What should I be working on?

Hello Everyone so I was wondering as someone who doesn’t have any successful experience with Magick, and who is new to Demon Summoning, Possession, Dark Magick, etc what should I be working on right now?..aslo I’m listening to Satania and I was wondering what id the most ideal topic to be searching up?..Also I’m a Virgo, born on September 3rd 2006 and I was wondering what my Magick Abilities are based on my birthday

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Start with the foundations of magick: trance, visualization, energy work, meditation, concentration, and banishing/cleansing. Then move on to building on those foundational skills with simple candle spells, scying, seal/sigil consecration, invocation and finally full evocation to physical appearance.


Would following Satania’s Meditation be useful or effective for me?

They won’t teach you the foundations of magick, but they might possibly be helpful for entering an altered state of consciousness, though I can’t speak on their efficacy for that. There is also a concern they may open you up to something you’re not ready for.

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Do you have the foundation down in terms of phychic protection and knowing how to banish and cleanse yourself and your space?

With these you can risk attracting negative entities because you’ll know how to recognise and deal with them.

Look up “tutorial spiritual hygiene”


Thank You Very Much for the Information…No I don’t have any form of Psychic Protection…But I do Wish To Conjure Satan Before My eyes…But I don’t have the grimoires that I need which includes The Grand Grimoire, The Lesser Key of Solomon, and The Oathbound Book of Honorius,
…also do any of you know a Cursed Enochian Incantation to Become Possessed By Demons? (It doesn’t have to be Enochian)

I see you. :wink:

Hi Dear Mr DarkestKnight Do you know what the lines to this conjuring is?

Hi Dear Sir Darkest Knight! I’ve been thinking about your advice and I think I’ve found the perfect meditation for me