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Hello everyone, I have been into all types of magic and occult since a kid however I’m not experienced with spells and rituals, i never practised magic, so last year i was having a very depressive period, one day i woke up and i just wanted everything to change and for me to die soon, i decided to sell my soul to baphomet (he exists!) Later my bff decided he wanted to do the same, We tried couple rituals but failed then i hired a witch from fiverr, now she knew i was broke so she charged me $200 (100 for each), now she did some sorts of rituals and spells on our behalf for seven days, the next seven days we had to recite this spell everynight at 12am and 2 am before sleeping:

“Vitri Miran gunni, fidu zcetra minu, tridi gulu, jeru lilo, Castra Astra Mindu, jogino hutri, Then you say this in English; Laalu invoke me with you your spirit (3x). Make sure you put one hand on your chest and the other one on your head when you’re saying all these. Do this exactly 12am in the mid night, and do it again by 2am also.” - witch

The first day it didn’t worked, the second day was different for me, before i slept i started feeling some sort of strong energy a presence my heart started beating fast and my breath was getting short, i slept then in the dream i saw an old man with a light greyishly-blue skin with black spots it was very scary i didnt saw his face he was laying on a bed i only saw his arms especially his hand, then in the second dream i saw a lady in her 30s chanting something while moving the stones in her hand, after 3 hours i woke up and my pregnant sister-in-law was about to give birth, we went to hospital, the baby died instantly after being born, the baby never even cried whereas the previous months the doctors said the baby was healthy and safe, she mentioned there will be a sacrifice but neglected that this was the sacrifice…

The second dream i had was just black, and i saw a hand wave at me the moment he gestured i noticed a scythe in his other hand, realized its reaper

The third dream again was reaper but this time he was standing in a graveyard, with a lantern in his hand, waving left to right continuously while he stared at me

Before the fourthh dream the witch told me that something will “come” to just grab on to it.
In my dream, i was in a dark forest and something a creature or animal starts walking towards me, i walk towards it and shake hands, then i just woke up.

Now, my friend never got any dreams, she told me she “binded our souls together”, however months passed by nothing changed, except a 2 month period where surprisingly i found a girl and started making good money however withing 2 months all of it ended on its own like a dream, and then later i got scammed, lost friends, opposite of good. I asked the witch that i would like a pact with Baphomet but instead she hooked me with Mammon which she revealed later. She said she “submitted my wishes” and did rituals on my behalf. After 6 months i told her im still the same nothing changed and she told me “oh there were spells left to” which she never ever mentioned.

If you’re going to hire someone, make sure they have authenticity bc honestly it sounds like you got scammed. Anyone can tell you something you want to hear and make it sound nice. What threw me off is her having you do it at a certain time, no magick I’ve encountered requires a certain time of day. And about the part of selling your soul to baphomet… Experienced Magicians Debunk "Selling Your Soul"


Also, don’t concern everything bad or good that happens as magick, mundane things do and will happen.

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I hired her because she had good reviews around 70 on fiverr and also my sister hired her to break her curse of not getting married, and ironically after many years my sister found a good guy and they got engaged whereas the curse never let that happened the guys would dump her. This made me want to hire her, now i doubt her and don’t know if i should even get anything done from her anymore

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@Marik I literally was going to link to the same subject xD

I agree, there are a lot of magicians out there that make a quick buck off the gullible. Now, her incantations might have meaning and purpose, they might not. She might be a real edgy person, I dont know. It is really hard to tell with all the UPG. However to be advertising that one can sell their soul is obvious wish fulfillment, scam stuff.

Of course you are still the same person. You did nothing to change. Magic is not a magic wand. I think you were played based on your expectations, and if anything, with your will, drew a few parasites or other nasties from the Astral. If you continue to have problems and weird dreams, learn a banishing and banish the shit out of it.

There is a BIG difference between breaking curses and making outrageous pacts for someone.

There is a lot of information about making pacts here on the forum. It would do you good to read and research. Use the search bar :wink:


Thanks I’ll check that out. Actually i created an advertisement on fiverr to find someone who can help with a pact, most of them were scammers she was the most legitimate i could find. I wonder what all of it was. I thought maybe someone could help decipher the meaning of the spell she gave

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It’s very easily to manipulate numbers on the internet. She probably had a bot or created a shit ton of profiles to rate herself, you never know nowadays. People will do anything to get money, after all she is a “ritual for hire” it is a business technique and apparently works. Just like how people can fake likes on social medias or YouTube views. Just be more cautious man

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