What made you join the BALG forum and what would make you leave

I am honestly not sure what made me join to begin with. Perhaps if I looked up my intro it would jog my memory.

I stay because it’s interesting and informative. There is so much information here I even rarely have to look up anything. It’s like an occult Google. What answers I haven’t found I can normally find recommendations for links and books. When I have had questions the members have always been very helpful.

As for what would make me leave. It is something I haven’t considered before.


Another thing that I like about here is the differinf opinions. Lots of different paths, lots of different people.


I joined because I was sick of seeing my baby girl sick and dying in the hospital she had leukemia aml which stands for acute myeloid leukemia
This stand is more common in adults then in children

IT’S MORE aggressive and although curable it’s hard to cure or get rid of

I was tired of praying tired of sitting around tired of crying so I came here
And I’m not leaving I love balg you guys are like family I’ve learned way too much to dip out plus I love helping u all so yeah that’s why I came


I couldn’t imagine @bunny4cam. Stay strong. My :heart: goes out to you and your baby.


While researching, this forum popped up several times, so I lurked for a day or so and then joined since it looked like a good resourse. And it is.

I stay because I learn new stuff all the time and the community is really active.

If the community keeps being active and the majority keeps being level headed and grounded, I’ll stay.


I was asked to join by Archaelous.

I joined because my spouse left me and I was looking for a way to get him back and I wouldn’t leave despite the fact that I have seen no evidence of a way to get him back

I joined because I knew this was the best place to actually find good information on summoning Belial, someone I already knew wanted to work with me, but who I had read a lot of negative things about also.

Leaving would happen if get bored and don’t find value in the forum anymore.

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While I did find the few knowledgeable people, I legit found some funny stuff as well, just didn’t expect the cringe factor until I really got into it lol.

I joined in 2013 and then left after a couple of months. Was going through a roller coaster of a time, the last thing I wanted was to mess with things I barely understood.

I can’t remember why I came back. All I know is, extremity is so prevalent in society it has become a perverse component preventing “the ego” to be fully understood, thus making it difficult to find balanced views on anything. One moment I’m deprogramming myself from Christian agendas and the next minute I find myself still stuck in it because the black magician was influenced by Christian agendas in the first place!

But that’s the reason I stick around, to see diverse opinions and perhaps the possibility in someone else’s perspective. Pschychological balance is perhaps thee master key of this matrix? It is for me.

Anyhow, I don’t think I’d ever leave because I’ve never truly stayed. Gemini thing, nothing personal :slight_smile:

Jan of this year I have some interesting things happen to me. I was born with “gifts” but kinda walked from them. I made the decision to follow the path I was being pulled to and it pulled me all the way to here. What pulled me here would also be the reason I leave.


I joined to satisfy my curiosity. I have stayed out of my love for studying and discussing the topics we share here. As far as what would make me leave, probably when I eventually hear a calling to move on to something else in life. I am one of those types who moves with the drum beats of life whenever it takes me.


I joined because after dealing with a person full of parasites entities who wanted to destroy me and 2 demons who told me to leave to save my life I wanted to go some place people understood.

Also during the uncrossing of a year worth of love spells, obsession spells, and other ones that turned me into a zombie I discovered Azazel and how he has been with me for lifetimes. Part of what my purpose is and getting my life back on track. Azazel has been giving me new outlets to find better people.

This forum was a goldmine of information about him. Some of it better than others.

I would leave this forum if it got more complicated to use or didnt load.

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I joined back in 2015-16. I joined because I wanted power. I wanted transformation. I also wanted a place that was open to talk about the LHP. I definitely got that here.

I stay because a few reasons. I have people I like here. My this place is conducive with my Dharma or Destiny. I want to get back into contributing to the education for beginners here. I also use the search function quite a bit. I’m fond of this place.

I’d leave once I found that there is nothing for me here. To contribute or otherwise. Or if someone pissed me off to a particularly point that is ironically hard to get me to go to, despite the fact I have a quick and nasty temper.

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Study of demonology and the occult. My friend showed me one of EA’s videos on the hierarchy of demons and then I found his Viking videos as well about the nine realms and then his pathworking with Freya. Joined back in December 2018.

What would make me leave: Ignorance. Plain and simple.

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I joined cause of curiosity and the desire to share some stuff with people, cause you all now what it’s like not to be able to talk to anybody about your experiences.
I stay because I enjoy it.

I will leave when I feel like I don’t enjoy it anymore.


Essentially, I had been seeing visions of blood red eyes, a realm of mutilations and a white snake for months, although the images should have been disturbing they were actually comforting so I researched it a few times, found nothing conclusive or even really informative. One day I was searching something completely irrelevant to the topic and felt the need to click a link to a topic here that seemed random in my search results. It had nothing in common with my experience but was about someone possibly being “called”, I don’t even remember the gist of it now. A while later I was seeing the same things again so looked it up again and it struck me to just check my history for that post again and explore the forum more. A short while after I had some answers and many more questions that google had failed to provide in many hours of looking…Not only that but what I consider to be proof that it wasn’t just some hallucination.

Some further experiences since joining have convinced me more so that I am stronger than I believed, or what others would have me believe. This is both encouraging and frightening so I am hesitent and not as deligent as I would like to be. It would be easier to ignore all this but I can’t, I am drawn to it one way or another and being among people who understand, enlighten and at some times test on the subject is rather special. Not to even mention the wealth of knowledge available. I stay because here I can learn that which is not open to most, not easily understood and some people are nice about it even to obvious trolls.

I don’t think I would leave, not permanently. I will dip in and out, while the occult, spirits, mysticism and magick are not something new to me, engaging in the path so intently can be very intimidating at times and alienate one even further from people they care about, or just people in general (although I can’t personally say that’s always such a bad thing).

But this is entirely too long of a post to answer such a simple question. So to summerize: it’s a good forum, with some good people, lots of good information and the only reason to leave would be if you think you know everything, which nobody does :wink:

I came here to find an open minded community, some sort of neutral place.
I stay because I learn many things here
I will leave if it became like a **** closed minded coven… ( bad experience with that)

I joined because the time came for me to learn magic.

What would make me leave? If E.A. suddenly said that he had just gotten ‘saved’ and started using this site as a place for his new found faith and vigor for evangelism. :joy::smile:

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I originally joined because I wanted to learn more about magick (this is when I was just getting started in magick), and to meet other sorcerers. I left because there were some ignorant a-holes who were running the show at the time.

I returned last year because I was looking for info about something and thought I might find it here, which I did. The a-holes have gone for the most part, but as always, this is a melting pot of different personalities. I wouldn’t say it’s neutrally aligned, but it’s a community that is much better at accepting differences than other communities that I know of.

I’d leave if I felt too misaligned with the community from a vibrational point of view.

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