What kinds of music do the gods, goddesses amd demons etc like?

So… I was looking up what kind of music Gods like Thor, Tyr or Odin are into, and couldn’t find anything. All I found were speculations, comic book discussions amd stuff about viking metal bands. And then I’d type “What music do the gods listen to”? And of course it was all a bunch of Christian stuff about what God has to say about music amd music for Christians amd yadda yadda yadda.

I was wondering what y’all s experiences are working with pagan gods. What do they like musically, culinarilly etc.

What about the demons?

Lately, I am looking to befriend the Norse gods (especially Thor Tyr Loki and Odin) as well as Astarte, Apollo, Athena and demons such as Bune and Asmodeus. Does anybody have any advice on that?

Thank you all.

They like whatever kind of music they like, there’s many genres and many gods, goddesses, and demons with their own personal taste in music we have here and music they have in their own plane.

I know Cernunnos likes a variety of music, favors music with the pan flute.

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Like humans, each Demon has their own taste. Some might like Rock n Roll. Others might like Classical, Country, Rap, even some religious songs, those with intense energetic melodies, that generate lots of power. I do not mean the words and the worship intent. Anyone can turn christian, jewish, islamic, worship lyrics around and use those very same songs to praise Demons, aliens, etc. ( Just so there is no misunderstanding.)
One can ask their Demon partner, or use divination to see which Demon likes what.
Or just ask them, if one is that psychically advanced and in touch with the Demons.

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I listen Angelic choirs

OP asked about gods tho.

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Michael Jacksons.



perhaps this version too actually

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I would try celtic songs for the nordic gods, greek music for the … greek gods (surprise! lol) and modern dark music for all others… because somewhere one has to start test things.

Succubae seem to tend more towards (this based on my experience) towards house, trance, k-pop… that kind. Though, met some who preferred celtic.

But, like it was said, everyone can be different and may have some which do not fit inside the rest they like.

Oh yeah, and everyone likes ambient music… OF COURSE! :smiley:

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Or /Jokes aside/

I can good imagine something like that out of Lord of the rings. It sounds pretty epic in Ave.

“They like whatever they like, different gods like different music”

No duh. That’s why Im ASKING what they like.

I cannot find references as to what Thor likes. I cannot find references as to what Tyr likes. I cannot find references as to what Odin likes. Etc etc.

You actually thought you’d find references to what music a god likes? Lol you won’t until you ask them what music an entity likes won’t be something you find on google :neutral_face:


I do nit think you guys understand my question.

I did jit ask: “what is the single genre of music all gods and demons universally and unanimously like”

If you thought that was what I was asking, allow me to clarify a little better:

“What do you kniw about the musical tastes of gods, goddesses, demons, etc that you jave worked with or that you somehow know the musical tastes of?”

Does this make my question any clearer?

I am thoroughly aware that different entities have different tastes. That is why I am asking about those tastes.

I can’t ask them. My 3rd eye is still dormant, so I can’t just talk to them. I was hoping people who could woukd have posted something on the internet I could use for reference.

It has happened with a few gods, so I’m not as unrealistic as you think.

I know Aphrodite likes Josh Groban. I know Eros likes Indie rock songs about love. And ai know Ares is down with metal \m/

But that’s all I have been able to find. So I was hoping others who knew might be able to tell me. I cannot just ask the gods themselves and expect an answer. My 3rd eye is not open enough to have a 2 way conversation with them at this moment.

That’s why you practice, the 3rd eye is always active even at the weakest state. You work it out like a muscle.

Opening the 3rd eye too early is a big mistake. One should NOT begin work in the upoer chakras until one has developed the lower chakras heavily first, or one will go insane. That’s what happened to Hitler. Loom how well that worked out.

Also, people who open their 3rd eye too early have a tendency to have a hard time tuning out the horrifying negative crap and so that’s the stuff they see. They freak out and tend not to realize it is them creating that shit. If they had properly developed the lower chakras first, this would not be a problem.

The mistake is actually thinking it’s closed lol. No chakra is ever closed lol they’re all open. Chakras are what is keeping your energy in your energy body circulating. The idea that you have to open them is silly it’s like saying you have to open up your physical organs when they’re already doing their job.

People who have horrifying experiences are people who get too involved in astral/mental stuff. Many of us started when we were single digits, if that’s not ‘too early’ idk what is.


Maybe. But that doesn’t mean you should rush into work with the 3rd eye too quickly. Opening it up a BIT more so one can identify lower chakra issues? Smart. Opening it up a lot more because one is impatient to develop psychic sense? BAD IDEA.

No I mean work on your clairs. You don’t focus on the chakras themselves, you focus on your clairvoyant abilities. In turn your energy body and your chakras major and minor develop as you develop. It’s not impatience it’s a literal foundation to start on before you jump into entities and any other external energies.

I think you may have a misconception here… (if I’m mistaken, anyone, please correct me, since I don’t really know all about it, just speaking from what I’ve experienced and understood myself. )

You don’t have to have your 3rd eye “fully open” (as some say), before you start perceiving things.

You can probably perceive part of everything in some way. For me as example, it is to a huge part what is called clairsentience, regarding physical sensations. Some others senses seem to activate at random moments, sometimes in the distance of weeks or months, but physical sensations of entities are like every day active for me.

One can use these parts which are more sensitive, to perceive by different ways and learn even through these.

Here’s an example (since it’s easiest to take real experiences to explain things for me):

I once put a song in, which I personally felt is so and so, but the succubus with me at that time seemed to like it a lot. How I knew? I felt her as if she would partially sit on my lap (nothing sexual here!) and started dancing on my lap by the rhythm of this song. It was quite vivid of a sensation.

There are very often things, even if one may be very little perceptive, which can be interpreted. Just be open to the possibility of things shown to you by the abilities you have, even if they are not much developed yet. Pay attention to the fine details.

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