What made you join the BALG forum and what would make you leave

I’m curious what made members join BALG, what makes you stay and what would make you leave.

I joined to get my ex back. However when that did not happen I stayed due to the sense of community at BALG. I’m not really sure what would make me leave


A sense of loneliness with my new gained insights

Exactly one really good person :v:t2:

Played that thought back and forth for a while. Not the “what” but rather “when”. I have been somewhat inconsequent.


I came looking for a neutrally aligned community that would not ostracize me, and I found that, so I stayed.

I have been tempted to leave several times already due to the blatant repetition of topics, inexperienced magicians who can’t find the search button, or the sheer edgelordiness of some members.

HOWEVER, some topics posted here that I thought would turn into circle-jerks led to adult conversations instead, and that have reminded me that communities like these are rare, so I’ve stayed.

I will however leave if the quality of content and maturity of members goes down.


I joined after lurking for a while, because I was fascinated by the sheer variety of magical practices and experiences. In other words, I joined to educate myself, and also to interact with folks who aren’t ready to consign me to a BBQ pit in hell for having practiced magick.

What would make me leave? Flame wars, fighting, or repeated belittling of my primary path (hoodoo, folk magick and simple spellcraft are where I got my start, and I’m weary of people screeching that it’s only for the unlettered and ignorant, etc.)

I’m a senior citizen who never did have kids. I’ve tried to interest younger people in learning some basic stuff from me, but they don’t care. Here, I feel more free to bore the tits off everyone with my cavalcade of goofy spells and irrelevant observations.

Anyway, I like it here.


I joined to learn to new tactics to leave my body. I wouldn’t leave.


I joined because I had been working with Lilith and was doing some google research. One of the results was a thread that linked here. I was surprised by the seemingly levelheadedness of a portion of the community. That combined with the speed (or activity) of the forum pushed me to join (after lurking for a day or so I think).

I stay because it is popular enough that I can always find new posts or concersations and can easily pop in and out of one. My expectation of skill level here has fallen a bit since Ive joined but there are people here with a decent bit of experience, and new people are to be expected on a popular forum like this (and really in any non “gated” magickal community I feel.

I will most likely get bored of this place sometime and leave. Maybe forever, maybe not. Probably long enough that I’ll forget my password and username if I ever do decide to come back and have to do the intro all over again :sweat_smile:. Its only natural to get bored of something after so long, plus I never really cared about EA or evocation that much anyways :alien:. But who knows? Anything could happen. Maybe I leave because I die tomorrow.


I joined because I didn’t want to keep paying for half-assed consultations; then a whole new frontier opened up.


Late 2013, I was looking for power, I thought “Oh, this chap E.A.has seemingly had some of the same experiences as me” (still think this btw, just framing in past tense for accuracy) - thought there may be shits & giggs to be had. I left after 6 weeks though so I didn’t get too drawn in. :+1:

Then my spirits said hey, go back there is cool things there… :smiley:

What would make me leave?

Not sure I should go there, probably the admins stamping down on ALL controversy, I weathered this, the day I feel I am not contributing anything any more to beginners and intermediate magicians… or maybe the day I finally get sick of y’all’s degeneracy, and sign up for the Jihad! :stuck_out_tongue: :green_heart:

Good topic! :+1:

Btw a lot of people who get real emotive about “here” would actually enjoy the forum more if they just logged out occasionally, and chilled, and came back when they have a goal in mind, instead of kind of being online all the time, getting annoyed by randomness, and expecting the forum to Do Things…I know you didn’t ask this, I just kinda hijacked. :stuck_out_tongue:


Went to look up what happened to Koetting after Book of Azazel, found this place and thought if looked pretty fun so I stuck around. Would leave when I no longer enjoy being here, I guess :thinking:

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I joined because I wanted to see something funny but ended up finding a sliver of pretty knowledgeable people.

what would make me leave? aside from my own mentality of you should never make a forum your permanent stop. Probably nothing or if a mass of delusional posts take up majority of the forum then I’ll probably leave.


Back in early 2013, I bought a copy of EA’s book Questing After Visions from the web site of his now defunct publishing company, Eternal Ascent. It took a while to receive, and when I did get it, there was a major printing error. Half of the chakra exercise was missing, so I tried to return to the site to get a new copy only to find it closed.

I googled “EA Koetting” to see if the site had moved domains, and wound up finding this place. I read some posts and found some cool ass peeps, so I joined and posted to see if anyone knew the rest of the exercise. EA himself ended up responding to my question and filled in what was missing, which I thought was pretty neat as it was my first experience of an occult author actually responding to questions. I’ve been here ever since.

What would make me leave? When there is no longer anything new to be learned for my path, and the forum has gone the way of other occult forums, bogged down with trolls, LARPers, and personal attacks on differing opinions.


I am honestly not sure what made me join to begin with. Perhaps if I looked up my intro it would jog my memory.

I stay because it’s interesting and informative. There is so much information here I even rarely have to look up anything. It’s like an occult Google. What answers I haven’t found I can normally find recommendations for links and books. When I have had questions the members have always been very helpful.

As for what would make me leave. It is something I haven’t considered before.


Another thing that I like about here is the differinf opinions. Lots of different paths, lots of different people.


I joined because I was sick of seeing my baby girl sick and dying in the hospital she had leukemia aml which stands for acute myeloid leukemia
This stand is more common in adults then in children

IT’S MORE aggressive and although curable it’s hard to cure or get rid of

I was tired of praying tired of sitting around tired of crying so I came here
And I’m not leaving I love balg you guys are like family I’ve learned way too much to dip out plus I love helping u all so yeah that’s why I came


I couldn’t imagine @bunny4cam. Stay strong. My :heart: goes out to you and your baby.


While researching, this forum popped up several times, so I lurked for a day or so and then joined since it looked like a good resourse. And it is.

I stay because I learn new stuff all the time and the community is really active.

If the community keeps being active and the majority keeps being level headed and grounded, I’ll stay.


I was asked to join by Archaelous.

I joined because my spouse left me and I was looking for a way to get him back and I wouldn’t leave despite the fact that I have seen no evidence of a way to get him back

I joined because I knew this was the best place to actually find good information on summoning Belial, someone I already knew wanted to work with me, but who I had read a lot of negative things about also.

Leaving would happen if get bored and don’t find value in the forum anymore.

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While I did find the few knowledgeable people, I legit found some funny stuff as well, just didn’t expect the cringe factor until I really got into it lol.