What kind of spells require grave yard dirt?

I apologise if this is too much of a beginner’s question…
Some days ago, I found a hex bag in my house. It had dirt and a nail in it wrapped in a red string.

I don’t know if it was grave yard dirt or not… I’m only assuming…
What sort of spell could it be?
Anyways i threw it away…

Off the top of my head, binding and death curses. I would banish and cleanse the living space to uproot anything that tried to get a foothold in the area.


Well my health has been deteriorating

Yeah as i said banish and cleanse the area, maybe do a solar invocation to promote good health. If you feel inclined it is a good day to do counter energies sent your way with the energies of the moon(reflect) and mars(attack).


I WILL do that… :slight_smile:

Usually its graveyard dirt and a coffin nail. The red string binds whatever spell was put on the nail. Coffin nails can be used for protection Hex but those hex bags are usually carried on the body.

If the nail is an actual coffin nail from a dead persons coffin then the idea is to bring death to the person the bag is given to. If they are just regular nails then it could be any kind of curse. Plus theres the power of the intent in the spell to consider. How strong their intent is versus what protections you have in place or whatever spirits are protecting you.


You have scared me… wow. I can’t believe it…
I threw the hex away. And now I’m going to cleanse my entire house… anything else you would suggest?

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Another thing I found like 6 months ago. It was a big chain with a lock…I did not buy it. And it was hidden under my cupboard.
What could it be?

I would have to see the chain and the lock, that part could just be a mundane object left behind, but if you are worried about it or sense something from it, get rid of that too. But the the jar of dirt is definitely something that should be taken off your property, and a good cleansing is in order.

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I’m sorry if I scared you. Throwing it away should be good because the bag is the connection to the target. It was their link to you so that should break the spell you’d just need to cleanse any negative energy thats left. Then put up protection just in case they try something again.

Have you had the house for a very long time? Is it possible it was left for someone else who owned it before you?


I have recently moved in here. But the house was empty when I moved in here… also, I found the chains with lock under my cupboard in the previous house I was in. It seems whoever it seems to be targeting me…where ever I go. I find such things.

It was in my previous house, and I left it there. I probably should have threw it away but I didn’t know what to do.
The chains were really big and they were locked. The lock was big. It didn’t belong in here. It felt so wrong and cursed


what I would do, first thing is get rid of anything that seemed cursed around you, do a house blessing. Can use a cleansing water or sage for this, as well as I believe it’s basiel, leave a small pinch of that in the corner or rooms for a period.

Then since you seem to be the target, a cleansing or uncrossing bath should assist as well.

step after that is call upon any spirits your close to. Maybe even a witch’s jar in this situation. Unless you know who is doing this to you


Thank you for this, I’m going to use sage and the cleansing water.
I have no idea who it is, I don’t even understand why anyone would even do this… :pouting_cat:
You mean I should do a jar spell?

it’s kind of a jar spell. There’s hundreds of ways to make a witch’s jar, look up a few and see which method is more align to how you work.

what it more or less is, is a redirection spell. Taking the brunt of what ever negative energy is directed at you and grounding it else where. That’s me over simplifying it but in this case you’ll have to do some research, there are many ways to make and empower the jar. Find the flavor that works for you :slight_smile:


I will look into this definitely!
Thank You very much for your kind help :smiley_cat:

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I read the whole thread up to the point I am commenting. So who are you letting in your home that could be doing this? That’s the first question I would ask myself.

Did you throw away the bag so you cannot recover it?If not, I would shut that nonsense down.If you can,get the bag back. DO NOT touch the contents. Use it as a link to the original caster to return to sender. I would do this on Wednesday, hour of Mars, evening time. Then seal the bag in a jar full of earth and cast the sealed jar into water for disposal. I would follow through with personal cleansing and uncrossing on yourself followed by a complete cleansing/banishing of your property, sacred space included. Consecrate the areas afterwards.

And for the love of self try to figure out who put it there. From chains to a bag with death hex materials it sounds like someone tried to bind you, failed and is trying to step things up. If you are willing, maybe evoke Focalor to protect you, lethally.

Waidmanns heil!


No, I threw it away. It’s not in my reach now…

And i have no idea who this could be. I live alone mostly, some times my guardian is here. Only the maid comes daily.
I rarely have visitors, I haven’t made any friends or enemies in this new place so this is even more weird.
I have some ppl that did not like me in my previous home… I’m so disturbed.
I’m trying to take this lightly like this doesn’t mean much but I know this is pure evil.
I have gotten so sick since this has happened and my psychic senses have gotten affected too.

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Then I would do the energy purge on your home, uncross yourself, and get your protection magick up to snuff. I cannot overstate the effectiveness of having an entity on “retainer” to come to bat for you when you are under attack, too. It can be better than psychic defense in some ways, because you do not have to do anything to maintain them, just keep the entity happy.


I burned some sage an hour ago…