a better one?

If you don’t have money to buy not even candles, are you sure you should skip work?

From what?

You don’t have anything to be afraid of. But in any case you need to identify what you’re afraid of, so people know what kind of advice to give you.


I have money to buy some candles, my daily income is equivalent to $ 1 in US money. I work for 8 hours.He says and threatens that if I quit, he’ll me, Which entity can help me I don’t want to go to work tomorrow.

He’ll what? If he threats your life or your physical integrity then call the police. If he threats to fire you, well seems to me that it’s what you’re looking for so no issue. In any case you can always call and say an excuse in order to skip work, no entity will make your boss “forget” that you won’t show up for work tomorrow.


If it is that bad, quit and find another job?

Work and apply for other jobs?

Even if a spirt would be willing to make your boss forget you needed to be at work, magic is rarely instant but you can take mundane actions that either are, or nearly are.

You could try to influence your boss to be nicer, or cause something to happen that would shut your workplace down for a day, but with no experience, desperation and a story that isn’t reliable- you likely will have no result.

One way or another seems to be exaggerating or swapping the story around to get a different answer, which generally makes me ignore the person who does it as, if they can’t be trusted from one post, to what they post half an hour later…then I can’t take anything you say as real, unless you explain that you borrowed money or something else-which you should have done when you contradicted yourself, if that were the case. Contradictions send some of us walking away, where we would normally try to help people.

If you need to ask this question, you aren’t ready to summon anything yet, as you don’t have your senses open, you don’t know how to banish and you may very well find yourself with parasitical attachments, that will often be way worse than a boss that is mean.

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Flagged. You asked for help, I gave you a realistic answer and now you’re going to call names?

I can see the time you posted in my time, and the more recent post is 35 minutes ago, the first is now two hours, so yes I saw @Anassa’s which said an hour, but 2 hours is not six, So who is stupid? Scroll up and take a looks.

That’s rude as hell and I don’t see why anyone would like to help you after that.

No you never said that -->

But even so I gave you the answer, just because I guessed

Also flagged.

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So one post was roughly 40 minutes ago and the other 2 hours ago and it doesn’t matter what time zone I am in facts are facts, and you don’t know where I am, so I could be in the same time zone as you, and you wouldn’t have any idea.



None because you won’t put the work in, change your story, lie about silly things like when you posted- which is clearly publicly viewable, and will then probably call the beings names if they want clarification on why the story changed before they are willing to help you. Skipping work one day, isn’t going to fix your problem, IF you even have a problem, cuz honestly. I don’t believe you now.

Andras will help you for sure. Pro tip: You’ll have to talk VERY loud to him, he has a hard time hearing stuff.


He might even help the dude change the time stamp on his posts :woman_shrugging:

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Can I call it in the daytime and call it outside in a stony mountain-like border

yes, you can.

Andras I heard it’s too hard and there’s a risk of damage. Could it be better to give blood to lord claucneck?

You want your wish fulfilled or not, champ? I don’t know about Claucneck, tho.

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Yes I want, but is it suitable for andras novices?

I think the Words of Power by Damon Brand would be the best form of magick for you. It’s pretty easy and no candles needed. You can find the book on amazon.

Well, andras wouldn’t be a bad choice to remove someone from a position. However, i think a better idea would be for you to develope skills that can help you get out of the poverty line in general. For example, taking a quick look at high demand jobs in Turkey, becoming fluent in English could get your foot in the door as a sales representative, especially if it involves tourists. It would help you make more money and put you in a place with a different boss, removing yourself from the situation entirely. It will not be easy to achieve, but most things in life are not. Working with a spirit that specializes in the skill you wish to develope coukd be helpful, although it will not substitute the work required to master it.

A good thing smartphones, internet and electricity are free so that you can access this forum :wink:
But maybe this thread can inspire you?

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