What kind of candles do you use and what determines how long you let them burn?

I’m relatively new to magick and wanted to hear how others go about their candle magick.
Do you prefer to burn he candle on one sitting?

I feel like burning the candle for a longer period of time will give it more intent, but also feel like I want to be able to let go of the ritual as soon as possible, so I wont be attached to the outcome and get it out of my daily routine.

Do you still meditate or think about the spell afterwards to ‘keep it going’ ?
I’ve heard some people say that you should put more intent and attention in one spell so doing a love spell for a period of lets say, 9 days would generate more energy around it.

Also, what do you think about layered spells - doing multiple work on some specific situation but using different methods (candle magick, mojo bags, washes etc) ?

Would love to hear your opinion on this.



It all depends on the specific candle spell you are doing. Not all are the same.

For example, in EA’s candle spells, there is a lot of visualization required while focusing on the flame, and once the peak has been reached, you extinguish the candle and put it away.

In other types of candle spells, you empower the candle itself with oils or herbs corresponding to your intent, or you fill it with a particular energy, and then you let it burn down completely.

No, because the key to magick is to release the energy to do its job. if you keep meditating on the spell you are holding the energy in place, effectively stopping it from bringing about your result.

This, again, would depend completely on the purpose of the spell. If you are trying to influence a particular person, for example, then repeating the spell for a certain number of days will help keep the energy constant. However, not all spells require that, but it is up to the magician to decide if it does or not, and that only comes from experience.


Ah yes of course. So when working on prosperity spells, you want to release it for it to come to fruitation and with people you will probably want to work on for some time.

Thanks for the reply. Makes so much sense now :slight_smile:

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Candle magic uses the power of fire combined with the color of the candles to show intent brining meaning to any ritual. Meditate about how fire changes as it melts the wax and focus on your goals.

Here are a couple of great links to get you started and should answer any and all questions.


Thanks lawclerk.

I’ve been practicing candle magick for some time now and use anointing oils and herbs to load them. I visualize intensely what I am petitioning for and then follow the flame and wax during the burn. I was just not sure in which instances one would burn the candle longer than lets say 8hrs (if it would be that long in one go). I also have altars for the deities I like to work with :slight_smile:
Will def take a look into the links threads you posted.



Sounds like you have put a lot of effort into your rituals. The posts and links could give you some insights and added info that might benefit your castings.


In Slavic mythology, fire is sacred. Every fire on Yav contains the fire of Xhors Dazhbog, the Sun. It purifies a space because it makes a connection between Prav and Yav and gives strength to Xhors Dazhbog. So, I like candles that are already contained in a container like tea lights. And I just let them burn.

Slava Bogum.