What Kinds Of Magick Do You Want To Learn?

As you know, there are 3 sections to our curriculum:

  1. Godlike Powers
  2. Pathworking Systems
  3. Spells

Section 1, The Godlike Powers are set in stone:

  1. Divination- Omniscience
  2. Evocation- Omnipotence
  3. Soul Travel- Omnipresence

And Section 3, the Spells are pretty well-defined:

  1. Love and lust
  2. Money and wealth
  3. Curses and hexes
  4. Necromancy

Section 2 remains partly undecided yet.

If you could learn anything, what specific kinds and systems of magick do you want to learn? Share your thoughts, no matter how obvious or obscure the system may be. Remember, we are making these programs FOR YOU, so now’s your chance to speak up.

I cannot guarantee we will make everything you cite, but I am organizing a list right now, and E.A. and I will review it later.


Which section does healing come under…?

Uncle Fester

Hello Maxx, I’m considering healing. It would go under spells.

GOZER, I’ll have to think about pact making, because that could go under both Mastering Evocation and spells, depending on the kind of pact.

Feel free to continue giving any suggestions. In particular, I most want to find out which particular kinds/systems/paths, i.e. Black Magick, Satanism, Voodoo, Lovecraftian Necronomicon, Enochian, Chaos Magick, etc. that you would like to learn.

I’d pay bookoo to see what EA got out of Chaos Magick. I felt I took it as far as I could at the time but I’d definitely revisit it for something new.

Lovecraftian Necronomicon: Also another interesting one I’d like.

Also wondering if an elemental magick program might be possible.

I’ll have more later no doubt. Gotta ponder a bit more.

Hi Timothy

I am a big fan of Howard Lovecraft and have read all this mythos material, I think he is still under appreciated even today. I would be interested in hearing more about its practical application.

Also I would like to know more about Enochian Magick if thats on the cards…

I’d really like to know more about what E.A. has to say about Yoga and Hinduism and its’ application in terms af ascent and manipulating reality.


Animating the dead, possessing other people’s bodies, and advanced vampirism.


Anything enhancing/augmenting a fierce primal sorcery with a very necromantic bent, thank you.

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Hey Tim,

I enjoy reading and learning about all the systems you’ve mentioned, regardless of how dark or light they are. Out of your list above Chaos Enochian, and Voudon would be at the top of my list. But, I’d really like to read anything on the systems that would have developed in the Far East, India, China, Tibet and Japan. Also I’d like to see some courses on really taking Omniscience and Omnipotence to the next level, something that would include telepathic communication, teleportation of objects and instant materialization. Also, anything EA can publish about healing, and spiritual self defense. I know my list is long but thanks for considering it.


I do hope you consider the healing section. I have a friend that works with Azazel that was contacted by someone that was considering suicide because the Drs could not make up their mind about surgery or not on him and the pain was driving him crazy. So she just healed him…lol.

Whether on ourself, or others, we will all be faced with the task of learning healing one way or another at some point in every ones life.

Uncle Fester

I SO agree with Uncle Fester. Healing to me is an absolute necessity, the lack of it is in fact holding me back from greater spiritual advancement, so I do sincerely hope it becomes a section.

Yoga would be on my list as well.

I think mastering healing is the first step in the way of physical immortality as if you can get the methods to a strong enough level to have instantaneous effects you could be pretty well indestructible. Keeping alzheimers at bay and retaining your sanity throughout the millennia plus imagine having a gunshot wound just push the bullet out and the hole just instantaneously repair itsself. Indestructibility being an innevitability at that point.

Insofar as existing paths go, I would lean strongly toward Chaos, Voodoo & Elemental ; I think they are practical, powerful & between the 3, cover most of the areas of Life in general - especially when you consider the Human Body is also Elemental.

But what I’d REALLY love to see is an entirely Unique, Modern Path put together by drawing the best of the best from each tradition, stripped of the superstition and excessive ritual - grounded in the principles of the 3 Godilke Powers as EA understands & teaches them.

Monumental task I know … but you DID say ‘anything’ :wink: Z

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True necromancy including bending death essence and raising corpses, possessing the bodies of others, magic that purely affects the physical plane including kineses and physical shapeshifting, advanced vampyrism, and any darker magic he has up his sleeve.

Wow! I loooove Zoe’s idea!!!

The paths shouldn’t be mixed.

Exactly, picking and choosing from different occult paths and making your own patchwork system is not a good idea.

elemental magic plz.

You guys aren’t real keen on chaos magick then are ya? lol

Alright, so I’m seeing a big demand for healing and elemental magick above all else.

We have a desire for Necronomicon working, and Chaos magick.

There is, naturally, a demand for the darkest possible black magick and vampirism.

There is additionally a request for pact-making, Enochian magick, Eastern religion-based magick, telepathy & materialization, and an eclectic “best of” path.

At the moment I am going to push hard for a healing program, because that makes perfect sense to me as a sub-genre of spellcasting, and a complement to Curses and Hexes.

We already have plans to make comprehensive black magick and necromancy programs, and most likely a vampirism program.

As for the Necronomicon and Chaos Magick, we’ve discussed it, but we weren’t certain about it. We’ll have to be more decisive about that.

I bounced the idea off E.A. for a Christian, and Islamic magick program for contacting the Djinn, etc, and he expressed interest in that.

I also know that he has been experimenting A LOT with pure materialization. That is, the omnipotent power of direct physical manifestation. Whether that will be in Mastering Evocation, I don’t know.

But direct materialization is where his mind is, right now.

If you have any more ideas, mention them, and I can add them to the list.

Does anyone want to learn to work the Sephiroth & Qlippoth? What about Satanism as a program?