What powerful Mantra to instantly stop black magic

Thank you

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I think a magic doll is involved. Second, he is a Muslim.and Magic is common in Muslim communities.

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Well the power isnt in the chant. There are resonative words you can utter or inner audio simulate.

Prana breathe and when you exhale growl rah. Then inhale through the nose as oxygen flushes through your brain.

Here are some resonative words you can use


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I would say it is time to do magic of your own. You have the ability, as do we all.

My personal preference is petitioning spirits for guidance or aid. I’m not sure on your knowledge or experience at the moment, so Id recommend grounding, banishing, and then energy raising. From there, make a decision based on your options. The practices I mentioned I learned from threads on here, if I have a moment I’ll link the threads shortly

This works well


I don’t know if you are looking for just mantras, but if you use the search function, there are many threads for breaking curses and uncrossing an individual. This one seems especially potent:


I am ready to work with anything that works…I desperately need help please.

Well first off follow the recommendations. Relax your mind best you can, getting anxious can make it worse, and do Grounding, Centering and Shielding.
After this I’d personally banish anything from my home I didn’t want there and put up Wards.
Then i’d recommend the links given here. Go through them, and use them. Try not to doubt yourself, no one is a “super powerful” Magician except yourself. Remind yourself of this often.

Remember everyone is helping and hoping for the best so pick up the sword, you can do this.

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You have help in replies here now, so give those methods a try and let us know how things go. :+1:

I had played that severally already. Thanks though for your concern.

Feeling of sharp Pin piercing under my feet with disturbing pains, chronic insomnia that no medication surpresses, objects movement in my body.

Iam a novice to magick. I had tried mantra previously.

I am honestly getting the feeling that it is (mostly) psychosomatic. You were told you were going to be cursed so in turn your mind begins to act as if it’s cursed. A self fulfilling prophesy based in the power of your own belief. In in other words, you cursed yourself.


I am a novice as well, those techniques have helped me speed my work up very much.
at work at the moment, but the search bar has a lot of related threads with very relevant knowledge.
Nobody is just a straight magick master. The grounding, meditation, banishing, that is how one begins to train their mastery over the magick. That is where I would recommend beginning, based on how helpful they were for my progress.

Ive had people throwing bad vibes and hate my way for a while. After putting these practices to action, i find myself less pulled by the currents of life, and more able to strengthen my own current.

Anyone may correct me if Im wrong, but hexes and curses are someone/thing projecting their current onto you. When you can project your own current, you can deflect your enemy’s

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I shared here how I experience pin piercing pains in my feet , objects moving in my body

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Sir, please you may stop replying this thread. You think I am here to waste time after trying out so-called money grabbing clairvoyants?

Thank you sir for your Concern.

Can you help me with material on the grounding phase of magick?

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With apologies for speaking before he can reply, I think @UnseelieDiabolus was intending to point out that the power of your own mind is enormous, and that people will try to turn that against you.

This is a real problem in magick BUT once you accept the power of your mind, you can be careful not to allow such thoughts and to reject the energy of the curse so it cannot influence you.


One sec brother, ill get those links

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