What meditation practices help you guys visualize?

Hey guys. I read the post from darkestknight on entering the trance state & i would like some excercises to help me visualize things in my mind better. The spirits im invoking have told me that they are working to get me what i asked for, but it wont happen when i asked them to. to trust them & to focus on my magic for right now.

I know i can be an adept magician its like its all buried inside of me right now. I think i need chakra cleansing, meditations to help get to the right mindstate for spellwork & rituals.

I can feel the room change during invocation & i mostly communicate thru divination & rarely internal dialog. Usually when im damn near asleep lol


Give this a try:


The method for contacting goetia in Corwin Hargrove’s “Goetia Pathworking” is very visual without being too difficult.


Have you considered Pranayama and Qi Gong? Qi Gong has probably been the single most helpful thing in my praxis. There are courses on udemy and videos on youtube if you are interested.


Some things I have asked for have taken over a year to manifest- but manifested beautifully when they did.


Ill try qi gong! My meditation today got me to the static and i REALLY felt the presence in the room and answers came clearer. But im away from home so i had trouble letting myself drop completely.

And yes i believe all these spirits are helping me even if i cant see it. I feel it in my bones my desires are being worked on as we speak. The only thing they seem to want in return is for me to grow spiritually when i ask what offerings they want they always just say what you brought is good & not to worry too much about it. I guess my growth as a magician is the best offering i can give.


I have that book and i struggle really hard trying to put myself in those places for communication. I dont think pathworking is for me. Ive been meditating long before i started doing magic i think my biggest hurdle is being impatient w myself instead of really digging deep and letting the trance take hold of me.

I did get closer today tho!


This is what the Pathworking method is - visualizing things in your mind as a way of performing ritual magick. If you want to get better at visualizing things in your mind, then you should practice visualizing things in your mind, and Pathworking allows you to do that while also getting magickal results. It would be beneficial to do something like visualize an object and try to get lots of detail, but I’m guessing you probably have other things to be doing on a regular basis. You can apply the same principle of detail to Pathworking.

If you’d rather do chakra stuff, that is also a good practice. Energy work (like qi gong) helps develop your ability to sense energy in a tangible, tactile way with your body. This improves your ability to sense spirits and communicate with them.

If you want to be able to receive messages, directly within your mind, meditation helps with that. The ritual trance state is really more of a state of concentration. This applies to all magick, but different methods will put you into different states of mind. Relaxation helps, but there are times when magick can be more stimulating, and this remains a concentrated state while being very active and flowing with energy.


Just my opinion, but

Anytime you find yourself engaged in fantasy, that’s basically next door to visualization, just less consciously controlled.

Lean into your daydreaming and fantasizing when it happens and try to really flesh it out. You’re basically engaging in a visual mental exercise and it’ll give you practice.

Try to involve other senses in your daydreams. Touch, smell, etc

Masturba-i mean “sex Magick” might help a lot too if you really engage yourself in fantasy while you pleasure yourself.

You’re also chemically rewarding yourself with the sexual pleasure as you fantasize, reinforcing it.

Just saying.


Forgive me if this is slightly off-topic, but are you a fan of reading? Reading, especially fiction, especially fantasy or sci-fi, may help you develop your imagination and inner visual skills.

Some occult books might tell you to try exercises such as focusing on a certain image (like a circle, square, pentagram) in your mind, and holding it for as long as possible. And that may work for you as well.

Interesting topic, makes me think. I have loved fiction – particularly fantasy – from a very young age, and as long as I find myself involved in the story, it’s not a hard reach for words on a page to translate to images in my brain which play out in full colour. I’ve never before really thought about why though, I just figured I was “good” at imagining the way some people are good at drawing or music or maths. But I suppose, like anything, it takes practice.


I do enjoy reading i just havent picked up a book in years. Besides grimoires & goetias lol

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Well if you ever need fantasy (and some sci-fi) novel recommendations, please do just ask :stuck_out_tongue: best of luck mate :four_leaf_clover:

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You practice in visualization with every thought you make. You need to make them more deep. Aroma, pressure, touch, color, any qualities, emotions, history. Perceive the visualization not as a distant picture. Understand it through and through.

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I got you! Im pretty good at tactile visualizing & imagining sounds, its the actual seeing that i struggle with. But yea ill drift into daydreaming more & build on that!

Also you can try to merge with what you imagine. Become your thought and saturate it.

So i need to sink into my imagination. I think i can do that. Maybe im trying too hard to make it materialize & need to just let myself drift into a daydream i create

Thank you so much!

Lucifer taught me one

He showed me to to write sentences on a paper in my head, it’s actually pretty potent

Another one would be, watch a cartoon especially if there’s wizards

Use the visualize from those cartoons like a fireball for example

Blur your eyes a little and visualize the fire ball, blurring the eyes make the visualization more vivid because there aren’t any other focus points

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I love this! Give my thanks to lucifer i have yet to meet with him

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Another one would be to breath chi into your head, there’s meridians there that activate those senses

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Also i love the wizards lol ive been calling myself a wizard as of late cuz i like it better than magician

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How do i breathe chi into my head?