What made you know magick was real?

Just wondered if anyone was happy to share any defining experiences where they moved from belief to complete certainty in Magick?

I’m a medium, literally feeling, seeing and listening stuff was enough. Goetia also helped a lot


I was feeling depressed once and I got this wham slam of dopamine so powerful I couldn’t stop laughing


success in spells that made me shrug “it might be coincidence” so many times that i smirk now when i say it to myself.


success in spells that made me shrug “it might be coincidence” so many times that i smirk now when i say it to myself



Some spells giving me what I asked for. But fixing my computer with magick recently is what truly showed me how real it is.


Today I went to the shop to buy a fully automatic coffee machine. I had one in mind and came to check if it was available. There was one left and it was discounted from ~700 to 550. Magic is real :raised_hands:

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Yep me too.


I was really into magick when I was younger, but then stopped when I got older. (Always believed but didnt pay attention to it).

But after spending a year under spells that made me feel like a zombie, getting rid of them and connecting with my guides, also getting a better understanding of who I am I don’t understand why I stopped.

I think I was just supposed to live a normal life as my life mission and that is still working out for the most part.

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The air elemental that was around my childhood, I started at 8 and they were there.

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So many coincidences… seeing spirits, astral travels.
Oh, also demons helped…

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when i first saw Samael manifested,everything changed…i was in the final period of college and this got me confused as fuck…when this things happen,there is no way to deny,because its real more real than you think,life just got messed and upsied down,took a good time to digest

until today,i feel in awe that i have this interactions

the facility to reach this things is also scary

have to know how separate the things,or else the mind will be fucked up


It was definitely the time where I was able to describe the entity one of my friends sent to me despite her telling me nothing, and she was able to describe Metatron who I sent to her even though I told her nothing. It was the first time I was like, wow maybe this is not bullshit. Also a bit more concretely, being able to control my body temperature with Franz Bardon’s elements exercises

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My very first ritual was outdoors. It was a VERY windy day. But as soon as I cast my circle, the winds died down and allowed me to do my work. It was a talisman charging ritual, I had several I was charging. Every time I would finish charging one and seal the power in, there would be a gust of wind. this happened every time, the wind was still at all other times. As soon as I closed the circle, the wind kicked up again like it had never stopped. I knew right then and there that the wind had responded to the ritual.

P.S. The talismans however, did NOT work


im jealous. the wind never respects my work but i yell at it so i probably wouldnt either haha. im surprised with such respect from the elements that the talismans didnt work. that’s disappointing with such a promising display.

I attribute it to the spirits acknowledging my potential of being the sorcerer I would one day become … even if they looked at what I was doing at the time and just laughed their asses off.


The ritual WAS full of some pretty corny shit


I was in a college dorm. There was a thoroughly obnoxious person there who would pound on people’s doors in the middle of the night and scream at them. She’d curse and screech at anybody who looked at her, all while doing things guaranteed to make people stare. She’d wake up the entire dorm if the communal bathroom wasn’t clean enough to suit her, and would sometimes follow her tirade by urinating on the hallway floor. She once awakened everybody and threatened to beat people up because her newspaper was missing.

Well, I’d had about enough of that noise.

I didn’t confront her, because she had beaten up others, and at that time, I didn’t trust my own physical abilities. Instead, I just mojo’d the hell out of her (I’m using “mojo” - in the sense of hexing - as a verb.) Sent vile energy into her room, as well as clear psychic messages to get out. Charged various powders and potions, then smeared them on her doorknob, and put the powder where she couldn’t help but step in it. I filled her room up with the nastiest energies I could muster.

The next day, someone showed up at my door and asked, “Did you hear about X? She quit school! She just packed up her stuff and left!” It wasn’t anywhere near the end of the semester, so there was no sane reason for her to abruptly take off like that.

There was much rejoicing at her departure, and I suddenly felt more confident in my magick.


There was a point I reached, where certain rules everyone else had to play by, stopped applying to me.

Such as manifesting jobs I’m not qualified for, obtaining free credits in school, even distorting the environment around me on a physical level, spirits manifesting as if there was another human in the room, manifesting random deposits into my bank account I never made/bank referrals I never had.

Basically there came a point where certain aspects of reality stopped applying to me.


Sometimes these happen on their own without my attempt. I’ve also caused nature to grow back in cold winters and have altered my natural surroundings to an extent. Generally during times where everything starts dying.