What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever achieved with magic?

I really want to know.

I think a thread of this already exists.

There’s been a few. The craziest one was probably driving someone mad with a love spell. I didn’t think it would work at first but it worked too well.


How did that happen?
A love spell to fall in love with you?

:rofl: the craziest I did was spell to wake someone up from his sleep! He lives in another timezone and so my evil plan was waking him early to talk to me! It was fun when he told me how he woke up!!! But I felt bad ruining his sleep so I stop! Was fun knowing I can do it!


I used a curse to cause someone to get into a car accident. Not only did it hit my target hard, but I came across ten other car accidents on the way to work after casting.


Yes how did it happen. Can you tel the story

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Yes it was a candle magic spell. I did the intranquil spirit and a binding spell. It took about a month to work so I didn’t think it would be effective. When it did the man followed me around for 8 months and it got really dangerous. I eventually had to fix that problem

I should probably add that after doing the spell, I decided to move on from the relationship. He was at my door, at my job, at the gym looking for me etc. It was a real mess. We ended up getting back together about a year later but things were really turbulent before that Happened


How was it dangerous.

Did he threaten u

Manipulated weather to bring rain in an effort to skip classes but somehow my mother also a witch realized what I was doing and was also stopping me work. It was a weird tug of war until I won with bringing some rain (hail be to king paimon) but she in the end took me to the classes in a cab anyways.


I’m intrigued, how or what did you do, if you’d like to share of course.

Woah that’s awesome. You’re entire family is occult?

I summoned my waifus


That’s goal mate

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I’m from a traditional hindu family leaning into dark in india. Our ancestral religion is basically imbued with occult and I’m pretty sure my mum is the most proficient in magick amongst us except me ofcourse although she’s way ahead by sheer experience.


I actually evoked a spirit from the Necronomicon (Zahrim) and combined my petition to amplify my own spell with a bit of sympathetic magic (I found a hot wheels car similiar to my target’s vehicle which I crashed into another and then smashed with a hammer, visualizing the accident and pushing my will for it to come into fruition).


Oooooh I’m definitely looking into this. My ex has a car thanks to me and also never paid me back money that he owes me (including the down payment for the car).

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Oh shit dude :joy:

Ah I know a lot about tantra and Hinduism. Tell me more about which practices you do