What it means to be God?

What does it really mean?

I come to this question by reading this tread , when Arianna says:
[…] But it seems everyone just jumps in and does magick especially black magick without formulating a plan first..
Then I wondered, what is my goal?
To be God, ok.
But then I wondered again, what it means to be God?

Here I ask you, what it really means?

Honestly, I dont know.

I work under Azazel. I follow his instrustions.
If reaching a god form is what you wish. Which most all here do.

I would suggest finding a good spirit to work under and learn from. Such as Lucifer.
If you rather work with angels I would suggest Raphael or Michael.

Azazel, can be pretty hardcore so I would not recommend him at first.

You could also try, Hermes, any of the greek or roman gods. Or any from the Egyptian pantheons.

I hope this helps.
Best regards!
~ arianna :rose:


Thanks for your reply and tips.
I think Azazel is pretty hardcore too, yes, but I’ve always found King Paimon a kind of fascinating entity.
Don’t know why, but I feel this.
You think I can learn from Him as one of the first spirit to work under? (After mastering clayrvoiance, astral vision and evocation)


To be God is to be the sole determiner of your reality. To be God is to choose your own experiences, your own destiny, to not be bound up in what anyone else decides. A God can choose to be beyond the effect of its surroundings, including surrounding beings.

To be God-LIKE is to compromise. To be Godlike is to become only the primary determiner of your reality, experiences, and destiny. A Godlike being cannot choose whether to be affected by its surroundings, including surrounding beings.


I dont see why not.

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That sounds very true.

I am Azazels submissive and very happy that way. I have learned many things and continue to learn many things through his guidance.

I really only have a desire to learn and obtain knowledge and be whatever Azazel wants or needs me to be or do.

I am my most happiest when I am serving.

However, I understand most wish to become a god. And that is wonderful. I truely hope everyone can become such. And there are ancient and wonderful spirits to teach one how to achieve this goal.
Best wishes to you all ~


Each and every part of the entirety is God even the devil, especially the devil. The Divine nature of the cosmos is in all things. It’s not about going from non God to God so much as it is a matter of becoming aware of what you already are. We are distinctly separate yet all one in the sense of cosmic unity. Our existence is intended to be both things. We are on a bridge to the next thing we will grow into, perhaps little grey aliens some day…Just kidding but who knows.


funny you should say this. ive been meaning to make a thread about a guy called steven greer who has some very interesting things to say (and show) about aliens. He also talks about the same thing you have said here, and what EA has said in his courses…that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively through creation. Apparently, aliens are able to travel from galaxy to galaxy interdimensionally using this fact.


I think part of being a God is also to serve, I had something revealed to me by Papa Legba and that is that one should always serve, but only serve yourself and through serving yourself, you can help/aid others if that is so your desire. As for serving another spirit, for me that would be Papa Legba and the Lwa, I’d say that it isn’t really rather a mutual understanding of learning and trusting they guide you towarss where you need to go. For instance I am guided towards Pastoral Work (before shooting me down continue to read), I can do this and learn this from a Pagan/Heathen/Vodoun perspective and practice this. In doing so I help/aid/“serve” others becoming more of who they truly are and showing them the way to their own Godhood all the while ascending to my own.


I begin to understand.
Thank you all, your answers are very helpfull!
Best regards

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I put my definition here, fwiw :slight_smile: